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One Hundred Won Butler Episode 3 – Synopsis Release Date & Watching Guide

One Hundred Won Butler
One Hundred Won Butler

There are many horror dramas with amazing plots exist but have you ever wondered why a drama with not-so-scary ghosts and a beautiful Korean cast would be more fascinating than any other scary TV show or film? If you want to watch something just like this, then One Hundred Won Butler, aka May I help you, will be the best one to go for.

The recently released Korean drama, featuring an adorable cast and unique storyline, One Hundred Won Butler, has already completed its two episodes in the last week, and now, fans are eagerly waiting for the third episode. So, here is all you need to know about One Hundred Won Butler, aka May I help you.

One Hundred Won Butler: All You Need To Know

One Hundred Won Butler, also known as May I Help You, is a Korean drama that has been receiving a lot of attention since its debut episode due to its unique plot; when it comes to Korean drama, unusual and intriguing stories are always expected. Thus, a fascinating story with unexpected turns is available to us this time as well, keeping us entertained until the final episode.

One Hundred Won Butler cast

One Hundred Won Butler cast

Lee Hye Ri and Lee Jun Young are the series’ primary protagonists in One Hundred Won Butler. Baek Dong Ju is played by Lee Hye Ri, and Butler Kim Tae Hee is played by Lee Jun Young. You enter the realm of Baek Dong Ju, a funeral director, in One Hundred Won Butler. She is responsible for carrying out the final wishes of the deceased as well as performing her funeral-related work flawlessly because she has the ability to see spirits. She tries very hard to carry out the last requests of the ghosts she encounters, but she constantly falls short. Her day is cursed when she refuses to grant the ghosts’ requests.

Butler Kim Tae Hee is the errand service provider. He provides errands that his clients ask for. From minor to major, Butler Kim can do all errands with passion and love. However, he charges for errands he runs, from a minimum fee of 100 Won a day. With the help of Butler Kim, Baek Dong Ju manages to grant the wishes of the ghosts, but her bad luck never leaves her as she always gets into trouble. However, the same motivates her to do good work, even if it is for ghosts.

One Hundred Won Butler

A still from One Hundred Won Butler – Baek Don Ju Seeing Ghosts

As there have only been two episodes of the show, we’re waiting to see if a second lead will make an appearance, if Baek Dong Ju will encounter major difficulties due to her ability to see ghosts, and if so, how Butler Kim would be able to save her. Like you, we have many questions and hypotheses, but until time provides the answers, you may use this watching guide to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to watch your favorite program on time in your favorite setting.

Also, As the show is in its initial days now, fans should get ready to bear all the shocking plot twists that are going to appear in this drama.

One Hundred Won Butler Episode 3: Watching Guide

Korean drama featuring an appealing and popular cast that all Kdrama fans adore, One Hundred Won Butler, is in its first season now. There is such a minor chance that season two will also be released in the future, but season one is going to be the best one, as we can assume the same from the first two episodes of the show.

Butler Kim

Butler Kim – One Hundred Won Butler

As the two episodes have already been aired on the MBC channel on 19th October 2022, Wednesday and 20th October 2022, Thursday, all the fans are so eagerly waiting for the third episode.

The third episode of One Hundred Won Butler, also known as May I Help You, is going to release on 26th October 2022, Wednesday at 9.50 KST on MBC channel, South Korea.

  • Korean Standard Time: 26th October 2022, Wednesday, 9.50 PM
  • Indian Standard Time: 26th October 2022, Wednesday, 6.20 PM
  • British Time: 26th October 2022, Wednesday, 1.50 PM
  • Pacific Time: 26th October 2022, Wednesday, 5.50 AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 26th October 2022, Wednesday, 8.50 AM
  • Japanese Time: 26th October 2022, Wednesday, 9.50 PM
  • Philippines Time: 26th October 2022, Wednesday, 8.50 PM

You can follow this watching guide according to the region you belong to. Also, you may able to stream this drama in the future on OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. For those who reside in Korea and for those who have access to the MBC channel, the drama will air every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC on the schedule given above. Each episode will run for about 45 to 75 minutes.

Now that you have the whole watching guide with you don’t delay and watch your favorite Kdrama, One Hundred won Butler.



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