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La Brea Season 2 Episode 6: Recap, Spoilers, Release Date, Where To watch

La Brea Season 2 Episode 6: Recap, Spoilers, Release Date, Where to watch

La Brea is a popular American science fiction drama television series that first aired on September 28, 2021. After only a few episodes, this show was already so popular that it was renewed for a second season. This series’ fans are so enthralled by the new season that they can’t wait to see when the next episode will air, La Brea Season 2 Episode 6, will be released. La Brea promises to send the audiences to a world unlike anything we’ve seen so far in Season 2. A lot of this revolves around the mysterious tower Rebecca led Scott to at the end of season 1, which could play a pivotal role in season 2.

A massive sinkhole appearing in the middle of a bustling Los Angeles neighborhood is terrible enough, but when that sinkhole turns out to be a portal to a prehistoric world, it’s a whole different deal. The survivors’ greatest challenge is that they have been separated from those they love, and they will go to any length to be reunited.

Season 2, Episode 6 of  La Brea is titled “Lazarus,” which, of course, has us all pondering over it. As many of you have already speculated, the title here appears to be a reference to someone rising from the dead. We’re not sure if a literal afterlife is in the cards here, but this story could play with the idea of an idea being resurrected or someone thought to be dead reappearing. Whatever happens, things will become increasingly crowded as the storyline surrounding the building becomes more prominent. We just hope you are prepared.

La Brea Season 2 Episode 6: A recap of Episode 5

La Brea Season 2 Episode 6: Recap, Spoilers, Release Date, Where to watch

As NBC’s La Brea season two episode five begins, Gavin, Sam, and Levi plot a seizing of a shipment of black rocks. Sam (Jon Seda) asks all the right questions – it’s great to see Gavin involving him in the planning process – and they figure out where to sneak on the Exiles before they carry out their plan. Eve (Natalie Zea) bids Ty (Chiké Okonkwo) say goodbye before departing with the group. He’s packing to start moving to the fort, and she assures him that he’s made the right choice. He belongs with Paara. Before they part, Ty reminds her that letting the situation fester is worse; she should choose between Levi and Gavin.

Virgil makes an impressive entrance, staggering down a hill. He escaped the Exiles with rumors that the caves were being closed and all the prisoners were being relocated. In addition, right before escaping, he saw more guards than he had ever seen before. Going back to the caves is a dangerous mission, according to Virgil. That, of course, does not deter the group. They climb to a vantage point and observe the wagon loaded with black rocks. The convicts are being prepared for a transfer inland to what Virgil refers to as “hell on Earth.”

They have a short conversation about what they should do next and decide to divide into two groups. Levi, Scott, and Lucas will work together to free the prisoners. Sam, Eve, Gavin, and Izzy plan to steal the rock cargo. Virgil will return to the clearing. Ty arrives at the fort and attracts everyone’s attention. Paara assures him that they will grow accustomed to his presence in camp. They haven’t seen her with a man since her husband passed away. Back at the Exiles’ camp, the hijackers intend to wait until the wagon is on the road before launching their attack.

They’ve only gone a few steps when they trip over a booby trap, and the door shuts behind them. The cave they’re in is crawling with enormous spiders. Gavin drills a hole into the wall while Sam uses his lighter to keep the spiders at bay. They all get through the wall and seal the hole, safe for the time being. They are unable to use the back exit as it has been closed. They’ll have to go through the main gate instead. While Gavin stays with his family, Sam volunteers to go investigate the guards. Izzy believes that now is the ideal time to talk about their family.

La Brea Season 2 Episode 6: Recap, Spoilers, Release Date, Where to watch

Izzy immediately reminded them both that the visions were not her father’s fault and that he was now attempting to make amends. Sam chooses that exact moment to revert to a potential plan. Four guards were still in the caves, with more stationed outside the gate. Their best bet is to take out the four guards, steal their clothes, and flee through the gate. They’ll be able to capture the wagon before the Exiles start realizing what’s going on.

Eve and Gavin (Eoin Macken) come in for one last hug with Izzy (Zyra Gorecki) before leaving. Gavin informs her of Aldridge’s final words, and she is astounded that his mother, whom she has never met because everyone assumed she was dead, is going to assist them despite the fact that she was in 1988. Izzy insists on accompanying them to the Exiles’ caves. She will not accept no for an answer. Eventually, the group, which includes the aforementioned individuals along with Scott (Rohan Mirchandaney) and Lucas, departs. Scott and Lucas (Josh McKenzie) walk together, and Scott is unhappy that everybody is now at risk. He holds himself responsible.

Gavin and Eve also communicate, and Gavin wishes he could undo everything which went wrong among both between them. He’s not giving up hope that they’ll get back together, and he appears to know she still loves him. Eve stays quiet.

They take out one guard, and the noise attracts the remaining three. They knock out the trios with shovels, taking advantage of the element of surprise. Two more guards arrive as they change but leave before they realize what’s going on. Eve and Gavin almost kiss at one point, but they don’t because Eve moves away. Although the rescue group is outnumbered, Levi notices that they are moving north toward Paara’s village. Perhaps they can employ some fighters to assist them in freeing the prisoners. Levi flees toward the village, leaving Scott and Lucas to pursue the prisoners.

Scott becomes terrified when he realizes his vaping days are over. He’s out, so he’ll have to go through 10,000 BC clean like everyone else. Scott and Lucas are well aware that they are about to lose the prisoners. The guards are marching them forward toward a raft, and they’ll be out of sight once on board. Lucas wants to stop the guards right now, but Scott stops him. Scott explains that he lost his brother at the age of 13 because he did not act and suffers from severe anxiety. He is constantly concerned that he will be unable to protect those he cares about.

Lucas suggests that they act immediately to save the prisoners. Scott was unable to focus on saving his brother, but he may be able to help these outsiders. Lucas draws the attention of the guards before fleeing. Meanwhile, Scott goes over to set fire to the sail. The guards’ attention shifts from Lucas to Scott as he starts running his legs off. He escapes thanks to the archery skills of Paara’s people.

Levi arrived at the fort, and Paara’s people came through in a big way. Now we’ll check in with the hijacking crew; after donning disguises, the foursome board a wagon and proceed to the gate. Taamet (Martin Sensmeier) appears dubious but lets them pass. A guard discovers the naked Exiles tied up shortly after they leave. Taamet joins a group to track them down.

Gavin makes an instant decision as five Exiles pursue him. They make their way to the woods and abandon the wagon. When the guards arrive, Sam and Gavin, act quickly. Fistfights erupt, Izzy pulls one guy’s legs out from under him, and Eve hits him in the back.

Fortunately, Levi, Paara, Ty, and their companions arrive to assist in turning the tide. Levi rushes over to Eve, and they clutch each other tightly. Gavin can only observe.
Taamet escapes, and Paara and Ty quickly follow. Taamet turns and faces Paara as she is about to pull the trigger in the back. She drops the shot. She had just told Ty that her husband was dead, but he was very much alive and well.

Taamet is Paara’s husband. Ty and Paara rejoin the reunited hijacking/prisoner-liberation group and confirm Taamet’s escape. Taamet is also revealed to be Paara’s ex. He led a rebellion and was expelled from the group, along with his followers. Taamet founded the Exiles, and Paara assumed he was dead. Taamet’s group will seek vengeance now that they have attacked the Exiles. With a wagonload of black rocks, the group heads toward the secret building. Somewhere along the way, Scott is able to throw away his vape pen, finally free of his fear of losing people. Gavin tells Eve that his life would be meaningless without her. He’ll go to any length to get her back.

Meanwhile, In The 80s, The Following Occurred:

Caroline Clark is taken aback to learn she is Josh’s grandmother, but she recognizes Isaiah in him. Josh describes his father as a flawed but courageous man. Caroline then delivers her own shocking news: Gavin was not born in 10,000 BC but in the future. She traveled back in time to 10,000 BC as part of a test to save her world. She’s now in 1988, attempting to correct the mistakes they made along the way.

Caroline reveals that her (and her colleagues) work prompted the sinkholes and tidal wave. She jumped to 1988 in search of particular time travel data to finish her work. When she’s finished, she’ll return to 10,000 BC to end the sinkholes.

She leaves, but not before making plans to meet up in two hours to spread the word about the incipient tidal wave. (The countdown clock to death and destruction is currently at 72 hours.) Josh warns her not to look for Isaiah, or the butterfly effect will occur. Caroline does not pay heed and contacts Child Protective Services. Instead of meeting up with Josh and Riley again, she goes in search of Isaiah.

Josh and Riley arrive at CPS and observe Caroline introducing Isaiah to the people Josh recognizes as his father’s adoptive parents. They collaborate with Caroline, who sets everything up. Caroline informs Isaiah that these people are her friends and that he will have a wonderful life with them.

With tears in her eyes, she bids farewell to her only child. Outside, Josh and Riley catch up with her. She explains that since Josh stated that his father’s name is Gavin Harris, she knew where exactly Isaiah was supposed to go. Josh guarantees her that his father was well-reared by his friends. After that, the trio turns their focus to halting the tidal wave.

La Brea Season 2 Episode 6: Spoilers

La Brea Season 2 Episode 6: Recap, Spoilers, Release Date, Where to watch

According to NBC’s official description of this failed infiltration attempt, When their plan to infiltrate the building fails, Gavin is forced to confront its enigmatic leader. Eve, Levi, Sam, and Izzy are forced to rely on an old foe to lead a rescue mission. Josh and Riley had some fun in 1988 before taking an unexpected turn. The second spoiler scoop reveals that Levi, Sam, and Izzy will attempt a rescue mission in this episode. This mission will undoubtedly become more difficult when they are forced to rely on a former enemy to complete the task.

The third and final teaser spoiler for this new episode 6 goes on to tell us that we will be transported back to 1988 to catch up with Josh and Riley. They’ll have some fun, but it won’t last long because a shocking spin will sneak up on them.

La Brea Season 2 Episode 6: Release Date

La Brea Season 2 Episode 6 will be aired on November 01, 2022, at 9 pm (ET). This is almost certainly the final episode before a brief break. Episode 7 will most likely not air until November 15 due to midterm elections. “Lazarus” should hopefully end in a way that gets everyone excited about what the next episode may hold. Knowing what we know about this show right now, it seems safe to assume that this story will end with a big cliffhanger that raises questions and has you crying at the TV.

Pacific Time (PST)  1800 hours on November 1, 2022 
Indian Standard Time (IST)  0630 hours on November 2, 2022 
Japanese Standard Time (JST)  1000 hours on November 2, 2022 
Central Time (CST)  2000 hours on November 1, 2022 
European Time (CEDT)  0200 hours on November 2, 2022 
Philippine Time (PST)  0900 hours on November 2, 2022 
British Summer Time (BST)  0200 hours on November 2, 2022 

La Brea Season 2 Episode 6: Where To Watch The New Episode

You can watch La Brea on NBC as well as online the succeeding day via catch-up on Peacock. This is an exclusive original series, which means you’ll only be able to watch it there. La Brea should be available with subtitles while watching Peacock on Catch-up. The length of Episode 5 is expected to be around 45 minutes, which is consistent with the rest of the series.

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