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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 20: Watching Guide & Streaming Guide

The Walking Dead Seson 11
The Walking Dead Seson 11

The American horror program, The Walking Dead, which takes viewers to the world of the Zombie Apocalypse, is now airing its eleventh season. The Walking Dead is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book of the same name. The large cast of the TV show is all attempting to escape the walker (zombie) attacks.

The Walking Dead debuted in October 2010 and is currently in its final season, with the final episode scheduled to air on 20th November 2022. Episode 20 of The Walking Dead will be released soon, and everyone is both sad and eager about the show’s conclusion.

The Walking Dead – Synopsis

Walkers, the zombies that exist in the apocalypse world, have destroyed half of humankind. The walkers get more attentive when they hear the voice and follow the same and kill the person, resulting in creating one more zombie. One by one, the people of the city are becoming victims of this creature, and the zombie population is increasing drastically.

All those people who carry pathogens get mutilated despite the fact that people also turn into zombies when they get physically harmed by them. Even though walkers are like immortal ghosts, there is a way to kill them. Either by completely harming their entire body or by severely harming their brain.

The Walking Dead - cast

The Walking Dead – cast season 11

The Walking dead takes you to the world of Deputy Rick Grimes, who wakes up from the Coma and gets shocked by seeing that half of the world has already been victimized at the hands of the walkers. As the Zombie apocalypse has already emerged, Deputy Rick Grimes understands his duty to save people from dying and control the spread of the zombie epidemic.

To assist individuals in finding a safe location to reside so they can survive, Deputy Rick Grimes takes the initiative. There is a massive cast in The Walking Dead with a variety of behavioral patterns. They become targets of the walkers as a result of their behaviors, which cause them to engage in interpersonal disputes. Since it is Deputy Rick Grimes’ duty to look after the public, he does his best to solve issues and assist people in surviving the zombie apocalypse for months to years.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 19 – Summary

The news comes that the walkers are released in the commonwealth founders’ day celebration. As Eugene is accused of the murder of Sebastian, Governor Pamela and Milton are in grief because of their son’s death. As several people have already accused Eugene of Sebastian’s Murder, they want their friends to turn him in.

The walking Dead Season 11 episode 19

A still from The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 19

Mercer arrests Eugene because Eugene turns himself in. Mercer assures that it would be a fair trial despite the fact that Mercer’s girlfriend pleads not to arrest Eugene because there is no proof that he is a criminal and she is also a friend of Eugene. Later, Princess and mercer part ways.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 20 – Watching Guide

The well-known TV show, The Walking dead, has gained significant popularity over the eleven years. As the show is already in its last season, it has become more interesting for the viewers, and they are also expecting several plot twists.

As 19 episodes have already been aired, all of the fans are anxiously waiting for the 20th episode to release soon. The 20th episode of The Walking Dead will be released on Sunday, 23rd October 2022. Here is the watch guide that you should follow to never miss your favorite show.

  • British Summer Time: 23rd October 2022, Sunday 2.00 PM
  • Eastern Time Zone: 23rd October 2022, Sunday, 9.00 PM
  • Pacific Time Zone: 23rd October 2022, Sunday 6.00 PM
  • Central Time zone: 23rd October 2022, Sunday 8.00 AM
  • Indian Standard Time: 24th October 2022, Monday 6.30 AM

The 20th episode of The Walking Dead season 11 is going to air on the AMC TV channel.

Streaming Guide:

If you cannot access the TV channel in your region or if you want to stream all the episodes, The Walking Dead is available on several platforms. You can stream all the episodes on YouTube TV, Apple TV, and Sling TV. Also, for those who do not live in the USA, walking dead is also available on Netflix. Now that you have the whole watching guide with you keep your time aside and enjoy watching The Walking Dead.


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