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The Golden Spoon Episode 13: Plot Recap Release Date And Where To Watch

The Golden Spoon Episode 13: Plot, Recap, Release Date, Where To Watch

The Golden Spoon, a new K-drama that spins a riveting tale of class warfare, is driven by money and status – and the desire for both. It follows Lee Seung-Cheon (Yook Sung-Jae), whose school class is separated into ‘Golden Spoons,’ those born rich, and ‘Dirt Spoons,’ those born poor. The former fancy was flexing their riches over their less fortunate classmates, who were unable to fight back for fear of upsetting society’s higher ranks and risking their place at a coveted school.

“The Golden Spoon” is a story about the everyday life and amusements of a man who was born into a poor family and his chance to alter his fate when, thanks to a magical golden spoon, he swaps lives with his rich best friend. This drama is based on HD3’s webtoon “Golden Spoon.”

Yook Sungjae from BTOB plays Lee Seung Chun, a student who hopes to change his life with the titular golden spoon, and Lee Jong Won plays Hwang Tae Yong, the wealthy friend whose life Lee Seung Chun embodies. Jung Chaeyeon portrays Na Joo Hee, an heiress with a generous heart who wishes to lead an ordinary life.

The Golden Spoon: What Is The Plot

The Golden Spoon Episode 13: Plot, Recap, Release Date, Where To Watch

Lee Seun-Cheon is confronted with a life-altering choice when he is given a seemingly magical spoon that allows him to swap lives with his wealthy friend Hwang Tae-Yong. While it may appear to be a no-brainer, when given only three opportunities to change his mind, a sense of hesitation emerges as he makes a decision about which of the two future scenarios is worth saving. Will Seung-Cheon pick his own family or throw away everything for a life of privilege and wealth?

The Golden Spoon Episode 12: Recap

The Golden Spoon episode 12 begins with Jun Tae’s arrest while Seung-Cheon and Ju-hee recommence their friendship, which has withstood President Na’s assassination. Tae-Yong, meanwhile, purchases the golden spoon and is ready to give it a try the following day when he goes to the Hwang family house to make his delivery. Seung Cheon, on the other hand, yet again captivates the shareholders and later is grateful to Hyun-so for his assistance with Jun Tae’s case. Ju-hee is finishing up the special video when Taeyong visits her and goes on to tell her that they’ll only be friends from this point on because he is prepared to return to his life.

Yeo-jin learns that her father went to a priest who advised him that his daughter died more than a decade ago, which is entirely accurate. President Oh, on the other hand, is disseminating the talisman he has obtained, but he soon discovers images of Jeong Nara’s father, which baffles him. Yeo-jin arrives soon after and acts typically before exiting the room with the pictures as he begins to evaluate why those pictures were in her room. Later that evening, Taeyong pays a visit to Seung Cheon and unsettles him by implying that he is fully conscious of what the golden spoon is capable of.

When Seung-Cheon goes to the church he went with Ju-hee to find inner peace, Ju-hee appears out of nowhere in the scene. He decides to take her home, where she admits that the current Seung-Cheon is not the person she was in love with. Hyun Do’s secretary explains how his boss chooses presents based on what the individual wants but appears to lack in order to ensure that he always gets it right. He did the exact same thing to Lee Cheol, who blames his incapability for drawing on his tools upon seeing the drawing set at the Hwang house.

The Golden Spoon Episode 13: Plot, Recap, Release Date, Where To Watch

Before leaving, Seung-Cheon instructs the housekeeper to ensure that no visitors eat from their home, clearly pointing to Tae-Yong. However, the unkempt Young-sin does precisely that, inviting Tae-Yong to dinner. Seung-Cheon, on the other hand, meets Ju-hee to return her cell phone and informs her that the Seung-Cheon she had fallen in love with was a bad person. This enrages Ju-hee, and she returns to her office, but Seung-Cheon continues to follow her after she abandons her belongings once more. He then tells her not to smile when she is in a difficult situation, which surprises her because she recalls Lee Seung-Cheon telling her the same thing.

Back at the Hwang residence, Hyun-do arrives while Tae-Yong is having a meal, and the latter quickly finishes before leaving. Young-sin expresses her displeasure with what is happening, while Hyun-do instantly reminds her of her duties as Jun Tae’s mother. Seung-Cheon soon discovers that Tae-Yong happened to come to his house for a meal and tries ineffectively to contact her. So he immediately goes to the Lees’ house, where he is overcome with nostalgia, particularly when his mother brings him a bowl of his favorite dumpling soup.

Tae-Yong returns before he can even eat, and Seung-Cheon chooses to leave, but not before inviting Tae-Yong to dinner. On the following day, Ju-hee learns that the woman with her bag has been apprehended, and she rushes there to discover that, while the bag is still present, the money has all been taken. She questions the woman, but she constantly repeats that she is the Gangnam district counselor whose housemaid used a golden spoon to take over her life. This astounds Ju-hee, who recalls Tae-words Yong’s to Seung-Cheon and inquires further about the golden spoon.

The Golden Spoon Episode 13: Plot, Recap, Release Date, Where To Watch

A still from The Golden Spoon Episode 12

Seung-Cheon and Tae-Yong sit down to eat, and the former continues to push the latter to eat while reminding him of the consequences of the swap. However, he is pleased on the inside because he recalls exchanging Tae-spoon Yong’s for a fake. Tae-Yong stops eating here for the third time and does not go for the swap, which surprises Seung-Cheon. He attempts to stop Tae-Yong, but he pushes him and goes on to tell him that he would not trade his parents for anything else in the world, which surprises Seung-Cheon.

Yeo-jin comes to discover Seung Cheon’s condition and finds himself sympathizing with him. Things quickly become heated between the

m as they kiss and move to a hotel room, but Seung Cheon quickly realizes what he is doing and decides to stop before fleeing. He soon arrives at Ju-hee’s house, where she is on her way back, thinking about the Golden Spoon story.
She is surprised to see him but starts asking if he is Lee Seung-Cheon which he refuses to acknowledge before departing. The next day, President Oh receives shocking news, while Jun-tae warns his friends about the impending disaster.

The Golden Spoon episode 12 comes to a conclusion with it finally being Seung Cheon’s and Tae Yong’s birthday when the former sees the latter at his house and is surprised by the rule that allows them to exchange on their birthdays. When Hyun-do arrives, he tries to push Tae-Yong out of the house and normally acts because the swap hasn’t occurred. This surprises Seung-Cheon, who believes that the rule may not be true until his parents arrive and identify him as Lee Seung-Cheon.

Another secret has been revealed, and I can’t say it wasn’t shocking. The fact that Hyung-do is not Taeyong’s biological father is a huge shock in this show because we have seen the nurturing fatherly protection he has provided for his son, which only adds to the surprise. I hope they soon reveal the truth about Tae-Yong and Jun Tae’s births because these are too crucial to overlook. Additionally, I must mention Na Ju-hee, the powerful and strong female lead. While I understand why she has been friend-zoning guys, this is one power that we cannot neglect. Seung-Cheon’s safety is compromised, and Jun Tae appears to be in danger. In the upcoming episode, Seung-Cheon may have to return to Hwang Tae-Yong.

The Golden Spoon Episode 13: Release Date

The Golden Spoon Episode 13 will be released on November 4, 2022. This episode will air on Friday at 9:50 p.m. KST.

Pacific Time (PST)  0550 hours on November 4, 2022 
Indian Standard Time (IST)  1820 hours on November 4, 2022 


Japanese Standard Time (JST)  2150 hours on November 4, 2022 


Central Time (CST)  0750 hours on November 4, 2022 


European Time (CEDT)  1350 hours on November 4, 2022 


Philippine Time (PST)  2050 hours on November 4, 2022 


Australian Eastern Summer Time (AEST)  2250 hours on November 4, 2022 



The Golden Spoon Episode 13: Where To Watch

The Golden Spoon Episode 13: Plot, Recap, Release Date, Where To Watch

The Golden Spoon Episode 13 Preview

Koreans can stream the K-Drama tv show The Golden Spoon season 1 on MBC on the mentioned time and date. Viewers outside of South Korea can watch this series on Disney+. Before subscribing to a streaming service, we always suggest checking to see whether it is accessible in your region.

Lastly, while it’s interesting to see how the show has highlighted the commonalities between Seung-Cheon and Tae-Yong, the way it demonstrated their differences today was truly incredible. They were both given the same option, but they chose a different answer, which is also very exciting.

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