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28 Days Haunted Ending Explained: Main Plot Last Episode Summary And Renewal

28 days haunted
28 days haunted poster

The public’s fondness for ghostly films, television shows, and other similar material is overwhelmingly strong. Everyone enjoys a good old-fashioned ghost story, and when you add the words “based on a real story,” the excitement and enjoyment only increase. The 28 Days Haunted, a ghost-hunting reality show on Netflix, likely attempted to do the same thing this Halloween. 

We had never seen anything like the show before. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing ghostly or otherworldly characters and events in several films and television shows. However, even if they bear the designation “based on a true tale,” they are primarily fictional and don’t show actual interactions. The material we get is professionally made and acted in. We’ll be seeing actual real-life experiences because this show attempted to combine the exciting concept of ghost hunting with the reality show genre.

The 21st of October 2022 saw the Netflix debut of 28 Days Haunted. The six-episode show’s major goal or narrative was to broadcast actual incidents that three groups of people saw in three separate haunted sites over 28 days. These groups were made up of psychics and paranormal researchers who sought to validate the “28-day cycle” theory put out by notable paranormal researchers Ed and Lorrain Warren. 

The Warrens claim that to comprehend the situation and establish contact with the otherworldly entities, paranormal investigators should stay at the haunted location for 28 days. The duo is known for several dubious exorcisms and paranormal investigations, many of which have been turned into well-known films. The Conjuring Movie Series, Annabelle Movie Series, Amityville, and many other films were based on their investigations.

28 Days Haunted Plot

It is a truly creative and intriguing idea to combine ghost hunting with the genre of reality TV shows. However, 28 Days Haunted, the result of this idea, was more of a hit-and-miss situation. The majority of viewers disapproved of the show for a variety of reasonable reasons, which resulted in extremely negative ratings on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. Although ratings don’t define a show, producers should never ignore the importance of viewer satisfaction.

Three groups of paranormal investigators and psychics are dispatched to three distinct allegedly haunted locations. These locations have a history of unexplained and unsettling events. The Lumber Baron Inn and Gardens in Denver, Colorado, Madison Dry Goods in North Carolina, and Captain Grant’s Inn in Connecticut were the locations chosen.

The show’s episodes feature actual footage of their actions, their contacts with the supernatural through monitoring and green vision cameras, and their subjective reactions to such circumstances. They arrange different rituals and provide us with information about ghost hunting during their 28-day stays in their locales. They travel with a variety of paranormal investigation tools as well as sacred objects for preaching and other related tasks.

28 Days Haunted Ending Explained (Spoilers)

The last episode of the series ended with a dramatic ending. As the episode starts, the groups have already stayed in their respective places for over 20 days. During this time, they witnessed several paranormal activities, and many were giving up on the venture.

At The Captain Grant’s House

28 Days Haunted

28 Days Haunted

on day 27, Psychic Sean stated that a portal had been opened in their locations. Many spirits were trapped there, and they should close the portals to get rid of the evil spirits. He assumes the mirrors of the house are working as portals. At night, they sprinkle holy water on all the mirrors of the house.

They hear noises in the house when Sean says his prayers, a chair falls off the stairs, and then they hear a voice in the spirit box saying, “I’m home.” Later, he visits the grave of Adelaide, the trapped spirit, and makes a speech. Thus, ending the chapter on his investigation in that location. The noises and things moving on their own were considered to be the final battle of the spirit.

At Lumber Baron Inn

28 Days Haunted

28 Days Haunted

The team assigned there is gathered in the basement. They are searching for clues in the house when they all hear a scream except Psychic Amy. The team then finds an old piece of newspaper that suggests another murder case associated with the one that had occurred in that location in the past. The people there are certain that the spirits of the girls trapped in that house wanted to let the investigators know that their killer had killed more people. This ends the investigation there, too, with the team gathering on the last day to thank the spirits of the dead girls.

Madison Gardens

28 Days Haunted

28 Days Haunted

The most interesting and dubious of the three investigations was the one at Madison Gardens. In the previous episode, Jereme from the team assigned to that location had to be taken to the hospital because of a seizure. After 9 hours, he returned to the house. Brandy, his team member, was worried as she believed he was possessed, causing him a heart attack. When she enquires about the incident with him, he refrains from discussing the topic. He thought that he was no longer possessed.

On the final night, the team there prepares for the final act of cleansing the house. Before they could begin, they could hear noises in the house. During Jereme’s final act, things start to get wild in the house. Things start to fall off shelves and break, and loud noises are heard. While Brandy gives up mid-way, Jereme stands there determined to end what he started. When he is finally finished with the act, things settle down. Brandy checks the house again and states that the house feels better now. They visit the graves of the poor souls and pay their homage. 

Will There Be Another Season Of 28 Days Haunted?

28 Days Haunted

The majority of reviews for the show state that it is more humorous and hilarious than frightful and frightening. The ensemble, which consisted of real paranormal investigators and psychics, lacked personality, making it impossible for viewers to relate to the show, and the encounters appeared forced and staged. By including a reality show element, the show attempted to give viewers a first-person account of ghost hunting, but only the investigators were actually experiencing it. The cast frequently interrupts the show to offer dull lectures on irrelevant topics and “I feel something” statements. Many questioned the authenticity of the meetings depicted in the series and thought the presentation was staged.

Although the concept appeared intriguing enough, the implementation itself fell short of expectations. Many jokingly said that the show would have been somewhat rescued if it had included some comical characters. Putting jokes aside, the spectators did not fully understand the writers’ message or primary goal. The series concluded with a scene similar to those in other horror films. Everyone questioned why the creators tried to make the audience believe that the entire presentation was a true occurrence if they meant to create the suspense and thrill of a horror movie, which is a work of fiction. Throughout the entire show, the creators’ intentions lacked clarity.

With such negative reviews and feedback, it’d be safe to say that the renewal of the series will not likely take place. Netflix will probably not venture out into this genre of entertainment for some time after this disaster of a show. Please let us know what you think about the series in the comment section below.


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