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Abandoned Movie Ending Explained – Is the House Haunted?

Abandoned Movie Ending Explained (ImageCredits: Youtube)

The horror film “Abandoned,” directed by novice filmmaker Spencer Squire, is definitely not the ideal way to begin one’s filmmaking career. The narrative follows a young mother who is fighting to discover the ostensible joys of parenting while simultaneously finding a horrible mystery about her new home. The film is the same old uninspired horror picture with nothing to recommend it.

Aside from individuals who love the horror genre, “Abandoned” is underwhelming and skip-able, with ridiculous logic and useless jump-scares. In a film that leaves some questions unanswered, the film follows her struggle to distinguish the real from the made-up scenarios in her mind.

Abandoned Movie Ending Explained (ImageCredits: YouTube)

Alex and Sara move into a house with a horrific past

The movie begins on a dark night with a woman screaming as two gunshots are fired. It then flashes forward 40 years to a young couple looking for a home with the help of a realtor. Sara and Alex are introduced, and they reveal that they have moved to the countryside in order for Sara’s medical condition to improve. Sara has postpartum depression, a type of illness that mothers experience after having a baby.

The couple meets Cindy, a realtor who is selling a farmhouse, and inquires why the house hasn’t sold in a long time. Cindy reveals the house was previously owned by Solomon’s family, whose daughter, Anna, murdered both her father and daughter before committing suicide inside the house. Despite their reservations, they proceeded with the purchase and moved into the house.

Sara experiences strange occurrences as more mysteries are revealed

Abandoned Movie Ending Explained (ImageCredits: YouTube)

The newly born baby cries incessantly after the couple moves in, leaving the couple perplexed about the house. They also discover a locked room in the house, and after opening it, they discover another locked room hidden behind the wardrobe. They also encounter a mysterious neighbor named Chris Renner, who enters the house without being invited.

Later, Sara is left alone inside the house while Alex goes to work, causing her to have more hallucinations than Anna, the girl who murdered both her father and daughter. Chris explains that Anna’s mother was killed during childbirth, and the father continued to rape Anna in order to grieve his wife’s death. Anna later gave birth to her father’s child before committing suicide, killing both of them.

Sara learns about Anna’s brother from the report the realtor gave her. Further inspections reveal he had been in foster care and now lives as their neighbor under the alias Chris Renner. Sara’s hallucinations worsen over time, and on one occasion, she throws out the milk and drops her baby, who nearly falls down the stairs. Alex darts in and latches onto the newborn, preventing a second scare.

Abandoned Movie Ending Explained (ImageCredits: YouTube)

Abandoned Movie Ending Explained

The most pressing question at the end of the film is whether the house is haunted. Sara endures these atrocities throughout the film, but she is the only one who does. Alex lives in the house with her, but he never sees what she does. The horror aspect of ‘Abandoned’ is entirely allegorical, intended to highlight Sara’s postpartum depression.

Alex returns home to find Sara eating breakfast with the baby, and they all share a meal. She grabs Alex’s hand and tells him it’s all over. The couple redecorates their home and dances. While the recording is playing, the film fast forwards to a young Liam asking to go in the swing. The three of them play in the swing, and Sara reveals she is pregnant again.

Sara resembles Anna in appearance, with her slim build and blonde hair. Her brain appears to latch onto that information, leading her to believe that the ghosts of Anna and Robert are still present. Sara is clearly suffering from postpartum depression early in the film, but the severity of her condition is revealed only later.

She wears a rubber band around her wrist to deal with her anxiety and distinguish between what is real and what is not. Liam nearly falls down the stairs during one of her hallucinations. Fortunately, Alex emerges from the bedroom just in time to save their child. Sara also discards her milk. Alex, concerned for his son’s safety, decides he cannot leave Liam alone with Sara.

Is Sara expecting a child?

The last scene of the film takes place several years after Sara and Alex have moved into the house. Sarah no longer has the rubber band around her wrist, showing that she has progressed significantly. Sara is pregnant with Alex’s second child, as revealed in the ending scene of the film. The couple’s life has clearly improved. They have finally made their house a home.

Sara appears troubled in a brief shot of her face just before her pregnancy is revealed. She is probably concerned that the PTSD will return, which is a reasonable concern. Postpartum pregnancy recurrence is quite common. The film concludes on a suspenseful note, with Sara becoming concerned about the baby inside her once more.

Abandoned Movie Ending Explained (ImageCredits: YouTube)

What Became of the Solomon Family? Who Is Renner?

Cindy reluctantly informs Sara and Alex of a murder-suicide on the property. Anna Solomon murdered her father and daughter before committing suicide. Anna had a brother, Andrew, and it was later revealed. Andrew’s mother died when he was a year old. Robert began abusing his daughter sexually. Anna eventually gave birth to her own daughter.

Anna committed murder-suicide after becoming overwhelmed by the abuse and shame over how her daughter was conceived. Andrew survived and was placed in foster care. He returned years later. Even though he was going by the name of Chris Renner, everyone in the neighborhood knew who he was. They gave him permission to live next to his old house.

This went on until Sara and Alex purchased the house. The other boys mentioned by Renner were most likely killed by Robert, who left their bodies in the hidden roost. That’s why he put the wardrobe in front of it, so no one but him could get to it.

Abandoned Movie Ending Explained (ImageCredits: Youtube)

Is the farmhouse possessed?

There isn’t much evidence in the film to support the claim that the house is haunted. Rather, the film’s gist is to reveal Sara’s mental struggles as she suffers from depression. Rather than the house or the history, Sara’s hallucinations are caused by her depression. Overall, the film delivers a good scare with some strong acting performances but ultimately falls short of ranking among the top horror films.

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