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Hostile Film 2018: The Plot & Ending Explained

Hostile 2018
Hostile 2018

The thriller-romantic movie, Hostile was released with a unique concept of apocalypse. It brings you to the world of epidemic disease and where a few people are left in the city. The female protagonist of the film tries to survive in the city while remembering her love.

Juliette and Jack - Hostile

Juliette and Jack – Hostile

Even though the film did not perform well upon its 2017 debut, its original idea and production value should be taken into account. The film was produced by a number of seasoned Hollywood producers and directed by Mathieu Turi. This movie stands out from other films due to its flawless blending of adrenaline, terror, and romance.

Hostile 2018 Film – Plot

Juliette, a slim white woman, lives in a world where the apocalypse happened. Only a few people have remained in the city, and they are living together in a base. They connect with each other through the radio. The city is fully deserted as more than half of the city is destroyed by the mutant creatures called ‘reapers.

One day, Juliette leaves her base in quest of supplies. She is in a car, driving across the deserted city, gathering supplies for the survivors on base who are waiting for her return with enough food and water. When she sees a picture of her love while driving, a flashback to their first encounter occurs.

In Jack’s gallery a few years ago, Juliette and Jack had their first encounter. Because Juliette wanted to eat there for free but had no interest in art, she sneaked into the exhibition and pretended to be someone who enjoyed art and paintings. She runs into Jack while idly walking through an art museum.

Jack is a successful businessman and an artist. He asks Juliette some challenging questions to ascertain her interest in the arts and discovers that she is there for another reason and has no interest in painting.

Jack from Hostile 2018

Jack from Hostile 2018

Jack starts loving her personality and tells her that it is their destiny that they meet like this in the exhibition. He takes her home, but she again sneaks out, thinking there’s some problem with jack and she should not get into his home this early. One day, Jack follows her when he spots Juliette with an old man.

He gets to know that she is in need of money and involved in some undue means. He also gets to know that she is addicted to drugs a lot. When he tries to help her to get through the situation, she asks him to leave. But after some days, she gets beaten by the pimps, and then Juliette and Jack decide to leave the city. Apart from her daily life and drugs, Juliette lives a happy life with Jack and also gets pregnant.

When Juliette finally gives birth, Jack and Juliette discover the infant dead, which has a negative impact on Juliette’s mental health and causes her to start blaming Jack for the same. She begins using drugs once more, and when she enters the pub to buy a drink, Jack tries to phone her but is unsuccessful.

When she attempts to call him again after learning about the awful incident from the news, an unidentified caller answers and informs her that Jack was hurt in the city’s chemical attack. He is still alive when she meets him in the hospital. The following day, she discovers him vanishing, believing he is dead.

Getting out of the flashback, Juliette meets one person on the road. He is wounded because the mutant creature called reaper has already attacked him, but he somewhat manages to trap him in his vehicle. Juliette kills the creature and then finds the person dead. When she again starts driving, she gets on the wrong road and gets into an accident.

When she wakes up, she can’t find the road to get back to the base. So, she decides to stay wherever she is overnight. The creatures do not attack in the daylight and are scared of bright light and noise. However, at night they start killing people.

Hostile 2017 Film – Ending Explained

The mutant beast, also known as the reaper, tries to harm Juliette as she spends the night in her broken-down vehicle. He tries to reach her by reaching inside the automobile and yanking her leg out, but he is unsuccessful. The moment she hears the car beeping, she immediately starts honking her car because she feels comfortable.

She becomes even more frightened when she sees the individuals in the car since they are goons. Those goons try to catch her and kill her. But suddenly, the reaper comes and kills those goons. Because she didn’t want to die at the hands of the reaper, Juliette then tries to kill herself. However, all of a sudden, she decides to fight back. She jumps out of the car and tries to kill the reaper.

Hostile 2018 - Ending Explained

Hostile 2018 – Ending Explained – Reaper Jack and Juliette

She feels secure in the morning because the reaper won’t harm her at this time, and at night, she already believes the reaper is dead. She discovers that the reaper is still alive when she awakens in the morning. She learns that the reaper is Jack, her love when he approaches her and strokes her face without attacking her.

All night long, Jack worked to keep her safe. He advised her once to recognize the beauty hidden behind the ugliness, and that’s why she remembers him. She can tell when she touches him that he is Jack hiding behind the hideous mutant creature’s face. She does not want to lose the love of her life again because she is aware that she did once.

Because of this, she chooses to die peacefully alongside Jack so that they might be united in the afterlife. In the end, she shoots both herself and Jack the reaper. The fate of Juliette and Jack is shown throughout the entire movie. Despite the many challenges they face in life, they are destined to meet and pass away together in the end.


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