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Why Did Midge Leave That ’70s Show?

Tanya Roberts - That 70's Show
Tanya Roberts - That 70's Show

The teenage high school drama series featuring six teenage friends discovering life, That 70s show, was first aired in 1998. Back then, the series was a tremendous hit, thanks to its entertaining and fascinating plot. That ’70s Show ended on May 18, 2006, with the final episode, after successfully completing eight seasons. At the time, the program had been aired for eight years in a row.

As the main cast of the show were teenage students, the supporting cast also included their moms and dads. One of the friends in the group, Donna, had a mother, Midge and her father, Bob. As their role in the series was really important, Donna’s mother, Midge, left the show only after three seasons and again made her appearance in the 6th and 7th seasons as a guest cast.

Her disappearance from the show shocked her fans, and the viewers are still wondering why did she have to leave that 70s show all of a sudden?

Tanya Roberts As Midge Pinciotti

Late Tanya Roberts, who died at the age of 71, was an American actress known for some of the best shows she starred in. She was very beautiful back in 1975 when she made her television debut in her first film, The Last Victim. Following her first famous film, she did many TV series, reality shows, and movies and finally made her appearance in the TV series, That 70’s show as Donna’s Mom.

When she was constantly working in several movies and showed one after the other, she also fell in love with her late husband, Barry Roberts. Barry was a filmmaker, and she was an actress; their perfect pair was an ideal relationship for her fans. However, unfortunately, Barry Roberts died. After his death, she started dating Lance O’Brien.

Tanya Roberts as Midge Pinciotti

Tanya Roberts as Midge Pinciotti

She starred in more than 20 films and television shows starting in 1975. She got retired from her acting career, making her last appearance in That 70’s show season 7. In 2021, unfortunately, she left the world at the age of 71, leaving her evergreen moments in the hearts of her fans.

Tanya Roberts was among the main actors in That 70’s show for the first three seasons as Midge Pinciotti. Midge Pinciotti was Donna’s mother and Bob’s wife. The beautiful woman, whom Eric and his friends fantasize about, had a charming appearance in the show. Even as Donna’s mother, Midge completed all her motherly duties. Having a lovely husband, Bob, Midge and him have always lived a happy romantic life until their divorce.

It appears that Midge and Bob end their relationship and get divorced in season three of That 70’s Show. She moves to California after divorcing him and never comes back. Later, after being Donna’s sole parent, Bob develops affection for Joanne. Midge reappears in multiple episodes of seasons six and seven. Fans were skeptical of her quitting the show on purpose because they weren’t expecting their divorce to happen so quickly, even though her leaving didn’t seem to be her removal from the program.

The unexpected and ostensibly tragic story was learned as the curious fans began learning about her departure from the program.

Why Tanya Roberts Left That ’70s Show?

Beginning in 1998, Tanya Roberts appeared on That 70’s program for three consecutive seasons. Midge Pinciotti, played by Tanya Robert, reportedly moved to California in 2001 in order to advance her profession and leave her husband, Bob. Although her final performance as the show’s primary cast may have seemed ideal, it wasn’t ideal for her personal life.

Tanya Roberts and her husband Barry Roberts

Tanya Roberts and her husband, Barry Roberts

As it was later found out that Tanya’s husband, Barry Roberts, was diagnosed with cancer. As he became terminally ill, to take care of him, she had to leave the show. Sadly, he died in 2005 at the age of 60. As Tanya was very well aware of her responsibilities towards her husband, she did her best to be with him till his last breath.

After his death, she made her last appearance in That 70’s show and later retired from her acting career. Tanya Roberts, from the beginning, made charming appearances in different kinds of shows and movies. With her elite acting, she won the hearts of her fans.

As Tanya died at the age of 71, her pretty face and superior acting will always remain with all of us.

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