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Why Is Michael Myers Evil? List Of All The Victims Of The Sadistic Killer

The main villain of the Halloween film series is Michael Audrey Myers, also referred to as the boogeyman or the Shape. He was born on October 19, 1957. He is an apathetic, mute serial killer who murdered his elder sister Judith in cold blood on Halloween night at the very young age of 6 and was confined in a mental institution. Michael resurfaces fifteen years later, stalking and murdering people in his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, practically every Halloween night.

Michael is seen as the embodiment of pure evil due to his relentless killing tendencies and unnerving behavior, as well as his seemingly otherworldly appearance and, more unexpectedly, his absence of a sad or sympathetic history to provide a clear rationale for his acts.

What Makes Michael Myers So Evil?

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer

Michael Myers is the personification of pure evil. He is a ruthless, sick, and sadistic serial murderer whose sole objective is to inflict chaos, suffering, and death on innocent people, whether men, women, children, or even members of his own family. He always ensures that his victims are killed in the most terrible and agonizing manner imaginable, never granting them a speedy death or showing mercy. Michael enjoys torturing his victims physically, but he will also torture them psychologically and physically in a number of ways, such as by murdering their loved ones in front of them or pulling eerie and sinister pranks.

A perfect instance of this is when Michael disguises himself as a ghost and wears glasses, leading Lynda to believe he is her boyfriend, Bob. He kills her by choking her with the phone line as she turns around to make a call.

He refuses to communicate, and his murders, all of which occur on Halloween night, implying that the night, or the macabre features of the event, play a role in his motive. His violent impulses could be his warped way of celebrating Halloween. This suggests a childlike attitude or, at the very least, an attempt to appear extra scarier to his victims. On Halloween night, he feels the impulse to spook his victims and make a lasting impact, which may indicate that Halloween is his main focus. In Halloween II, he further demonstrated this fixation by writing “Samhain” in blood, indicating that Michael is well-versed in Halloween lore. Overall, Michael is likely to regard himself as a physical entity.

Michael enjoys exhibiting his victims’ corpses in ritual-like displays, such as placing his sister’s tombstone over the just murdered Annie and tilting his head, relishing the gruesomeness of his murder after nailing Bob Simmons’ corpse to the wall with a knife as if it were a poster.

Contrary to popular belief, Michael is a highly intelligent man who can outsmart and manipulate everyone else to his advantage. For example, He usually follows and creeps up on his victims before killing them, and he then exposes his victims to other possible victims to find before murdering them too. Michael is also capable of being fairly pragmatic and cautious when the situation demands it. For example, He took the Haddonfield mob’s threat seriously in Halloween Kills and exerted every effort to exterminate them before they pursued him. He ceased holding back and unleashed full wrath on his victims after being defeated by Laurie in the 2018 movie, possibly because he didn’t want to be caught unprepared again.

Before being transferred back to Smith’s Grove on October 30, 1988, the 31-year-old unconscious Michael Myers was taken to Ridgemont Federal Sanitarium. Though he was in a coma, he awoke and murdered the people in the ambulance when he learned that his sister Laurie Strode had passed away and that her daughter Jamie Lloyd, his niece, lived in Haddonfield.

In Halloween Kills, it is implied that the only other thing he cares about, aside from his mask, is his childhood house since it is revealed that when he was a child, he liked to stare out of his elder sister’s window, not because he was gazing at the town, but because he was staring in his reflection.

List of Confirmed Human Victims of Michael

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer


Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer

1: Judith Myers is stabbed to death seven times.
2: Christopher Hastings gets stabbed in the chest.
3: Annie Bracket’s throat has been slashed.
4: Having a knife in his chest, Robert Simms is nailed to a door.
5. At the age of five, Lynda Van der Klok is suffocated by a phone cable.

Halloween II

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer

6: Alice Martin is murdered.
7: Michael Myers is said to have murdered Alan Gateway’s nameless son.
8: Bernard Garrett gets struck in the head with the claw end of a hammer.
9: A cable is used to strangle Vincent Scarlotti.
Karen Bailey drowns and is scalded with boiling water.
11: A syringe is inserted into Fredrick Mixter’s eye.
12: Janet Marshall is shot in the temple with a syringe containing an air bubble.
13: Michael uses an I.V. machine on Virginia Alves to drain her blood.
14: Jill Franco gets impaled in the back with a scalpel.
15. Terrence Gummell’s throat gets slashed with a scalpel.

Halloween 4: The return of Michael Myers

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer

16. Jimmy dies from a head injury after slipping on Virginia’s blood. (Remains a mystery)
17: Michael’s thumb impales Attendant J. Black in the head.
18. Michael Myers murders L. Evans off-screen.
19. Off-screen, Michael Myers murders an anonymous paramedic.
20: Off-screen, Michael Myers murders an anonymous paramedic.
21: A metal rod stabs an unnamed Mechanic.
22. Michael Myers murders Shelly Matthews off-screen.
23. Bucky is tossed onto a transformer and electrocuted.
24. Off-screen, Michael Myers rips Deputy Pierce apart.
25: Michael Myers kills an unnamed police officer off-camera.
26: Michael Myers kills an unnamed police officer off-camera.
27. Deputy Logan is slain by Myers off camera.
28. As a shotgun pierces Kelly Meeker’s stomach, she is pinned against a wall.
29: Brady’s neck snaps as Michael’s thumbs are driven into Brady’s head.
30: A backstab wound is inflicted on Orrin Gateway.
31: A knife is shoved into Alan Gateway’s abdomen.
32. Unger gets shoved off a speeding car.
33. Earl Ford’s throat had been ripped open.

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer

34: A nameless Hermit gets stabbed in the back.
35: Rachael Carruthers is knifed with a pair of scissors.
36: Mike is stabbed repeatedly with a garden claw.
37: Spitz is gored using a pitchfork.
38: Samantha Thomas is sliced using a scythe.
39: Off-screen, Nick Ross is repeatedly stabbed in his neck with a pitchfork.
40: Tom Farrah is repeatedly stabbed in the neck with a pitchfork off-screen.
41: Tina Williams is knifed down.
42: Eddy Grey is smashed on the hood of his police car.
43: Charlie Bloch is strung from a window by a noose.
44: Max Hart is assassinated off-screen
45: Patsey West is brutally murdered off-camera.

Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer

46. Nurse Mary is wounded in the head with a metal spike
47: The neck of an unnamed motorist is violently snapped.
48. Jamie Lloyd is impaled on a maize thresher.
49. Debra Strode gets hacked with an axe.
50: John Strode is electrocuted after being stabbed into a fuse box.
51: Barry Simms is stabbed to death by Michael in Barry’s Car.
52: Tim Strode’s throat has been cut.
53. Beth gets stabbed numerous times in the back.
54. An unidentified Sanitarium patient gets stabbed in the stomach.
55. Dr. Bonham has been cut up with a medical machete.
56-62: Seven Unnamed Cult Doctors are dismembered with a medical machete.
63. Dr. Terence Wynn gets ripped up and killed with a medical machete

Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer


65. Off-screen, Jimmy Howell gets stabbed in the face with a skate.
66: Tony Allegre is murdered by stabbing in his back.
67: Marion Whittington has her throat slashed.
Off-screen, Charles Deveraux has his throat cut.
69: Sarah Wainthrope has her leg wounded and crushed in the dump water. She is then repeatedly stabbed in the back and eventually murdering her.
70: William Brennan is stabbed in his back and dropped to the floor.
71: An unidentified paramedic’s throat is crushed, and a mask is attached to his head. Laurie decapitates him with an axe, thinking he’s Michael. As a result, he is technically Michael’s 71st victim.

Halloween Resurrection

72: Off the scene, Franklin Munroe is assassinated.
73. Willie Haines’ throat is cut
74. Myers nearly kills Laurie Strode by stabbing her back. Then, after freeing her from the knife, he abandons her on the roof to die.
75. Nora Winston is slain off-screen and hung by a cable
76. Charley Albans’ neck gets pierced by a tripod leg.
77. Bill Woodlake is struck in the skull.
78. Donna Chang is pierced with a metal spike.
79: Jennifer Danzig is beheaded with the knife.
80: Jim Morgan has his head smashed.
81: Rudy Grimes is wedged into a door with three knives through his chest.

Halloween (2018)

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer

82: An unnamed parent is assassinated off-screen. His body is later discovered with a closed fracture in his throat, seated in a lawn chair next to the transfer bus.
83. Inside a car that Michael takes, a preteen kid is strangled, and his neck is shattered.
84. Aaron Korey’s head is repeatedly beaten against a brick wall, then against a bathroom stall door.
85: Dana Haines’ neck is partially shattered off-screen. Soon later, her body is discovered, with her skull twisted 180°.
86: A Clerk is killed off-screen, but his jaw is half ripped off, and his teeth are extracted.
87: An engineer is slain off-screen, but his body is covered in blood, and his brass hammer is found in a puddle of blood next to him.
88: An unnamed mother is killed off-screen, but Michael is heard repeatedly bashing her skull onto a table and then hitting her with a hammer. Her body is seen with a hole in the head and blood on the table.
89: A kitchen knife is stabbed into the throat of an unidentified woman.
Vicky falls to the ground and is stabbed twice in the back after a battle with Michael.
91. Dave is killed off-screen, although he is seen hanging on a wall, impaled with Michael’s knife through his neck.
92: Oscar is stabbed in the back, and then his jaw gets pierced on a fence post.
93: Dr. Ranbir Sartain’s skull is smashed when Michael stomps on it with his boot.
94: A police officer is photographed with a scalpel protruding from his skull and his throat slashed.
95: another officer was beheaded, and his head was hollowed out and made into a jack-o-lantern with a flashlight inside.
96: Ray Nelson is suffocated with a chain and has his neck snapped.

Halloween Kills

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer

97-108: 11 firefighters are killed when Michael leaves the flaming house.
109: Phil gets impaled on glass and repeatedly stabbed in the back with knives.
110. Off-screen, Dennis is decapitated with a kitchen knife.
111. Marion Chambers’ neck is shattered after being stabbed twice in the stomach.
112: Marcus is stabbed in the eye using a kitchen knife
113: Vanessa accidentally shoots herself in the head as Michael slams a car door, hitting her in the arm.
114: In addition to having his eyes gouged out by Michael’s thumbs, Big John is slashed in the armpit.
115: Off-screen, Little John is stabbed to death.
116: Lonnie Elam is killed off-screen, presumably by being crushed by the attic door.

Halloween Ends

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer

128: Doug Mulaney’s throat is sliced, and he is repeatedly stabbed in the chest.
129: Deb is stabbed through the chest and pinned to the wall.
130: Corey Cunningham’s neck is broken.

What Powers Does Michael Myers Have?

Why is Michael Myers evil? List of all the victims of the sadistic killer


Regenerative Healing Factor:

By the end of the movie, both of his eyes have been shot out with a gun, but both have fully recovered in Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later (1998). (along with his skin which was burned in H2).
As his eye wound, neck wound, and most likely bullet wounds appear to be present from 1978, and all of his injuries, including fingers, shot off, and face burned, appear to persist after years, it appears that Michael’s regenerative power has been altered or “nerfed” in the 2018 Timeline.

Inhuman Stealth: Michael is a highly covert individual due to his quiet demeanor and average height. Michael can easily sneak up on his victims and evade stalking them when he is noticed.

Inhuman Endurance: While Michael can tolerate all of the above traumas and not be affected by them, he nevertheless appears to be hurt with pained grunts and sighs.

Inhuman Energy: Michael’s sluggish movements allow him to chase for extended periods.

Inhuman Strength: Michael has been witnessed pulling people off the ground with one hand with little to no effort. He is also seen easily breaking through thick glass and walls.

Inhuman Durability: He can sustain high-speed automobile collisions, massive explosions, gunfire, acids, and other damage to his body and yet walk away (typically following a brief period of rest of a few seconds to a few minutes).

Well, it appears that the simple answer is that he is. There is no obvious answer as to what drives his killer instinct at this time, but as Laurie mentions in the preview for the next installment, the more he kills, the stronger he becomes. Is this why he can’t die since he keeps boosting his kill count?
The trailer implies that Michael must be unmasked for the serial killer to perish. But, in classic Halloween style, will it be for good?

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