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Goddess Café Terrace Chapter 81: Release Date, Recap & Where To Read

In the upcoming edition of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, Chapter 81 of Goddess Café Terrace is expected to be published. This new chapter may contain the passionate kiss that we have all been desperately hoping to see. The amount of viewers for the miniseries has increased, and the supporters are very enthusiastic about the biweekly publication of the new beginning of the series now that the anime’s publication in the forthcoming year has been announced.

The same-named set, authored and illustrated by Koji Seo, has been published in the weekend shonen jump magazine of Kondanasha till February 2021. In the month of September, the installments were collected into a collection of seven volumes of the sequence. The excellent thing for the aficionados includes the animated movie for the series is also in development, and they are eagerly awaiting its release.

The anime is still in primary control with more than 80 chapters and a standard romance-harem, humor style as its plot. The narrative centers on an abandoned child who, after returning to live with his grandmother, chooses to close down her cafe. Hayata chooses to continue the café operating after discovering that it is run by five part-time female employees who get along and live as a family.

Goddess Cafe Terrace Chapter (Credits: OtakuKart)

Fans are very eager to watch Riho kiss Hayata because it will be her initial time, unlike Akane’s kiss, which will be, however, unlike bizarre family customs the girls have established in the most recent episode. Fans are actively searching for Goddess Café Terrace Chapter 81 because of this and have become quite eager for the publication of the next chapter.

As a result, we get this post to give you all the details you would need about the next Goddess Café Terrace chapters. I’ll tell you when Chapter 81 of Goddess Café Terrace will be released, as well as discuss how you can read the novel legally. So let’s get started further.

Goddess Café Terrace Chapter 80 – Recap:

The girls are making a scene over Hayata and Shiragiku’s kiss as the chapter opens. They come to the conclusion that everyone must kiss him in order for it to be fair because they are family, and nobody should be left out. Akane relieves the pressure by planting a kiss while she is still considering whether this is a strange family ritual.

The other girls are envious of her and persuade Riho to have her kiss Hayata after he gives Akane a passionate kiss. The day ends with them resting at a park bench after a long day of trying out various locations for Riho also to have her dream first kiss while Hayata is oblivious to it.

The Goddess Cafe Of Terrace.

After some prodding and complaining from Riho, Hayata finally gives in to her demands to kiss her as Macho as possible by securely gripping her. Even though Riho begs him to stop, Hayata presses on because he wants their kiss to resemble a teenage couple’s passionate encounter. Riho slaps Hayata as he moves in closer because she doesn’t want to kiss him the same day as Akane. We find out very late that Akane believes she may have overcooked it for the first time.

Characters of The Goddess Café Terrace :

The protagonist, Hayato Kasukabe, was left in an orphanage when he was a small child after his parents perished in a tragedy. After a disagreement with his grandma, Sachiko Kasukabe, with whom he then lives, he departs for Tokyo. He makes the decision to return home after she passes away, at first intending to close the café but ultimately deciding to keep it running.

Ouka Makuzawa (Ouka Makuzawa, Ka Makuzawa) Akari Kit provided the voiceover for a 19-year-old part-time student at Familia who attends a fashion institute. Her character is tsundere. Her identical sibling is called Kikka.

Ami Tsuruga (also known as Ami Tsuruga) Akari Kit provided the voiceover. She is a high school student and a part-time employee at Familia who is 17 years old. She is talented in karate. She frequently plays practical jokes on her coworkers by dressing up as someone else.

Riho Tsukishima (also known as Riho Tsukishima) Akari Kit provided the voiceover. A uni student and part-time employee at Familia who is 20 years old. She once enjoyed success as a child star and is the grandchild of a well-known Showa-era actress.

Ono Shiragiku (Ono Shiragiku) Akari Kit provided the voiceover. A friend from Hayato’s youth who works part-time at Familia at the age of 20. She was raised by a Michelin-starred chef whose grandma had been Hayato’s teacher.

The name Akane Hououji (Akane Hji) Akari Kit provided the voiceover. A 19-year-old Familia part-time student who plays guitar and sings in a band. Her wealthy relatives, who are opposed to her music profession, are her parents.


Goddess Café Terrace Chapter 81 Release Date:

As of right now, there hasn’t been a break declared for the Goddess Café Terrace in the forthcoming edition of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine; as a result, Goddess Café Terrace Chapter 81 is planned to publish in that edition on November 6, 2022.

The Goddess Cafe Of Terrace. (Credits: YouTube)


Where Can You Read Goddess Café Terrace Chapter 81:

If you are living in Japan, you can read Goddess Café Terrace Chapter 81 by purchasing Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine when it first releases on Sunday. Other than purchasing the digital edition of the series, we are not aware of any legal ways to read the latest chapters of Goddess Café Terrace online.

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