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Black Widow Murders Season 1 Episode 4: Recap, Release Date & Streaming Guide

Black Widow Murders Season 1 Episode 4

Black Widow Murders television miniseries exposes tales of women who no one would expect to be so deceiving, often leaving murder in their path, all in the name of money, desire, or power. The show highlights how women are capable of committing acts of severe brutality and fear as well. It walks us through the lives of several women, their actual experiences, and how they came to conduct such gruesome and horrible crimes.

These females, who on the surface appear to be picture-perfect, appear to be hiding a deadly secret that lies just beyond the façade they put up to conceal their actual selves from the public and law authorities. Producing this true-crime show are Debbie Allison and Sarrah Culler. It made its debut on September 25, 2022.  Episode 4 is titled “Lynette’s Bell”

Black Widow Murders Episode 3 Recap: What did the con woman do to get insurance from 2 of her husbands?

Black Widow Murders Season 1 Episode 4: Recap, Release Date, Streaming Guide

Gary Adams and Sharon Nelson from Episode 3, Black Widow murders

The third episode of this series is titled Sharon Nelson Harrelson, and the episode aired on October 9th, 2022. Detectives were confronted with that unsettling mystery in the late 1980s when investigating Sharon Nelson Harrelson. Glen Harrelson, a Denver fire dispatcher, was killed, which led to first suspicions.

According to a 1988 AP report, firefighters who were called to a fire at his Thornton, Colorado house in 1988 discovered his burnt remains. According to an autopsy, Harrelson was shot to death twice in the face before. Investigators discovered that an incendiary device had been used to fuel the house fire.

Investigators carefully examined Harrelson’s close friends. In his first marriage, which ended in divorce, 45-year-old Harrelson had two kids. He met Sharon through a Lonely Hearts Club in 1987 when she was 43 years old. Mike Fuller, Sharon’s first husband, was a pastor. They had two daughters. After some time, Sharon began to get bored with their marriage and started having extramarital affairs.
However, Sharon and Fuller separated in 1976 after the family moved to Trinidad, Colorado. She later got remarried while he took the kids and relocated to Denver. Perry Nelson, Sharon’s second husband, tragically passed away in 1983. After four years, she met Harrelson, and only six months had passed after Harrelson and Sharon wed before he was murdered.
As detectives delved more into Sharon’s past, they discovered how she and her first husband, Nelson, met. While still married to Fuller, she started working as an administrative assistant for him in 1976 as he was an optician. According to “Black Widow Murders,” Nelson was married as well, but she focused her attention on him for her upcoming affair.
The reason Mike Fuller filed for divorce from Sharon and moved away with the children was due to this affair. Nelson’s first marriage ended in divorce as well. In 1977, Sharon and Dr. Nelson did get married. They had two kids by 1980, and it seemed like the family was enjoying life. Nelson, however, disappeared in July 1983 after departing for an optometry meeting.
In the end, his car was discovered in Clear Creek, indicating that he had been in an accident. But his body wasn’t in the vehicle. The outcome of an insurance investigation was that the death was accidental. Some people weren’t convinced by that. The doctor’s body was discovered about 18 months later.
The coroner discovered that he had a head injury, but they could not determine whether it was intentional. A $250,000 life insurance claim was received by Sharon. The fact that Sharon had two husbands pass away under suspicious circumstances raised red flags for the detectives probing into Harrelson’s murder.
More questions were aroused by reports that Sharon was having an affair at the time when Dr. Nelson passed away. Gary Adams, her handyman, was rumored to be the other man Sharon was seeing. Less than 24 hours after Harrelson’s death, Kuehne and Winter Park Chief of Police Glen Trainor spoke with Sharon about him.
Producers learned that Trainor had a gut feeling that “she knew considerably more about Glen’s death than she was letting on to us.”. While she was interrogated by the detectives, Sharon disclosed to the investigators how Gary Adams had planned to kill Dr. Nelson in order to collect the insurance money, saying she was unaware of his scheme until it had already taken place.
Gary and Sharon broke ties after the incident, but they came together to conspire against Glen’s murder. Investigators learned from Sharon that Adams killed Harrelson by shooting him, then set fire to his home to cover it up. As proof that the job was finished, she instructed him to bring back Harrelson’s wedding band.
The two conspirators were placed under arrest on November 20, 1988. Two counts of first-degree murder, as well as charges of conspiracy and soliciting another person to commit first-degree murder, were brought against Gary Adams and Sharon Nelson. To avoid the death penalty, the defendants entered pleas of guilty to both homicides.
Sharon admitted to playing a part in the killings’ plot as part of her plea deal and acknowledged paying Gary Adams $50,000. According to court records, Gary Adams and Sharon Nelson Harrelson were each given a continuous life term without the possibility of parole. He is still in prison. Sharon passed away in 2017.

When will Black Widow Murders Episode be released?

Black Widow Episode 4 will be released on October 16, 2022, at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST/EDT). This show will air at various times in different countries due to the numerous time zones throughout the world. A couple of them are listed below:

Pacific Time (PST)  1600 hours on October 16, 2022 


Indian Standard Time (IST)  0430 hours on October 17, 2022, 
Japanese Standard Time (EST)  0800 hours on October 17, 2022 


Central Time (CST)  1800 hours on October 16, 2022 


European Time (CEST)  0100 hours on October 17, 2022 


Philippines Time (PST)  0700 hours on October 17, 2022 


British Summer Time (BST)  0000 hours on October 17, 2022 



Where to Stream Black Widow Murders Episode 4?

Black Widow Murders Season 1 Episode 4: Recap, Release Date, Streaming Guide

Every Sunday, new episodes of the show are released. With Hayu subscription for 999/year or $12.13/year, viewers can watch it straight on Amazon Prime.  NBC also offers live stream of it.  Additionally, Hulu+Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV all stream it.
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