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The Proof Is Out There Season 3 Episode 5 Preview Plot Release Date And Where To Watch

The Proof is out there feature

The latest episode of HISTORY Channel’s latest TV series, The Proof is Out There: Mystery Hum and Mayans on Mars, aired earlier this week. For those who missed the introduction to the series, HISTORY’s The Proof is Out There examines some of the world’s most mysterious videos, photos, and audio recordings. Principal Video Forensics at Primeau Forensics, His expert Michael Primeau helps analyze these incredible recordings during the show’s first season.

The good news is that a recent poll confirms that about half of all Americans believe in extraterrestrial life. The strange news is that a similar proportion expects some of them to visit Earth. Calmly deals with the possibility that the person will land long enough to conduct bizarre experiments on hapless citizens. These shows tease their viewers by suggesting that they will eventually get to the bottom of the “UFO controversy,” but they never do.

The Proof Is Out There Season 3 Episode 5 Preview

The Proof is out there

At a recent show I attended, a guest expert who has studied UFOs for a long time claimed the existence of aliens by showing low-altitude photographs of probable alien saucers. Some of these objects appear as blurred lights. Others resembled hubcaps and frisbees.

The former is necessarily ambiguous, so the latter deserves more attention. How do you know these aren’t hubcaps thrown in the air by crooks with cameras? Expert answer: “These pictures exist.” When asked exactly which pattern was mastered, he replied, “Atmospheric effects limit distance, and careful study ruled out photographic tricks.” Based on assumptions about atmospheric conditions (was it a foggy day in San Francisco?), the latter proves nothing. The actual shot of the flying hubcap lacks any photographic tricks.

Additional evidence is an “expert opinion.” Pilots, astronauts, and others all claim to have seen strange spaceships. It’s safe to say that these eyewitnesses saw something. But just because you’re not aware of an airborne phenomenon doesn’t mean it’s an extraterrestrial visitor. This requires additional evidence, but so far seems unconvincing.

What about those who claim to have been kidnapped? On a TV show, a UFO expert provided photographs of shovel marks adorning the arms and legs of human subjects and claimed that these minor cosmetic injuries were due to alien misconduct. Even setting aside the puzzling question of why beings from faraway worlds would come to Earth to bombard locals with melon balls, this evidence was again vague. The shovel was caused by aliens. It’s possible, but it could also be a cigarette burn.

Where To Watch The Proof Is Out There Season 3 Episode 5

History TV airs new episodes of Season 3 of The Proof Is Out There every week. All previously aired episodes are available on various OTT platforms such as Vudu, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Prime Videos. A current subscription is required to watch the show.

After a 7-day free trial, Apple TV Plus is available in the US for $4.99/month. An annual subscription is available as an additional option for $49.99. Amazon Prime Video monthly subscription costs $8.99 when purchased separately from Amazon Prime.

The Proof Is Out There Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date


Successively, on November 4, 2022, The Proof is Out There Season 3 Episode 5 is releasing. The Proof Is Out There S3 Episode 5 will release on the US History Channel at 10 pm.

The Plot Of The Proof is Out There

The world’s most mysterious video, photos, and audio. We use the best technology and experts to provide you with the judgment you can trust. There are many episodes in this series but among which each episode portrays many different events that seem to be impossible but are ‘captured on film.’ This eventually includes giant beasts, UFOs, apocalyptic sounds, hairy humans, and many other incidents. Host and veteran journalist Tony Harris finds answers, tracks witnesses, puts each photo or film through a battery of tests, uncovers false reports, and highlights the most credible evidence.

To better understand our world, we take no for granted. Incredibly thought-provoking videos of inexplicable phenomena and mysterious must-see moments. Each 30-minute episode takes us through bizarre footage of people seemingly unaffected by lightning, 50-foot snakes, post-apocalyptic noises in a man’s backyard, mysterious creatures, UFO fragmentation, and submerged dives, examines and analyses the full extent of each irregularity in the problem. The Proof Is Out There aims to discover what is true through expert research and the use of the latest technology.

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