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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6: Preview, Release Date & Where To Watch

Chicago Med Season 7

The most recent season of “Chicago Med” maintains the high standards of the “One Chicago” franchise by skillfully balancing the demanding work environment and diverse personal difficulties of the doctors and nurses at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. The sixth episode of the seventh season of “Chicago Med” is titled “When You’re A Hammer Everything’s A Nail,” It features one of the new cast members who recently joined the program.

chicago med season 7 episode 6

Synopsis of Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 5

The fifth episode of Chicago Med season seven did a great job of illustrating the myriad negative ways that it affects children (and former children!) when they do not feel seen by the important adults in their lives. Although we might have finished without Archer’s stupidity for a change, it was perhaps the most heartbreaking episode.

While Crockett traverses hospital protocols, Dylan and Charles reunite to assist just another patient who has been mistreated. Will (Nick Gehlfuss) and Stevie also engage jointly to save their elderly patient. However, it seems like things may not go smoothly for the ex-med school rivals.

Glass Child Syndrome and ADHD misdiagnoses are two conditions that Dylan and Charles tackle. When taking care of the daughter of a transplant physician, Crockett must negotiate professional politics. In order to save an elderly patient, Will and Stevie must put their differences aside.

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6: Release Date

Chicago Med’s seventh season debuted on September 22, 2021. The sixth episode of the show will air on October 27 at 9 p.m. on the NBC Channel in the United States. Right now, you can access “Chicago Med” at Peacock Premium, DIRECTV, fuboTV, and NBC, and you can enjoy it for free with advertising on Peacock or Peacock Premium. Chicago Med can also be downloaded via Google Play Movies, Vudu, Apple iTunes, and the Microsoft Store.

Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6 preview

When Terri got sick, the argument between Stevie and her mother reached a boiling point in Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 6. However, were some of their issues brought on by Stevie’s intransigence?

chicago med season 7 episode 6

Steve’s attempts for her mother

In an effort to force her treatment strategy on her mother, Stevie sought to create chaos all through the hour. She put Vanessa in control of the situation so Stevie would be in command, fought with Terri all the time, and even attempted to put a tracking system into Terri’s antibiotics so she could monitor if her mom was taking the medication.

When all other efforts failed, she had Terri’s van towed, leaving Terri with no other option except to stay with her. Speaking of enabling, Stevie may have thought she was doing her mother’s best. Dr. Charles didn’t use the word when telling Stevie to distance herself from her mother. However, he observed that Stevie had been raising her mother all her life and that taking a break would benefit them. It’s a shame Stevie ignored that counsel.

She appeared to believe that saying her mother could choose whether or not to take the antibiotics was being uninvolved. Nevertheless, she didn’t do that until after manipulating events to prevent Terri from continuing to live in her van. Terri reacted angrily when Stevie attempted to insert a tracker into her medication, as she should have.

Stevie wanted to do something behind her back even though she hadn’t asked for it. What will Terri’s reaction be if she learns that Stevie had her van towed? And it will take place. Secrets have seldom been kept a secret forever in series like Chicago Med. Instead, they appear when least expected. In addition to Stevie wearing herself out trying to care for her mother, her machinations will backfire on her. But at least Vanessa seems to benefit from it.

Vanessa’s addiction

After seeing the complete demise of Stevie and Terri’s relationship, Vanessa finally seems to embrace Maggie’s attempts to counsel her. She even agreed that she needed more sleep and didn’t mind Maggie watching care for her any longer.

However, Vanessa is still taking drugs to stay awake, so it might already be too late. Even if she decides to stop, breaking that habit might not be so simple. She will also get into trouble if she misuses her prescription privileges or steals stimulants from the hospital.

Will Vanessa soon have to deal with addiction or legal issues? Considering Med’s tendency for excessive drama, that looks pretty likely. In addition, it would be disappointing if Vanessa began taking medications only to cease two weeks later with no harmful effects. Since Sharon is involved in this covert effort, any dubious activity involving the drugs may go unnoticed.

Cooper’s beliefs

Will is beginning to realize that there is more to the story than he first thought. When Cooper’s assistance helped a patient survive, he questioned himself. No one, however, considers the possibility that Cooper might be a superb physician who saves lives and a man who prioritizes filling his own pockets above determining whether the Vas-Com equipment is appropriate for each patient he recommends it to.

Furthermore, it is still being determined whether Eleanor’s passing had anything to do with the Vas-Com. Cooper did not believe that using the Vas-Com was contraindicated, even though Will had pulled out of the first one due to her problems. He might have had a point. Only an investigation will shed light on the circumstances behind Eleanor’s untimely demise. But like Will, I hope Cooper ends up being one of the good people.

More than a bit hypocritical were Archer’s assurances that Marcel solely had his transplant patient’s best interests in mind. Did Archer imagine things, or what? He dislikes Marcel and is constantly looking for an excuse to belittle him, and it would have been something else if the transplant hadn’t occurred.

Crockett’s problem

Crockett, too, had a moral problem. He had a John Doe present who would have been a match for a transplant donor who was one of Dr. Blake’s patients. Blake desperately wanted that man’s liver, but she was powerless to stop him because he was a John Doe. A relative’s signature was required to transfer a donation. Crockett made considerable efforts to get in touch with John Doe’s relatives.

Even so, he recognized him. Crockett remained with the man till he passed away, although the family approved the donation of the man’s organs and the fact that he wasn’t a match for Blake’s patient. And he saw to it that the organs were placed correctly. Episode 6 will include all of Med’s other professionals keeping busy with a range of fresh cases of the week, despite the fact that the Stevie-related plotline is probably the episode’s main plot.


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