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K-Pop Idols Who Look Like Disney Princesses: Momo, Lisa, Hwasa And More!

K-pop has become a global phenomenon because of its addractive (atrractive+addictive =  exclusively from Yeji’s dictionary) melodies, innovative music videos, slick choreography, beautiful production, and their unreal and talented K-pop idols who spend years training themselves just to be what they are now!

These aspiring K-pop artists undergo years of training, and there’s no doubt that K-pop is the hub of extreme talent. Modern K-pop culture began in the 1990s and became a sensation among teenagers and fandoms all across the globe. The member of a K-pop group that best embodies Korean beauty standards is given the visual role.

The idols do often have a pale complexion, huge eyes with double eyelids, and a small chin, among other characteristics which make them look so young and different. Since the beginning of K-pop, the visual has played a significant part in many K-pop bands and performances, and because of the visual game, these K-Pop idols are winning the hearts of their fans globally.

Underrated Visuals of K-Pop (Credits: KpopStarz)

The outdated Korean beauty standards have caused thousands of women throughout the world to undergo several costly plastic procedures in an effort to alter themselves. In South Korea, it is highly common to undergo plastic and cosmetic surgery in order to support these norms, which essentially objectify a human body with no discernible uniqueness.

However, generation Z is challenging these norms and ushering in a time of inclusive beauty standards. These K-pop idols don’t follow these outmoded beauty standards, and as a result, their distinctive characteristics and massive fan bases make them appear even more lovely.

V-line face, Porcelain white skin, Spotless skin, Thigh gap, Doubled eyelid, Heart-shaped lips, High straight nose bridge, and Aligned teeth, all these factors makes the idol look like a real-life Disney Character. If a Korean idol is good enough and skilled enough at winning hearts, they will magically transform into Disney characters! What Disney figure, whether the protagonist or antagonist, might you aspire to be?

K-Pop stands out from the people around them, their dainty and exquisite facial features, their long smooth hair, and the gaze they send. Because of the wonderful aesthetics of K-Pop celebrities, fans frequently make comparisons between them and various objects, such as anime characters and fairytale princes and princesses.

Even some of the Korean artists and K-pop idols are so unrealistic that they resemble living princes/ princesses or dolls. Here are several female idols who have drawn attention for having Disney-like character appearances without further ado.

Visuals of Rose, Tzuyu, and Irene (Credits: KpopStarz)

What does your favorite Disney prince or princess look like in real life? They must be looking at either Blackpink’s Rose as Mermaid with red hair or maybe Twice’s Momo as Snow-white with an innocent cute face and short hair. But there are also some K-idols who give straight Disney prince and princess vibes. It’s difficult to believe some of the K-Pop idols are real because they are so stunning.

We’ve spent some time discussing how attractive Itzy’s Chaeryeong is and how much we wish we were Blackpink’s Lisa when it dawned on us that these idols are probably merely Disney royalty in disguise. Keep reading if you want to discover the startling parallels between some of the angelic K-Pop idols and your favorite Disney princesses.


Twice’s Momo As Snow White

There’s no doubt that Momo’s short and white body makes her look like Snow White. Momo’s cute and innocent visuals are doll-like. Momo is a lovely woman, and she meets the “Korean beauty standards” perfectly and would also be quite popular with Western audiences.

Since her debut, she has become one of the most well-known non-Korean K-pop performers, and the Chosun Ilbo attributes her appeal to the improvement of ties between South Korea and Japan. She earned the moniker “Dance Machine” for her body language and physical prowess and is regarded as Twice’s greatest dancer.

Twice’s Momo (Credits: Quora)

Twice’s Dahyun as Elsa

South Korean singer and rapper Kim Da-Hyun, best known by her first name Dahyun is from that country. She performs as the group’s main rapper and vocalist. Dahyun doe eyes and round lips can only be compared to a doll or a princess! Dahyun has a slim face and a lean body. Her complexion is as white as tofu, earning her the nickname “Dubu” from her admirers.

The idol also has an upper lip that is heart-shaped. She has a pear-shaped physique and is under 165 cm tall. The nose of the idol is also broader. And as you can see in the picture below, she gives off a Frozen vibe.

Twice’s Dahyun (Credits: Quora)

Twice’s Tzuyu as Belle

At 22, Taiwanese singer Chou Tzu-yu is the youngest member of the South Korean girl group “Twice.” With her thick and thin pink lips, Tzuyu is one of the most gorgeous female idols in K-pop history and is defying these outdated beauty norms. Even her long, thick hair is doll-like, adding to Tzuyu’s adorable sights that are ostensibly faultless.

Its main single, “Like Ooh-Ahh,” became the first K-pop song to launch with 100 million YouTube views. She has garnered notice for her attractiveness since her debut and has worked as a presenter on numerous music television shows. Undoubtedly, she resembles princess Belle from ‘Beauty And The Beast.

Twice’s Tzuyu (Credits: Quora)

Blackpink’s Lisa Aurora

The exquisite maknae Lisa from BLACKPINK only gets more beautiful each time. Her full bangs bring out her classic beauty even more, and since BLACKPINK’s debut, Lisa has sported big bangs, making her a fashion and beauty icon. She has big eyes and double eyelids. Her nose shape and size are pretty ideal.

She’s also really pale. She looks like a living Barbie doll and can be compared to princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. However, Lisa from Blackpink has the most Instagram following, not just inside the group but also within the K-Pop sector as a whole. She recently hit a new mark, increasing her following to 80 million.

Blackpink’s Lisa (Credits: Quora)

Mamamoo’s Hwasa: Pocahontas

Hwasa is a hot issue not in the K-Pop industry but everywhere. Thanks to her large eyes and tall nose, which are frequently praised by online users. Ahn Hye-jin, also known by her stage name Hwasa, is a South Korean girl group called “Mamamoo.” With her normal Asian tan, she defies the image of skin that is china white resembles princess Pocahontas.

During one of her concerts, Hwasa declared, “If I don’t meet today’s beauty standards, I’ll become a new and different standard.” Mamamoo’s Hwasa, a K-pop diva, and her underappreciated Indian fan following, from flawless Bindi to mesmerizing dances. The burgeoning South Korean businesses of K-pop and K-drama have brought the Hallyu wave to the doorsteps of all Millennials, Gen Z, and Alphas.

Mamamoos’s Hwasa (Credits: Quora)

Blackpink’s Rose: Mermaid

BLACKPINK’s Rose was recently selected by a nine-year style consultant as the idol with the greatest body for fashion. BLACKPINK’s Rose has the best fit for clothing, according to the stylist. BLACKPINK’s Rose is noted for her visuals and exudes a timeless, faultless beauty. BLACKPINK Rose’s skin is immaculate. She must take care of her skin and body to keep up her reputation as a K-Pop idol.

Without a doubt, Rose’s glass-like skin is the first thing we notice about her. Her radiant skin has BLINKS smitten. Rose keeps experimenting with her hair often, and this pinkish-red hair color makes her look exactly like Mermaid!

Blackpink Rose (Credits: Quora)

Itzy’s Chaeryeong: Anna

Lee Chae-Ryeong, better known by his stage name Chaeryeong, was born in South Korea. She is a part of the Itzy girl group from South Korea. Despite being incredibly attractive, Chaeryeong from ITZY isn’t always the most self-assured. Her supporters, however, made sure to express their true sentiments to her.

Chaeryeong is well known for having wonderful looks that are innocent and lovely. In the vlog videos of Itzy, Chaeryeong seems to have the same traits as Anna from Frozen. Not only she matches Anna with the qualities like extremely sweet, selfless, and loving character, but she also gives off the same look vibes!

Itzy’s Chaeryeong (Credits: Quora)

Apparently, there’s no doubt that all the female K-Pop idols are extremely visual goddesses. Here are the top 6 Female K-Pop Idols who look like Disney princesses. Female idols frequently possess ethereal beauty that makes them appear to have stepped out of a fairy tale. You might almost believe it’s magic how closely these six female idols resemble various Disney princesses.

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