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That Girl Is Cute… But Dangerous? Chapter 34: Everything We Know So Far

That Girl is Cute… But dangerous?’ previous chapter Chihara-san unexpectedly pays our man Kuroki a visit on a rainy day. As she walks into his home, Kuroki’s mind is racing with a million thoughts. She shows up at Kuroki’s house while his parents are gone and surprises him. While his younger sister also feels this way, she has different theories about Chihara.

That Girl is Cute… But Dangerous? Plot and Characters

That Girl is Cute ...But Dangerous

That Girl is Cute … But Dangerous?

That Girl Is Adorable But Dangerous? or 地雷なんですか? 地原さん is an ongoing manga written by Ryon. It belongs to the comedy, romance, and school life subgenres. The manga revolves around the generic storyline of a school rom-com with an overthinking main character Kuroki and a very attractive but misunderstood female lead, Mai Chihara.

The manga’s debut chapter was released in July 2021, and the most recent chapter was published two days ago. Readers are already praising the manga for the author’s humor and cute moments, even though just thirty chapters have been released. Because you can never have enough romantic comedies, manga has become rather famous.

Readers are compelled to draw comparisons between Mai Chihara and characters like Komi-san from Komi-san can’t communicate. She undoubtedly generates the same energy when you think about it. She exudes a sense of mystery, is gorgeous, and is pretty much the talk of the entire school. The major difference between our Chihara-san and Komi-san, though, is that ours speaks although a little.

Due to her appearance, some people have even compared her to Makima from Chainsaw Man. At first glance, they do both appear menacing! But don’t worry; Chihara-san is from a rom-com manga, so her character doesn’t have any aggressive tendencies. The first encounter between Kuroki and Chihara occurs in class when she is seated next to him; here is where the manga begins.

Kuroki’s mathematics book is exchanged for her history book, which she had forgotten to bring. She later offers him chocolate as a gift. She is perceived by everyone at the school as a Jirai Girl (a dangerous girl), in part due to her mysterious nature and appealing appearance and in part due to the few or infrequent talks she has with other students. The interaction with Kuroki changes his perspective and builds the bond between the two characters.

That Girl is Cute… But Dangerous? Chapter 33: Detailed Summary

That Girl is Cute ..But Dangerous

That Girl is Cute… But Dangerous? Chapter 33

On the third day of summer vacation, Kuroki gets an unexpected visit from Chihara-san. Kuroki was shocked to see her in front of his house, completely drenched in the rain, given the fact that it was pouring heavily outside. When he asks as to her whereabouts, she responds that Kuroki had told her to see him whenever she felt like it.

Kuroki’s younger sister is afraid to see her when she comes into the house after her brother because she believes she is a ghost who follows her brother inside. Later, we witness her trying to chase the ghost away with salt in her hand. Cute. Even though Kuroki’s mind and heart are racing, he asks her gently if she’d like to change because her clothes are completely soaked.

She nods approvingly and appears to be wearing some of his clothes. She then enquires later about whether or not he has a swimsuit by asking him about his summer plans. Kuroki was thrilled inside, even though he hadn’t anticipated anything like that. We are all left wondering what will happen next as the chapter concludes.

It is safe to assume that they will, at the very least, be visiting a beach or swimming pool. I’m hoping it’s a beach because then we can see some sweet and romantic moments between them. I’m speculating—or perhaps hoping—that they might become stranded together somewhere while traveling because it would create a lot of additional romantic possibilities. What are your predictions for the upcoming chapter? Do let us know.

That Girl is Cute… But Dangerous? Chapter 34: Release Date

That Girl is Cute ..But Dangerous

That Girl is Cute… But Dangerous?

The author has been regularly releasing chapters of That Girl is Cute… But Dangerous? twice in a month. So, we can hope to catch the next chapter in November itself, probably in the second or third week of the month. If you haven’t checked out the previous chapters, you should go and check them out on all the official websites to enjoy this cute manga.

Where to Read That Girl is Cute… But Dangerous? Chapter 34

That Girl is Cute… But Dangerous? Chapter 34 will be available to read on all major official manga websites.

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