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The Patient Episode 10 Release Date: The Last Episode’s Here

The Patient

Joe Weisberg and Joel Fields’ ultimate thriller series, The Patient, will air the final episode of the season this week. We’ve been seeing Alan’s will to live dwindling as he tries to help Sam overcome his compulsion. The show premiered on FX earlier this year on August 30th, 2022. With 10 episodes ordered in this season, we are now at the end of the ride with Alan Strauss and Sam Fortner.

The Patient revolves around the relationship between a Therapist and his client, who, in this case, is a serial killer. With no way out, Alan is forced to live in Sam’s basement and provide whatever therapy he can, knowing his life can be lost any second. Sam does seem to make progress until he kills Elias and then goes back to square one.

With scenes taking place only in a basement or in Strauss’ head, the show conveys feelings of confinement and panic with each frame. An approval rating of 85% on Rotten Tomatoes is a strong indicator of the skillful execution of this show. Steve Carell and Domhnall Gleeson, both being talented actors, make the show worth watching, even if it’s slow-paced and confining.

Steve Carell in The Patient

The Patient: An Odd Psychological Thriller

Within the first episode itself, we were shown the diverse kinds of clients that Alan took. He was a great therapist, with even a book to his name. Though he wouldn’t have predicted ever being kidnapped by his client, that’s exactly what happens at the beginning of the series. He wakes up in a basement on a bed, with his feet chained to the floor.

He soon finds out that it was his client Jean, who now reveals himself as Sam, the murderer, to be the one who had kidnapped him. Sam demands that he can benefit from therapy this way, as he won’t have to hide anything.

Though Alan refuses to stay there, it’s either to provide therapy or face death and as any human would, he tries his best to comply with Sam and help his serial killer tendencies while trying to figure out a way to escape.

The Patient Episode 9: Recap

The previous episode was aired on October 18th, 2022. In a desperate attempt to find any way to distract Sam and leave the house, Alan decides to help Sam fix old relationships. This would allow him to alert the outsider for help and possibly escape. Alan asks Sam to invite his ex-girlfriend, Mary, over to the place.

Sam sets up a nanny cam to let Alan watch him having lunch with Mary and his mom and gather insights that could help him. Alan, on the other hand, keeps sharpening an ointment tube that could act as a weapon if needed. He plans to stab Sam with it, which will alert Mary and make her call the police.

Unfortunately for him, Things don’t go as planned. Even when Sam’s close enough for him to use his makeshift weapon, he hesitates and fails in his plan. The lunch goes well, but Mary expresses her feelings of just being friends and not getting back together. This causes Sam to become neurotic and lose his trust in Alan’s therapy.

To calm him down, Alan suggests the reason he kills people is that he is mad at his father, who used to abuse him, and in a way to kill off those memories, he kills other people instead. Taking up these words too practically, Sam decides that the way to rid himself of these homicidal thoughts is to kill his father.

The Patient Episode 10: Release Date

The Patient Episode 10 will release on October 25th, 2022. The show releases 30-minute episodes each Sunday. In the next episode, we might see Sam attempting to murder his dad, but his unexpected decision-making will benefit him in his journey to normality. Dr. Strauss tries harder at manipulating Sam and opening an escape route for him.

Where To Watch The Patient Episode 10?

All the episodes of The Patient are aired on FX at 12:00 am ET and 11:00 pm CT. The show can also be streamed online in America and Canada on FX Now. Hulu also streams the show at 12:00 am ET but is available only in the USA unless a VPN is used.

Australian Viewers can access the show on Disney+ at around 6:00 pm, Sunday

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