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The School For Good And Evil Ending Explained

The School For Good And Evil

Netflix is back with another blockbuster show which has been rated to be the most watched show this month: The School For Good and Evil.

The new show has an exciting plot that focuses on the theme of friendship and love, which has brought viewers to watch the show. The School For Good and Evil was released on 19th October 2022, with Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso) and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) as the main leads. Both of the girls are two ordinary humans who always dreamt of having their lives turned into a fairytale, and this happens when they get into a school where heroes and villains are trained. The show is primarily the adaptation of Soman Chainani’s fantasy book series and rests assured because there is more to the storyline of Sophie and Agatha’s future.

The School For Good And Evil: What did we miss?

Sophie and Agatha had always been considered the princess within the town. But inside, Sophie always thought she was the pure cinderella who would get her fairytale love story soon in life. After coming to the school in the Endless Woods- Sophie is put in the School for Evil (Nevers), and Agatha is put in the School for Good (Evers). To change schools since Sophie believes that she is being wronged and deserves to be in The School for Good along with Agatha- she is asked by the School Master (played by Laurence Fishburne) to find her true love kiss. This cute plan did remind the fans of Frozen but in the school of Nevers and Evers, finding love is not that easy.

Agatha in The School Of Good And Evil

The Evers and Nevers cannot fall in love, and thus, Sophie thinks that she will get Tedros (played by Jamie Flatters) to fall for her since she is an Ever- then it will prove that she is good to her core as well. But she fails to do so during Trial by Tale, and instead, Agatha is the one who ends up saving him. He starts to fall in love with the wrong friend, as we can imagine, and Sophie ends up back to square one. The friendship between Agatha and Sophie starts to get threatened at this point when Sophie is visited by Rafal- a Never who is also the evil brother of the School Master. Rafal had been manipulating Sophie so that he could weaken the relationship between Good and Evil so that, in the end, he could rule the world. He tries to convince Sophie that Agatha is actually her nemesis and that she should admire her evil side to remain happy.

The School For Good And Evil: Ending Explained

Towards the end of the season, we could see how the school ended up in chaos after Sophie had tricked the Evers into attacking the Nevers during the Evers’ ball. The Nevers defended and did not wish to attack, which makes us even along with the students question if the roles have been reversed. Finally, we reached the climax where Sophie and Rafal share a moment and kiss, thinking that it is “the true love’s kiss”. This ended up with both the schools being destroyed and Agatha realized that, which is why she tried to stop Rafal, who ends up attempting to stab her. At this point, we see the power of true love and friendship merging as Sophie comes on the path to save her friend. Sophie doesn’t make it, and this wrecks Agatha. In the moment of weakness, she kisses Sophie, and Sophie is revived by an act of true love’s kiss.

We thus learn that the true love’s kiss had actually been Agatha for Sophie all along (even if she was a Never and Agatha was a Never!). As Sophie was revived with the true love’s kiss- we can see how the conversation she had with Agatha is so meaningful. Agatha had mentioned how good always won since good fights for love, but evil fights for itself, which showed us how Sophie sacrificed her own life to save Agatha. This point was the major breakthrough of the show to tell the audience how the world isn’t black and white, filled with good and evil. Every person has both good and evil sides, and they can exist in harmony with each other.

Sophie’s Evil Side

After Sophie is revived, the chaos had ended as the schools decide to exist without further fights, and both Sophie and Agatha settle back into their old lives in Gavaldon. But the show doesn’t quite end here as Tedros’s arrow pierces the veil between the two worlds, and we hear him say, “I need you, Agatha,” before a dagger comes through too and splits the arrow in half at the Wishing Tree. What leaves us confused is whose dagger was it, and why does Tedro need Agatha? Luckily, the book adaptation has more mysteries left for us to solve, and we can hope that they will be adapted and the show goes on!

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