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Vampire Academy Episode 9: Release Date, Cast & Where To Watch

Vampire Academy Episode 9, Release Date, Cast & Where To Watch 1
Vampire Academy poster (Credits: Peacock)

The Richelle Mead graphic novel of the same title served as the inspiration for the American fantasy horror tv series Vampire Academy. Universal Television created the series, which Julie Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre reworked for Peacock. Along with an amazing cast, which features Sisi Stringer, Daniela Nieves, Kieron Moore, and André Dae Kim. After the same-titled movie from 2014, it is the second version of the book series and acts as a relaunch. Portugal and Spain both played host to the shooting.

Characters from the novels are included in the series, along with new interpretations of others. It centers on Rose Hathaway, a Dhampir guardian-in-training, and Lissa Dragomir, a Moroi princess, and chronicles their lives and exploits in the private school St. Vladimir’s Academy. On September 15, 2022, Peacock broadcasted the show’s debut, which received largely favorable reviews.

Vampire Academy Episode 8 Recap:

Fans are eager to watch how the tale develops as the official release of Vampire Academy Episode 9 has been announced. Take a glance at the summary of Vampire Academy Episode 8 before we disclose the launch date and instructions for Vampire Academy Episode 9 online.

Siri Stringer fantasy series Vampire Academy (Credits: YouTube)

After drinking away her problems, Rose may be seen dozing off. Rose sees Mason by her side as she awakens. They come to two important conclusions: first, someone in the Dominion, most likely someone in a position of responsibility, must be collaborating with the Strigoi; and second, it’s possible that the Strigoi have Lissa in mind.

Their inquiry is stopped when Rose approaches Dimitri after spotting him through a window. Since Rose believes she is the only one who can beat Victor, she rushes to his home and declares herself to be his champion.

Vampire Academy Episode 9 Release Date, Cast & Where To Watch

Dimitri Belikov: A still from YouTube

It is immediately clear that Dimitri will likely prevail in the battle. He ultimately allows Rose to defeat him. After the disagreement, Mason pressures Rose into talking to Lissa. They should take the mystical vampire medication, according to Lissa. She also admits that she was informed of other people’s theories.

While looking through their memories, they discover the Strigoi Ozeras next to the accident scene. Rose, though, thinks Lissa was right, and they should break up. Dimitri silences Rose once again. She, at last, discusses leaving the academy and giving up her life as a Guardian with Mason. Mason concurs, and they share a kiss.

Lissa proposed to Christian in our presence. The two decide to go along with it, but after Rose and Mason tell Christian that they believe his parents could be trying to reach Lissa, Christian begins to have serious doubts.

The cast of Vampire Academy:

  • Rose Hathaway, played by Sisi Stringer, Lisa’s friend, a dhampir guardian-in-training, and Dimitri’s love interest
  • In her role as Lissa Dragomir, Daniela Nieves plays a royal moroi vampire, spirit medium, princess of the Dragomir family, and Rose’s best friend.
  • Dimitri Belikov, played by Kieron Moore, is a dhampir guardian, head of the command, and Rose’s love interest.
  • Christian Ozera, played by André Dae Kim, is a royal Moroi vampire, a fire user, and Lissa’s love interest.
  • Anita-Joy Uwajeh portrays Tatiana Vogel, a political outsider and royal moroi vampire who serves on the royal council.
  • Mia McKenna-Bruce plays Mia Karp, a non-royal Moroi vampire who uses water and is the adopted daughter of Victor and Robert, and Sonya’s sister.
  • The romantic interest of Meredith Sonya Karp, played by Jonetta Kaiser, is a covert spirit user, Mia’s adopted sister, and a non-royal moroi vampire.
  • Mason Ashford, played by Andrew Liner, is Rose’s buddy and one-sided love interest. He is Stefan’s son and a dhampir guardian-in-training.
  • Meredith Beckham, played by Rhian Blundell, is Mia’s love interest.
  • Victor Dashkov, played by J. August Richards, is a royal moroi vampire who serves on the royal council, are an important counselor to the queen, Robert’s spouse, the father of Sonya and Mia, and Lissa’s godfather and legal guardian.
Cast of Vampire Academy Series

The cast of the Vampire Academy Series

Vampire Academy Productions:

Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academy series’ film rights were optioned by Preger Entertainment in 2010. The first book-to-film adaptation was a financial disaster when it was theatrically released in the United States in February 2014. Preger Entertainment started an Indiegogo effort to raise money for the creation of a sequel based on the second novel, Frostbite, after the movie’s box office flop.

However, the initiative was ultimately abandoned since the campaign’s objective was not met. Julie Plec said on Twitter in March 2015 that she wanted to turn the novels into a TV show. As part of Plec’s overall agreement at Universal Television, Peacock acquired the rights to Vampire Academy direct to series in May 2021.

Plec and Marguerite MacIntyre served as the project’s creators, and they are also anticipated to executive produce alongside Emily Cummins and Jillian DeFrehn. The producers of the 2014 movie, Don Murphy, Susan Montford, and Deepak Nayar, also served as executive producers for the new TV show.

Vampire Academy Episode 9, Release Date, Cast & Where To Watch

Vampire Academy cast

Vampire Academy Release date:

The air date for Season 9 of The Vampire Academy is Thursday, October 20, 2022. At 3 AM US time, The Vampire Academy’s ninth episode will be available on Peacock and Now TV. At the timings given above, international viewers may stream Vampire Academy episode 9. Viewers must double-check the timing with their local time zone to ensure they don’t miss the release of Vampire Academy episode 9.

• 8:00 AM, British Summer Time (October 20, 2022).
• 12:30 PM, Indian Standard Time (October 20, 2022)
• 3:00 PM Singapore Standard Time (October 20, 2022)
• 3:00 PM (Philippines Standard Time) (October 20, 2022)
4:00 PM is Japanese Standard Time. (October 20, 2022)
4:00 PM is Korean Standard Time. (October 20, 2022)
9:00 AM is South African Standard Time. (October 20, 2022)

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