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Deadman’s Curse Episode 7: Release Date & Watching Guide

Deadman's Curse - Episode 7
Deadman's Curse - Episode 7

The reality show, which has some of the best mountaineers, fighters, and explorers, is currently on a new quest to locate a gold mine. As much as we all enjoy watching reality documentary shows that are filled with suspense and dread, Deadman’s Curse is now gaining worldwide recognition. The four treasure seekers are currently searching for Slumach’s vanished gold mine.

However, the gold’s owner has already said that “If I die, the gold mine dies with me.” This frightening phrase of his provides the hint that he has cursed his treasure and does not want anyone to uncover it. Now that their lives are in danger, the four explorers are putting together clues to find the gold.

Deadman's Curse Cast

Deadman’s Curse Cast ( Credit: History TV Canada)

As everyone is super excited to know what will happen further, and as six episodes have already been aired, all the fans are anxiously waiting for the seventh episode.

Slumach’s Gold Mine – The History

The Pitt Lake’s Lost gold mine, also known as Slumach’s gold mine, is located close to Pitt Lake in British Columbia, Canada. The maps that were discovered in San Francisco in 1858 claimed ownership of British Columbia’s gold mines. The town was completely prepared to begin digging since everyone was excited about those gold mines.

Following that, George Moody, an explorer, found the gold mine near Pitt Lake and also brought 1200 dollars’ worth of gold as proof. The same was also published in the newspaper. Subsequently, an Indian man also went there and brought gold dust two to three times. Because of the bad weather near the mountains, he fell sick and died.

But before dying, he told about the gold mine to his relative, including the locations and maps. However, when the research started on the spot mentioned by the Indian man, no gold was found. From that day, many of the explorers attempted to find the gold mine at Pitt Lake, British Columbia, but unfortunately, they failed.

Hidden Clues - Deadman's Curse

Hidden Clues – Deadman’s Curse (Credit: History TV Canada)

Slumach, the old man who lived near Pitt Lake, was convicted of the murder of Louis or Louie Bee. It was also alleged that he killed people to protect the gold he found. Slumach knew the exact location of the gold mine, and he also agreed on the same.

Slumach was convicted and hanged in 1891, but before dying, he cursed the gold mine, saying, ‘If I die, the mine dies with me. Since then, all of those who went for a treasure hunt at Pitt Lake has died unknowingly or disappeared.

Pitt Lake

Pitt Lake, British Columbia – Canada

A father and his kid died under a falling tree in 1910 while looking for a gold mine nearby Pitt Lake. After that, in 1932, another man vanished during a violent storm. One died after that in 1951, while the other vanished in 1961. People now believe that Slumach’s curse is to blame for everything that occurred. Explorers from the deadman’s curse are currently traveling to Pitt Lake to ascertain the truth because no one is sure about it.

Deadman’s curse episode 7 release date

A reality show called Deadman’s Curse follows the four explorers as they risk their lives to find Slumach’s cursed gold mine. These daring explorers are incredibly eager to learn the truth and uncover the gold mine with their sharp minds and powerful bodies because the past explorers who went there either died or vanished.

Deadman's Curse Cast

Deadman’s Curse Cast on a mission to find a cursed gold mine (Credit: History TV Canada)

No one knows what they will accomplish until the last episode, as viewers and explorers alike experience fresh and thrilling shocks in each episode. Although it is exciting for viewers, and they can’t wait for the following episodes to be released, as the clues and maps are unveiling the secrets of Pitt Lake’s golden treasure. The 7th episode of the Deadman’s Curse is going to air on Sunday, 30th October 2022.

Deadman’s curse episode 7 – How to watch?

Deadman’s curse, the reality documentary, is now becoming famous all around the world, so here is the watching guide you should follow to watch your favorite show. In Canada, Deadman’s Curse airs every Sunday on History TV.

  • Eastern Daylight Time: 30th October 2022, Sunday, 10 PM
  • Pacific Daylight Time: 30th October 2022, Sunday, 7 PM

If you do not have access to a TV channel, you can also stream Deadman’s Curse on Stack TV Canada and the Global TV app. Additionally, the show is also available on Amazon Prime. Now that you have the whole watching and streaming guide with you, keep your time aside and watch your favorite Deadman’s Curse.



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