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The Real Love Boat Season 1 Episode 5- Intro, Recap, Release Date And Streaming Guide

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The Real Love Boat poster

Reality Tv romance shows are something we all love to watch so much, partly because it has that right amount of drama and spice we all like and partly because each one of them has its own twist over the basic idea of reality Tv romance, making each one slightly different from the other one. One such reality Tv romance show is “The Real Love Boat,” which is about a bunch of singles looking for love on a cruise and which has just premiered on 5th October 2022.

“The Real Love Boat” is based on a romantic comedy or drama series from the year 1977 and was titled “The Love Boat” and aired till 1986 on ABC. “The Real Love Boat” series takes place on a Princess Cruises luxury passenger cruise called “Regal Princess” and moves in the Mediterranean Sea.

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The Real Love Boat poster(credit: Otakukart)

The show has been produced by Eureka Productions along with Buster Productions. The Executive Producers on behalf of Eureka Productions include Chris Culvenor, Paul Franklin, Eden Gaha, Jay Bienstock, and Wesley Denning who also are some notable names in the American Television Production industry and have a good fan base. Scott Helmstedter will be acting as the EP for Princess Cruises. However, before going into the details of The Real Love Boat Season 1 Episode 5, let us have a look at the cast and crew of the show, along with a recap of the real love boat Season 1 Episode 4.

The Crew Of The Real Love Boat Season 1

The crew for the reality Tv romance show includes some experienced and notable names in the American Entertainment industry. We have Rebecca Romjin, an acclaimed actress and host who has worked with some big media companies and production houses as the female host for the show. Jerry O’Connell, also an acclaimed actor, director, and television presenter, will be acting as the male host for the show.

Next, we have Paolo Arrigo as the captain of the ship, who also fulfilled the same role in the Australian version of the show. We also have two bartenders in the show, Ezra Freeman, who you might recognize from TikTok, and Ted Lange, an Afro-American actor, director, and screenwriter who also played the role of a bartender in The Love Boat. Next, we have Jill Whelan as the daughter of the ship’s captain and did play the same role in The Love Boat too. Finally, the role of cruise director will be fulfilled by Matt Mitcham.

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Rebecca and Jerry(Credits:Otakukart)

Cast Of The Real Love Boat Season 1

The Real Love Boat Season 1 premiered with 17 contestants on the boat, out of which six contestants have been eliminated(up till episode 4 ), and one contestant is in medical absence; hence ten contestants remain. The original contestants who boarded the cruise on various episodes are Alisa Shah, Daniel Cooper, Dean Lepianka, Emily Stone, Jordan Malabanan, Kendra Yurczyszyn, Marty Hassett, Nathan Kroger, Sarah Curd, Shea-Lynn Noyes, Mila Stojsavljevic, Nicole Wong, Jay Ajaya Ram, Brooke White, Brett De Laura, Forrest Jones, and Michael Gonzalez.

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Male contestants( credits:Otakukart)

Recap Of The Real Love Boat Season 1 Episode 4

There are 12 contestants on the cruise in Episode 4 as Brett De Laura has been on Medical absence since Episode 2, 4 contestants ( Jay Ajaya Ram, Brooke White, Forrest Jones, and Michael Gonzalez) have been eliminated in the earlier episodes, and two contestants(Sarah Curd and Mila Stojsavljevic) have boarded the cruise in Episode 4 itself. In Episode 4, the cruise docked on the beautiful and historical Rome in Italy.

The five existing couples(Marty and Emily, Daniel and Shea-Lynn, Nathan and Alisa, Jordan and Kendra, Dean and Nicole) have been sharing a strong and deep bond and hence have no changes since the second episode as the fourth episode begins. The episode starts with some discussions between the guys and girls expressing their feelings for each other and the status of their relationship, from which we get an idea that Marty-Emily and Dean-Shea-Lynn have the strongest bonds.

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women contestants(credits:variety)

After this, to put their relationship to the test, the guys and the girls are separated and are asked to put on blindfolds. The girls are then led to each guy and are asked just to feel and smell them and then say which “numbered” guy they have the best chemistry with. However, two new girls( Mila and Sarah) are introduced after the blindfolds are put on so as to twist up the game. Marty emerges victorious in the game as most girls whisper his number when asked about their chemistry with him, making him and Emily win dinner at the Captain’s Table and first pick at the Sail Away Ceremony.

Later in the evening, everyone meets up in the pool, where we see that Dean, Jordan, and Nathan are showing interest in the newcomers. The following day we find Jordan-Mila and Jordan-Sarah going on a date with Dean, and Sarah even shares a kiss. Marty and Emily are still going strong and are strengthening their bond. Later in the day, prior to the Sail Away Ceremony, we find contestants talking to each other and sharing the events of the day and their views on it. Finally, at the Sail Away Ceremony, we find that all couples remain unchanged except Dean and Nicole, as Dean chooses Sarah over her. Hence Mila and Nicole are eliminated in Episode 4 while the sail ships away to another place.

Release Date Of The Real Love Boat Season 1 Episode 5

The Real Love Boat Season 1 Episode 5 will feature a well-known Italian port city. So get your popcorn ready, as it will be premiering on 2nd November 2022 at9 p.m.., ET/PT and might bring a lot more drama and tough decisions for the contestants.

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CBS Poster(

The Real Love Boat Season 1 Episode 5  Streaming Guide

CBS Networking is debuting the first season of The Real Love Boat, which can be watched through a cable account. Also, the episode can be live-streamed on various platforms that, include YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV, and FuboTV. Also, Paramount premium users can access local CBS stations to watch the show.

You can also watch The Love Boat if you like. The Real Love Boat is available on Paramount Plus.


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