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Why Did Daemon Leave Rhaenyra In The Brothel?


Prince Daemon Targaryen is the uncle and husband of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen, and his claim was upheld with a dance of dragons. He is Princess’ second husband after Laenor Velaryon. He is the second son of Baelon Targaryen and brother of King Viserys I. Prince Daemon was the most skilled warrior of his time, wielding the steel-bladed Dark Sisters of Valyria.

Also, he was considered one of the most dangerous persons in the seven kingdoms at the time. Daemon was tall and strong, with classic silver hair and purple eyes. Daemon was an unparalleled combat commander and skilled warrior, a fearsome foe led by the Dark Sisters.

Ruthless, cruel, proud, charismatic, violent, capricious, rebellious, and dangerous, he easily fights in the Stepstones, intending to exterminate his kingdom, and kills the individual. Waged a fierce war. Daemon was a very brave young man who sometimes rode dragons without clinging to them, relying on both his wealth of cunning and combat skills in battle.

Daemon was a womanizer, warrior, adventurer, commander, conspirator, and self-proclaimed conqueror who constantly fought against his brother and antithesis, King Viserys. He was so argumentative that he made enemies on the spot, from the scheming Otto Hightower to the proud Royce, to the young and headstrong Aemond Targaryen, to his nephew.

History of Daemon and Rhaenyra

After a brutal battle at Stepstones, the daemons return to King’s Landing and find themselves sworn allegiance to the King and his brothers. All around are very happy because Viserys has his brother back and is proud of his victory. Now we see him and Rhaenyra talking about marriage and how it feels for her.

House of the Dragon

Daemon and Rhaenyra

At night, Daemon will join him from his room to reveal a secret path leading to the city. We see two people hiding their heirs and identities to enjoy the nightlife of King’s Landing. Taste different cuisines and meet different people. It’s all new to Rhaenyra, as she’s never been outside the castle without security.

As the night deepens, we see the Daemons taking Rhaenyra to a brothel. He introduces Rhaenyra to the concept of joy. He soon begins to seduce her, and when Rhaenyra reciprocates her same feelings, he leaves her in complete disbelief.

Why Did Daemon Leave Rhaenyra In The Brothel?

Daemon leaves Rhaenyra in the brothel because she is too young to bear sleeping with her. The two get married in Episode 7. But before that, when they were walking on the beach, the two talked about being together, and Rhaenyra assured Daemon that she was “old” enough for him now. Daemon couldn’t do it to Rhaenyra when she was a teenager and a child, even though there was chemistry, so she stopped halfway.

Rhaenyra already has three children, and when they grow up, the two get married. She desperately needs his help, as the Greens are trying to destroy and usurp her throne (as they did in Episode 9). Everyone is questioning her claims and the lineage of her children, and she has emotional support from Daemon. Together, we see the three children.

Why Did Daemon Doesn’t Sleep With Rhaenyra?

House of the Dragon

Daemon and Rhaenyra

After seducing Rhaenyra in episode 4 of House of the Dragons, Daemon tries to convince Viserys to marry Rhaenyra, but the fact that he didn’t actually sleep with her proves his Revealing true intentions. Episode 4 of House of the Dragons officially marks the end of Rhaenyra’s childhood. Meanwhile, the princess learns to reject many of the patriarchal expectations placed on noble women.

This lesson is taught to her by her uncle Daemon, who gets caught seducing her in a flea-bottomed pleasure house. In the end, Daemon’s plan banishes him, and Viserys no longer trusts Rhaenyra since giving him the tea of ​​the moon, though she denies that she and Daemon slept together.

House of the Dragon Episode 4’s sex scenes deftly switches between Daemon and Rhaenyra, Viserys and Alicent, one couple enjoying sex for pleasure while the other is out of duty. However, while kissing Rhaenyra and undressing her, Daemon suddenly begins to reject her affection and leaves her in her brothel.

As Daemon takes off Rhaenyra’s hat to reveal her silvery hair, a boy hired by Mysaria finds her summoning Daemon, and the message soon reaches Otto Hightower. Although she never slept (although she secretly lost her virginity to Ser Criston Cole that night), the now-exiled Daemon Targaryen refuses to refute the accusations.

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