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Resident Evil 8 Village: Shadows of Rose Ending Explained

Resident Evil 8 Village Shadows of Rose Ending Explained

Just before we proceed, I want to warn you that spoilers are ahead. Rose, who was getting irritated from her mold power, wanted to get rid of it. And to do that, a member of Hound Wolf Squad told her about the purifying crystal, which can help in getting rid of her power. But to obtain that, she needs to get inside the Megamycete, which is a memory world.

When she enters the world, throughout the journey, she is guided by a mysterious figure named Michael. After completing, dangerous puzzles and obstacles, she finally found the purifying crystal. Fortunately, she can transfer her power into the crystal.

resident evil shadows of rose

As the transfer is completed, Miranda appears. She revealed to Rose that it was she who lured Rose to come into the memory world. Because she wanted to use Rose as a vessel for her daughter Eva. Rose, who was desperate to get rid of her powers, didn’t anticipate Miranda’s trap.

And soon Michael also revealed himself. He was Rose’s father, Ethan Winter consciousness, who guided her throughout her journey. He told Rose to escape from this nightmare and fought Miranda himself to give Rose some time to escape. After finally being able to meet her dad, she couldn’t lose this chance.

So she chose to break the purifying crystal and was able to get back her powers. With the help of her returned powers and Ethan, she was able to defeat Miranda. Just before she leaves Megamycete, the father and daughter have their last conversation. And as she rested her face on his hand, she returned to the real world.

resident evil shadows of rose with ethan

As she returned to the real world, she was still emotional about her father, but surprisingly she still had her father’s ring. With the game coming to an end, we saw Rose visiting her father’s grave once more.

When was Resident Evil 8 Village: Shadows of Rose released?

The game was released on 28 October 2022, with an additional option to play as a third person. The gameplay would be around 3 hours, during which you will enjoy the different phases of the game, which include puzzles and challenges.

You would be able to enjoy the game through PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and also on Microsoft Windows. The game is developed by Capcom.

What is Resident Evil 8 Village all about?

The story takes place in the year 2037. Ethan Winter saves his daughter, Rosemary, and sacrifices himself. After 16 years of being raised under the US government. But unlike other kids, she had powers. Quite often, other kids used to bully her, calling her a “freak.” After living a traumatized life, she wanted to get rid of her power. And to achieve that goal, she will be going inside the realm of memories.

In the gameplay, alongside Rosemary Winters, we’ll be introduced to Canine/ K, Mother Miranda, the Masked Duke, Eveline, and Michael. In the Gold Edition, we can access three more characters and a new story about Rose, which will take play after 16 years. If you want to enjoy only the walkthrough part, then I recommend you watch it on YouTube.

Is there any hint about Resident Evil 9?

At the end of the game, we saw Rose leaving in a car. And Ethan’s shadow was watching over her. But? I know he was inside Megamycete, and he was also heavily injured when fighting against Miranda. And also, he was still conscious with no physical presence.

Now we can theorize that when Rose broke the purifying crystal, the power that returned unintentionally also freed Ethan, letting him find a way to the real world. I know this may sound stupid, but as for his presence, this seems the most accurate.

But whatever the story it leads to, we know for sure that in Resident Evil 9, we will see more of Rose, and also, we could see more involvement of Chris. With Rose having her power back, we might see the reintroduction of Megamycete, which will use her mold powers.

And for the release date, unfortunately, there are no official announcements related to Resident Evil 9 production. But with 6.4 million copies sold of Resident Evil 8, it is very likely to witness another part.

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