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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 5: History Behind Cast Release Date And Streaming Guide

Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman is a historical Turkish series based on the ottoman empire. This series is based on the life of Osman bey, son of Ertugrul Gazi, Founder of the Ottoman Empire. This popular historical adventure drama has an IMDb rating of 7.5/10. The first season (2019-2020) of Mehmet Bozda’s Turkish television series Kurulus: Osman was released on November 20, 2019, ending on June 24, 2020.

Briefing Of Kurulus Osman Season 4

Episode 4 of Osman Kurulus’s fourth season According to the teaser, Ofelia was instructed to speak before passing away. And Osman will be pursued by someone. The most well-known TV program in Turkish entertainment history, Kurulus Osman, continues to offer viewers movie-length episodes. Over 500,000 people have watched the teaser trailer in just 24 hours, demonstrating considerable interest in the impending Osman Bey adventure outside of Turkey.

Lead casts

Burak ozcivit as Osman bey

Burak is in the main lead throughout the series till season 4 as Osman bey. Osman is the third and youngest son of Ertugrul Ghazi and Halime Hatun (Burak Ozcivit, seasons 1-4). He is also Selcan Hatun’s nephew, whom he treats as a mother and the younger brother of Gunduz Bey and Savc Bey. He is the father of Orhan, Alaeddin Ali, and Fatma Hatun, as well as the spouse of Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun. He wants to carry on the legacy of his grandfather Suleyman Sah and his father, Ertugrul.

Like his father, he is adapted to a sword and is very aware of his surroundings. Like his father Ertugrul, he occasionally disobeys his beys to follow the route he thinks will lead to prosperity. His concern for those close to him makes him vulnerable to traps. He degrades his adversaries both on the battlefield and during negotiations, inspiring a desire for vengeance in them. In season 2, he is chosen to serve as the tribe of Kayi’s Bey. Following his father’s wishes, he chooses to wed a second woman and modifies the Kay flag. Derived from Osman I.

Ozge Torer as Bala Hatun

Bala Hatun is shown as the spouse of Osman bey, and this character is played by Ozge Torer. The star from seasons 1-4, Bala, is the sister-in-law of Dursun Fakih and the deceased disease-stricken daughter of Seyh Edebali and Ulduz Hatun. She is also the wife of Osman Bey. She is the mother of Orhan and Alaeddin Ali. She is the Head of the Baciyan-I Rum and the Chief Lady of the Kayi Tribe.

She is a gorgeous painter who is devoted to Selcan Hatun, the Ahi fraternity, her father, and her spouse. She and Gonca Hatun were close friends (deceased). She is tolerant and calming but vulnerable to grief. She was stabbed by a Mongol in season 1, which prevented her from becoming pregnant. As a result, she is continually made fun of for this. She succeeds Selcan Hatun as the Khanum (Head Hatun) of the Kayi tribe in season 2 after her husband is elected Bey.

She succeeds Selcan Hatun as the Khanum (Head Hatun) of the Kayi tribe. Despite accepting her fate, she is upset when Osman decides to wed a second woman following his late father’s will. She even makes an effort to help him find a wife, which leads her to meet the lovely and compassionate Aksu Hatun, whom Osman rejects since she is not Bey’s daughter. Targun Hatun, who formerly loved Osman but subsequently sought revenge on him for banishing her for poisoning Bala, later killed Aksu.

Targun had seen Bala as a barrier keeping her from marrying Osman and blocking her path. Bala and Malhun Hatun had disagreements after killing Targun, even though Bala later accepted Malhun Hatun as Osman Bey’s second wife. Alaeddin Ali, Osman’s second son, is born to Bala after she subsequently falls pregnant. She learns she is pregnant again two months after Negol’s victory and later gives birth to a baby girl. At the Crystal Globe Awards, Ozge Torer’s portrayal of the role earned her the Best Actress of the Year honor. in line with Rabia Bala Hatun.

Releasing Dates Of Kulurus Osman Season 4

The author of “Kurulus Osman” is Yavuz Turgul. The fourth season of Kurulus Osman will premiere on October 10, 2022, according to the announcement. The fourth season of “Ottoman Construction” continues the plot. It centers on a young Sultan Murad, whose father urges him to leave Istanbul for Manisa so he might find some quiet away from the commotion.


Let us inform you that according to information from reliable sources, Kurulus Osman’s first promo will be finished filming on August 20 and made available on ATV on September 1.

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