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Black Adam End Credit Scene Explained: Are We Getting New DC Movie?

Black Adam End Credit Scene Explained

In his self-titled solo film, Black Adam makes his live-action debut, which is helmed by Jaume Collet-Serra and stars Dwayne Johnson. The movie, which is still very much a part of the DC Extended Universe, has been in development since the beginning of the millennium, but it didn’t start filming until April 2021. Weeks before the movie’s theatrical debut, the post-credits sequence from Black Adam was leaked online. And Johnson’s appearance all but confirmed a prominent cameo by a veteran of the DCEU.

Black Adam End Credit Scene Explained

Dwayne Johnson’s promise to restructure the structure of power in the DC universe is eventually fulfilled in the Black Adam post-credits sequence. It would be a spoiler to go into more detail here, but it is safe to assume that the DCEU’s future is established in the last stinger. Here’s the latest update we have so far regarding the black adam end-credit scene.

**The paragraph after this contains spoilers, so beware.

Black Adam End-Credit Scene Explained:

Black Adam, the newest DCEU film starring the consistently charming Dwayne Johnson in one of his most sought roles, is now finally available to watch in theatres after years of anticipation and trailers. The Justice Society of America and this formidable DC Comics antihero are introduced to us in Black Adam.

Black Adam End-Credit Scene Explained

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

But Black Adam also has a surprise in store for the audience in the form of a post-credits scene that has been greatly anticipated and even practically confirmed by The Rock over the previous few weeks. This scene sees the return of a beloved DCEU character. Someone who had spent too much time “in the shadows,” in big letters, was a superhero.

Only one post-credits scene for Black Adam is available. It’s worth sticking around for because it follows the stylized credits. However, feel free to leave after seeing this bonus sequence because there is nothing to watch beyond the main credits.

Return of The Man Of Steel, i.e., Superman:

Amanda Waller made a choice to speak with Black Adam privately once the chaos in Kahndaq subsided. He escaped from her confinement, and Task Force X’s leader was not happy about it. Teth-Adam was also made aware of this.

Black Adam establishes himself as a strong and formidable character throughout the movie. After battling the Justice Society of America and the demonic villain Sabbac, who was threatening to bring Hell to Earth, he appeared to be let free to go anywhere he wished; after all, he had been imprisoned for 5,000 years and had so much of the world to discover.

Return of The Man Of Steel, i.e., Superman in Black Adam

The arrogant Black Adam thinks he is unbeatable and is confident in his abilities. The antihero is aware of his own power, and Superman is the only one who can actually compete with him for a chance to triumph. She calls him since Waller is relying on it as well.

The post-credits sequence is brief, but Superman appears to support Waller’s threats that Black Adam would be dealt with if he ever crosses the line; she doesn’t take rejection well. Before admitting Black Adam has alarmed the world, Superman first appears interested in him.

Even while the looks Black Adam and the Kryptonian exchanged weren’t absolutely fatal, they did have a hint of challenge. A difficult relationship between Black Adam and Superman will likely develop in the future, thanks to the post-credits sequence. Black Adam isn’t particularly good at communicating, despite Superman’s suggestion that they do so.

Black Adam and Superman never faced off in the comics

Henry Cavill’s Superman makes a long-awaited comeback in the post-credits scene of Black Adam, which was reportedly not shot until mid-September. Henry Cavill’s Superman was last seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. After the proposal was rejected by former DC Films President Walter Hamada.

Although after he abruptly left his contentious stint in October, Johnson apparently took the concept to other people. Superman’s appearance in the post-credits scene of Black Adam has been the subject of much anticipation, and it undoubtedly portends more to come, including a possible showdown between Superman and Black Adam.

First of all, this is Henry Cavill’s first on-screen appearance as Superman since 2017’s Justice League. However, previously shot footage of Cavill appears in the 2021 film Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It’s exciting to see the actor in the DC Extended Universe once more, and his Superman hasn’t been completely absent from this series since Justice League.

His Superman made an appearance in Shazamclimactic !’s moments, although from the neck down, and was described as having been admitted to the ICU by Bloodsport (Idris Elba) in The Suicide Squad. He also made an appearance in Peacemaker’s Season 1 finale, mostly hidden.

Will We Be Getting Black Adam vs. Superman?

Superman being there in the post-credits sequence of Black Adam at all shows that tension between the two is growing. It’s possible that a Black Adam vs. Superman fight won’t take place right away, but there is greater optimism than ever among fans that the comic book heroes will face off on screen. It’s unlikely that this much work would be placed into a scenario that would never be used again in the DC Extended Universe.

The clip of the comic-inspired Black Adam vs. Superman is being linked down below for the fans to get insights about the upcoming movie that we may expect:

Before the antihero butts heads with Superman, it’s probable that Black Adam may first run into Shazam. Given that Black Adam is one of Shazam’s key foes from the comics, this would also be consistent with the plot. According to producer Hiram Garcia, the confrontation between Black Adam and Superman might be more of a slow-burn and fit into a series of episodes rather than a single bout. In conclusion, all signs point to an eventual confrontation between Black Adam and Superman. Nobody knows for sure when it will happen, but the foundation is already being set.

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