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Is Prince Aegon Married To His Sister?

The universe of the Seven Kingdoms in both Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon regards marriage between various houses as a political plan as opposed to a heartfelt one, as this was one of the manners in which those different families had the option to build alliances. Be that as it may, on account of the Targaryens, we frequently see them wed inside the family, similar to the case in House of the Dragon and the more youthful characters like Aegon. 

Relationships in the Seven Kingdoms will generally be political in nature, which actually turns out as expected for the Targaryens, who might rehearse incest yet track down ways of making marriage a political undertaking for the parties involved. Is Prince Aegon married to his sister? Were both of them forced to get married? Let’s find out!

Who Is Prince Aegon

Prince Aegon is the oldest child of King Viserys I Targaryen and Queen Alicent Hightower. As their firstborn child, many people accepted Aegon as the Iron Throne’s legitimate successor. Notwithstanding, Viserys picked his little girl Rhaenyra Targaryen to be his successor.

Prince Aegon

This prompts the ‘Dance of Dragons.’ The Dance of Dragons is a Targaryen battle of progression between Aegon and Rhaenyra and is what the first season is working towards.

Is Prince Aegon Married To His Sister?

Prince Aegon and Princess Helaena are, without a doubt, married. It is standard for Valyrians to wed into the family to keep their bloodline pious. For this situation, Aegon had to wed his sister since it was his obligation as well to get Helaena far from Rhaenyra’s family.

Numerous watchers come to an obvious conclusion after Alicent faces her unpleasant son about his non-consensual experience with a housekeeper named Dyana and lets him know that this would influence his wife. It was likewise in episode 7 that we discovered that Aegon was promised to Helaena, as they were set to marry each other.

This marriage did, to be sure, happen when the wife that Alicent was discussing was her own girl, Helaena Targaryen, who is currently married to Aegon. It was demonstrated that they were married when Helaena went into the room during the time when Aegon was reprimanded by his mother. She was pondering where Dyana was, as the house cleaner should dress her kids.

Princess Helaena

In the meantime, at dinner time, when the whole Targaryen family was present, they were giving out toasts to each other, as Jacaerys Velaryon even needed to turn into the greater man by giving out a toast that was deferential to both Aegon and Aemond, despite the fact that his uncle attempted to scorn him and his betrothed, Baela Targaryen.

That was when Helaena unexpectedly gave her very own toast as she commended the betrothal of Jace to Baela and of Luke to Rhaena Targaryen. She discussed her own insight as a married lady, and she said that marriage isn’t all that terrible on the grounds that her husband often neglected her, with the exception of when he was drunk.


During that time, Aegon was found in a similar scene, apparently embarrassed about what his wife was referring to. That meant that he wasn’t precisely ready to be married to his own sister and was very remorseful about how he frequently neglected Helaena.

Was Aegon Forced To Marry His Sister?

Aegon and Helaena are a married couple. This implies that the elder sibling wedded his own younger sister in what is typically viewed as an incestual marriage. But this is very ordinary among the Targaryens as it is standard for the Valyrians to ensure that their blood doesn’t disperse, and that’s why they married their own children together. 

All things considered, the Targaryens are the remainder of the dragonlords of Old Valyria and are two of the main families that had the option to endure the Destruction of Valyria.


A snippet from the House Of The Dragon Episode 8 (Helaena’s Toast)

In spite of the way that Aegon’s marriage with Helaena was by normal Targaryen customs, it was clear in episode 8 that he was precisely disturbed being with his own sister. For that reason, he was embarrassed when Helaena humiliated him by saying that he frequently disregarded her, with the exception of when he was drunk.

It was additionally clarified in episode 7 that Aegon was excessively disturbed by the wedding with Helaena. In that scene, Helaena was playing with a bug while murmuring the prescience in regard to the green and dark dragon banners.


That was when Aegon let Aemond know that he could hardly imagine how he would need to wed her, as he believed that she was a numbskull. Aemond let him know that it was his obligation to wed her since he should be the one that Alicent planned to push as the following ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

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