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Watch Park Min Young’s ‘I Will Come To You When The Weather Is Nice’ This November 2022

park min young

Why We Love K-Dramas So Much?

We all know that endorphins are painkillers, and Drama might cause you to release them. It may also be pleasurable, which is another sign of drug addiction. This may be why some people feel driven to stir up trouble and invent a scene when none exists. So, this November, ‘I will come to you when the weather is nice can be a great binge-watching K-drama series for you all.

‘I will come to you when the weather is nice is a story that is centered on love, forgiveness, and healing that takes place in and around a small country bookstore.

Hae Won is played by Park Min Young in this Drama. Mok Hae Won (Park Min Young)  is a regular person with good morals. Since she was a young child, she has been playing the cello. With her cello-playing ability, Hae Won started her social life, although other hardships wounded her life during that period. Hae Won has her heart locked on others as a result of her lack of faith in people. Hae Won resolves to return to her homeland of Bookhyun Village after growing weary of her life in Seoul, where she encounters Eun Seob, the owner of the ‘Goodnight Bookstore.’


Mok Hae-won
  • Native Title: When the Weather Is Fine
  • Also Known As Nalsiga Joheumyeon Chajagagesseoyo, If the Weather Is Good, I’ll Find You, I’ll Come by When the Weather’s Good, I’ll Visit You When the Weather Is Nice, I’ll Visit You If the Weather Is Good, I’ll Find You On A Beautiful Weather, I” Go To You When The Weather Is Nice
  • Director: Han Ji Seung
  • Screenwriter: Han Ga Ram
  • Genres:  Romance, Life, Melodrama


It has been comforting, adorable, and occasionally even inspirational to follow Hae Won and Eun Seub’s journey of self-discovery and self-healing, particularly in light of the current unsettling and persistent state of affairs in the world. The characters of Drama are motivational, and one can easily enjoy all of the beautiful allusions in how the Drama is written. The backdrops and musical scores work in perfect harmony with the plot and character development. The Drama is able to immerse its audience in a peaceful and homey country lifestyle while still managing to keep some of its original attractions, whether it be through the Drama’s sporadic use of good acoustics, playful tunes, or the alternating warm and cold color schemes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Im Eun Seob

Park Min Young’s foray into the slice-of-life genre after appearing in well-known rom-com like ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ and ‘Her Private Life’ comes as something of a welcome surprise. Hallyu actors who have taken on independent projects and expanded the diversity of the global drama community, Seo Kang Joon’s performance in this position is quite significant.

Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon have an oddly compatible chemistry as a pair. Whether their moments were awkward, cute, sexual, or intense, they were a perfect match from the start. Additionally, they stare a lot and leave a lot to be desired, which would wear thin with weaker actors. Regardless of the scene’s mood, they played off well. The supporting actors, particularly Eun Sub’s sister Im Hwi and her best friend Jang Woo, were really well chosen.

                                                                                                                                          Im Hui (Credits: Insight)

“When the Weather Is Fine” is described as a slow-paced drama, and in this Drama, you will find yourself attracted to the winter and springtime activities in this small town, as well as all of its eccentric residents. A captivating love story will also be presented to you.

In addition, Kang Joon plays Eun Sub as secretive with such ease while simultaneously displaying an awkward vulnerability in a way that soon won the audience over and made them eager to see him on screen, even if he was just preparing coffee. A wonderful love story between two loners coping with their own tangled pasts. Warmth in this Drama refers to how they are able to emotionally warm one other, and the warmth between them is apparent. Warmth in this Drama is not simply about the weather. It also occasionally gets HOT!


K-Drama ‘I will come to you when the weather is nice’ (Credits: Soompi)

The remainder of the ensemble is genuinely outstanding and contributes significantly to the town’s authenticity. The pace is fantastic because it gives the supporting cast time to develop into complex, well-rounded characters as well. What’s even more captivating in the Drama is Mok Hae Won’s Mom and Aunt in matching sunglasses, Eun Sub’s parents and her hilariously rude younger sister, the book editor, the frenemy, the book club, and goofy but dependable Lee Jang Woo. Eventually, make you feel like you know the entire town well, and that, combined with the stunning landscape shots, gives the film the feeling of a much-needed break from the coronavirus quarantine.

The scripting is beautifully done, with excellent attention to detail when it comes to relationships and even a little suspense. Even though it gives us more insight into Eun Sub’s thoughts, particularly those regarding “Irene,” the Good Night Club confessional blog occasionally felt cute.


Official Sound Tracks:

‘I will come to you when the weather is nice has 7 OSTs in total, which express feelings and create an atmosphere for specific scenes. Listen to the OSTs here.

OSTs of ‘I will come to you when the weather is nice’ (Credits: MYDAY-Youtube)


Others Feedbacks: 

“Ok, I just finished this Drama, and WOW! If I should describe it in simple words would be: poetic, cozy, and warm. This Drama really takes its time to construct the story, the characters, the ambiance, etc. But in a very, very poetic and charming way. There aren’t a lot of heavy and dramatic things happening at the same time, and I really appreciated that. It just felt like a warm hug to the heart. I really, really enjoyed it. If you are thinking of watching it, please do! Enjoy every episode with a cup of coffee or tea, and let the stories talk to your heart.”


“This is such a good, warming drama to watch in winter. My commendation on actor Seo Kang Joon’s heartfelt performance and the director who could bring the novel to life. This Drama probably shows actress Park Min Young’s best performance so far. Both lead actors are deep in their roles and show strong chemistry (again, kudo to the director). When I first saw Viki’s poster for this Drama, I wasn’t at first interested, but after watching just the first episode, I was hooked. I will be watching all of Seo Kang Joon’s Drama from now.”


Final Thoughts

So, should you watch this Drama, then? Absolutely. The slow start will probably be more enjoyable the second time through now that you’ll know the characters and understand what’s happening, and you won’t be lost by scenes that didn’t make important when taken out of context. The overall pace of the ambiance and mood it contributed to is very admirable. YeongWol County, in South Korea’s Gangwon Province in the country’s northeast, serves as the location for the Drama’s filming.

Everybody has an easy life with straightforward issues. Nevertheless, this program beautifully displayed such minor feelings. Fear of public speaking, book reading, expectations, forgiveness, love, family, past, regrets, memories, and crushes. These are our lives, and this program demonstrates just how lovely they can be.

This Drama might be ideal for watching while cooped up at home. This novel is driven by relationships and character development, so don’t anticipate a tone of action, a major villain, or even melodrama. The Drama is centered on forgiving issues, emotional warmth, and tenderness as a means of healing, or simply the freedom to express oneself in the multigenerational book club. This was a fantastic love tale, but it also examined the various manifestations of love, even when it might not seem to be there. The Drama should not be fully described as slow-paced as it is a mix of various emotions like laughter, sadness, butterflies, and occasionally coldness.


K-Drama ‘I will come to you when the weather is nice’ (Credits: Soompi)


Seo KangJoon: Im Eun-seob

Park Min-Young: Mok Hae-won

Lee Jaye-Wook: Lee Jang-wook

Kim Young-Dae: Oh Young-woo

Yang Hae-Jee: Ji Eun-shil

Im Se-Mi: Kim Bo-young

Kim Hwan-Hi: Im Hwi

Moon Jeong-Hi: Shim Myeong-yeo





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