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26 Movies Like Old Man

26 Movies Like Old Man
26 Movies Like Old Man

Some movies stick with us, or parts and pieces of the storyline make us want to repeatedly experience the same thing. Sometimes it’s a binge-a-genre phase, and for some, it’s a nostalgic trip. For Old Man (2022), we have got just the list for it. The “26 Movies Like Old Man” will keep you satisfied as you watch one after another mystery-thrillers, curated from all over the world and from different time periods as well.

1. Don’t Breath (2016)

Three troublemakers sneak inside the home of a blind Gulf War veteran Norman, to rob his wealth. To their horror, the trio realizes that Norman is not as defenseless as he appears and that this robbery will not be the one that makes them the most money but the one in which they might lose their all. If you liked Stephen Lang in Old Man, Don’t Breath will just be the perfect treat. It is available on Netflix.

2. Open Grave (2014)

Open Grave is a 2014 mystery thriller. Joseph Morgan and Sharlto Copley stun in this horror mystery. After waking up among a massive heap of rotting corpses with memory loss, John is terrified out of his mind. Hd then tries to join a group of individuals who are also attempting to figure out what is causing their current state. All those who loved the mysterious vibe of Old Man will certainly love this mystery chaser. It is available on Peacock and Prime Video.

3. Crawl (2019)

This horror adventure will keep you hooked, just like Stephen Lang did. Haley and her father, who live in Florida, get stranded in a major hurricane and struggle to evacuate the place. However, matters worsen as they discover that the rising water is the least of their concerns. It is available on Prime Video.

4. Till Death (2021)

Craving for some action of Old Man? Don’t worry; till Death scratches that itch right off. Emma awakens chained to her deceased husband and discovers that every object inside the apartment which may enable her to break free or leave has mysteriously disappeared. Furthermore, two killers come to assassinate her. It is available on Netflix.

5. Memory (2022)

Well, now that we have covered horror-thriller, horror adventure, and horror-mystery, let’s witness some action-thriller. Alex, an accomplished killer, becomes a target when he refuses to fulfill an assignment for a violent criminal organization. The FBI and Mexican intelligence are called in to examine the body trail, which leads them closer to Alex. Alex possesses the ability to remain ahead of the crime syndicate and the FBI, with the exception of one weakness. He is suffering from acute memory loss, which affects his every action. Alex must evaluate his every decision and determine who he can believe. It is available on Prime Video.

6. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Classics shall always remain classics, and Stephen Lang knows exactly how to bring that to a contemporary. However, if one is craving a true thriller/crime, Shawshank Redemption is the perfect fix. Andy Dufresne, a prosperous banker, is caught and condemned to life in prison at Shawshank for the deaths of his spouse and her lover. In this life-altering situation, during his fall from heaven, he transforms into the most peculiar inmate. It is available on Prime Video.

7. Barbarian (2022)

The trust issues in Old Man, and adjustment with an unknown individual, are themes that will resurface in Barbarian. A young lady realizes that the rental apartment she reserved is already inhabited by another individual, a stranger. Against her natural instincts, Tess chooses to stay for the night, but she quickly realizes there’s a lot more she needs to be concerned about than just an unforeseen stranger. It is available on Disney+Hotstar.

8. Final Destination (2009)

The 2000-2011 franchise consisting of 5 movies, is an absolute banger for any thriller fan. However, the 2009 edition is as exciting as it gets. While witnessing a car race competition with his buddies in a complex, Nick gets a premonition of a car collision that kills everyone in the crowd. He does, however, figure out a way to rescue his buddies. But the question is, for how much longer can he escape death? It is available on Prime Video.

9. Chehre

Hollywood is not the only industry that serves nerve-tingling thrillers. This Indian rendition, studded with a star cast, delivers a story and ultimately plays A Dangerous Game. It is based on the 1956 german book titled A Dangerous Game. The problem begins once Sameer Mehra seeks refuge inside a house occupied by eccentric individuals whose intentions are unknown. They play a game of portraying court proceedings that lead to a catastrophic end. It is available on Prime Video.

10. A Quite Place Part II

All the people who enjoyed the isolated setting of Old Man will certainly enjoy this movie as well. Fans of Peaky Blinders will be delighted to know that Cillian Murphy will be playing the lead in this one, and spoiler ahead, he absolutely nails the role this time as well. Directed by John Krasinski, it is a masterpiece showcasing the versatility of the Office actor. It is available on Prime Video.

11. Retreat (2021)

Just like Old Man’s isolated trajectory, this movie follows the same path of forest seclusion. A couple travels to a lodge to enjoy a weekend alongside buddies, and however, when they reach, the friends are absent. When the pair encounters violent fanatics out to murder them, they are forced to battle for their lives. It is available on Hulu.

12. Murder On The Orient Express (2017)

Agatha Christies shall always reign as the thriller queen. One of her masterpieces was adapted as a movie in 2017, titled Murder On The Orient Express. The sheer charisma of the hero will remind viewers of Lang, and the murder mystery will definitely make their craving go away. After a homicide occurs on a train, a detective comes up with a plan to investigate the gruesome incident and uncover the identity of the perpetrator amongst the guests. Through the methodology, he discovers the victim’s genuine identity. It is available on Disney+Hotstar.

13. Death Note (2017)

Many believe this 2017 movie to be lukewarm in comparison to the anime and manga, but it is the best it could do given the time frame and going through the process of casting real characters for its perfect anime counterparts that asset the bar among the heavens. This movie is suited for anybody looking for a thriller, supernatural and moral turmoil packaged in an hour-and-a-half-long movie. The anime might be long, but this movie will provide a quick fix. A student in high school encounters a magical notebook with lethal properties. Kira can murder anybody he wants just by writing their name on the book’s pages. He proceeds to destroy those people he considers undeserving of life. He soon starts crossing lines due to being completely intoxicated by his newfound ability. It is available on Netflix.

14. Gone Girl (2014)

Loved the twists and turns of Old Man. Well, the twists and turns in this one will certainly give you the best whiplashes of all time. They say never to judge a book by its cover, but it seems that this entire book is written in a secret code, which, when read without deciphering it, portrays a completely different meaning than what it intends to. When Nick Dunne’s spouse, Amy Dunne, inexplicably vanishes on the day of their fifth marriage anniversary, he realizes that the whole media spotlight has moved on to him. It is available on Prime Video.

15. NH10 (2015)

This Hindi movie is a nail bitting thriller, which will give goosebumps to the viewers and leave them shaking their legs and biting their nails. Meera and Arjun encounter an honor killing executed by a prominent criminal, Satbir, during their family vacation. Unfortunately, Satbir and his goons quickly begin to pursue the pair in order to murder them both. This movie sees how a young woman keeps fighting in order to save her husband and take revenge. It is available at Jio Cinema.

16. Silenced

This south Korean thriller is based on a real tragedy that left many in shock. It is a necessary portrayal of real horrid events to teach society what human nature is capable of. This makes people ready to take appropriate actions and precautions. Gang In-ho discovers physical and sexual assault at a hearing-impaired kid’s school. Gang In-ho battles against the town with the assistance of a human rights activist to uncover and eliminate the cruelty. It is available on Netflix.

17. Time to Hunt (2020)

Dystopiapersists as the central theme of this movie. Parasite’s Choi Woo-Sik thrills in this one as well. A bunch of teenagers catches the eye of a ruthless murderer whilst preparing a theft to flee a dystopian society. This movie will enthrall like no other as hopelessness and survival instinct come to the forefront at the same time. It is available on Netflix.

18. The Call (2020)

Another 2020 Korean movie will leave the viewers grasping for more details. A serial murderer, linked via telephone in the exact same apartment though two decades apart, risks another woman’s history – as well as life – in order to modify her own destiny. It is available on Netflix.

19. Line Walker (2019)

The Old Man definitely had some action-packed scenes that were hard to forget or miss, courtesy of Lang giving everyone a masterclass. This Chinese action thriller is no different, having loads of adrenaline-pumping montages. A car accident sparks a battle among the local authorities as well as an international terrorist network. It is available on Disney+ and Prime.

20. Bird Box (2018)

The 2018 horror sci-fi is set in a dystopian world where every wrong action has lethal consequences. It also showcases a mother’s struggle to keep her children alive in the harshest of situations. Just one factor is guaranteed when a supernatural power devastates the citizenry, i.e., if you witness it, your death is unavoidable. The individuals must therefore prevent encountering a monster that resembles their greatest nightmares. In looking for fresh starts and optimism, a mom and her kids go on a perilous expedition through all the trees and then along a stream in order to discover the one location which may provide safety to them. To accomplish it, they must shut their eyes against the monster that awaits them and instead finish the journey blindfolded. It is available on Netflix.

21. Nina (2016)

Spanish and mystery go hand in hand. Recently, after the meteoric success of both Dark and Money Heist, the Spanish industry has been hooked on the idea of a mystery/thriller. Nina Simone, a remarkable as well as a popular vocalist, experiences a professional setback that impacts her career. Things do change, however, as she gains the backing of her manager, Clifton. It is available on Spectrum TV, The Roku Channel, Redbox, Prime Video, Vudu, or Apple TV on your Roku device.

22. A Quiet Place (2018)

John Krasinski’s 2018 edition is as exhilarating as its latest one, with some standing by the opinion that originals are always the best. In a universe where almost all people have already been slaughtered by blind but noise-sensitive monsters, a household battles for survival. Humans are compelled to converse in sign language to keep the monsters away. It is available on Netflix, Apple TV, and Prime Video.

23. Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

This movie is the latest buzz in the town, claiming a lot of victories (pun intended). Jack & Alice reside in the utopian village of Victory during the 1950s. Victory is an experimental business city wherein men who work on a top confidential venture reside. The women get to appreciate the scenery, wealth, and hedonism of their picture-perfect utopia, whereas their men work tirelessly. When fractures emerge in this blissful lifestyle, revealing glimpses of something dark hiding underneath the surface, Alice is compelled to wonder about her life in the town of Victory. It is available in Cinemas and on YouTube Movies.

24. The Ritual (2017)

This 2017 Swedish movie makes viewers just the right amount curious and terrified. Curious enough to keep watching and terrified enough to turn off the TV. A journey to the Swedish forest becomes complicated as four buddies attempt to reconcile their broken ties. They soon discover, unfortunately, that they are not by themselves in the wilderness. It is available on Netflix.

25. Braven (2018)

Jason Momoa and Stephen Lang are a powerful and enigmatic duo that we never knew we needed. These two bring their A-game to the big screens. Lang will definitely give the viewers Old Man vibes due to his intricate choice of movies. To defend his spouse and dad, logger Joe Braven must combat a bunch of narcotic dealers at a mountain cabin. It is available on MX Player for free.

26. Don’t Breath 2

Ending the list with the latest Lang classic thriller/horror/crime-inducing movie, this rendition of Don’t Breath makes more sinister and lethal moves. Having left his previous life of violence and blood, he is forced to tap into it again. It follows Norman, a vision-impaired navy veteran who keeps to himself and lives peacefully with his foster daughter, Phoenix. When Phoenix is kidnapped, he is pushed to utilize his worst impulses. It is available on Netflix, Prime, YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV, and Apple TV.

This brings us to the end of this hand-curated list of 26 Movies Like The Old Man. Hope you enjoyed all these nerve-shaking movies. They will definitely be at the top of your list for quite some time, as leaving these thrillers in between will require an enormous amount of self-control, patience, and restraint. Hope you binge all these and come back for another article on one of your favorite pieces of entertainment.

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