Jason Oppenheim And Marie Lou’s Break Up: What Happened To The Selling Sunset Couple

Jason Oppenheim and Marie Lou
Jason Oppenheim and Marie Lou (Credits: Jason Oppenheim/Instagram)

The Selling Sunset fans are already very shocked by the news of Jason Oppenheim and Marie Lou’s break up. Even though they faced issues in their relationship, the latter stayed committed and wanted things to work. But, it failed. What happened?

Jason Oppenheim is not a new name in the real estate business and is also on TV. Being the president and owner of The Oppenheim Group, he has been the subject of the Netflix Original series- Selling Sunset. It’s all about how they sell the ‘luxe’ life to affluent and celebrity clients in Los Angeles.

On the other hand, Marie Lou made a brief appearance in Season 6 and later majorly in the following one of the shows. What’s her identity? Well, Marie Lou is a model from Germany who now resides in Paris.

Being a big-time follower, you must already know about Jason Oppenheim’s ex-girlfriend, Chrishell Stause. In Season 7 of the show, we saw Marie Lou having a great beef with her. That caused enough drama on the internet. Did it take a toll on the former couple’s relationship? Here is everything we know about Jason Oppenheim and Marie Lou’s breakup.

Jason Oppenheim And Marie Lou Break Up: Everything To Know

Well, Jason Oppenheim and Marie Lou’s break up was amicable. After sharing a romance for ten months, the two called it quits in May 2023. The real estate broker announced the news, saying, “While we still love and care about each other very much, the distance between us has proven to be too great a challenge to overcome.”

Jason Oppenheim
Jason Oppenheim: President of The Oppenheim Group (Credit: Jason Oppenheim/Instagram)

So, it was the long-distance thing that ended their relationship. Jason further shared that they will continue their friendship and also root for each other.

All relationships face challenges in their own way. Marie Lou once shared some of those reasons because of which their relationship lately became tough for both. Both were aware that she had to go back to Paris because of her work, friends, and family. Long-distance relationships are not for everyone.

Jason Oppenheim and Marie Lou also shared a condo in Los Angeles. But, it couldn’t save their relationship as the latter had to travel back. Guess what? Things are still positive between the two. In other words, Jason is still on good terms with her. Some ex-lovers do stay as friends. Isn’t it? It’s a mature act, though.

If you follow Jason Oppenheim and Marie Lou on their social media platforms, you will still be able to see their pictures. Yes. It’s still on it.

Once, during an interview, the real estate broker shared that his mother met her for the first time on Thanksgiving. She approved of their relationship and was very happy for her son. Unfortunately, it simply didn’t work out.

Concerning Chrishell Stause’s feud, it started mainly with Marie Lou’s very good friend, Young. It was reportedly many years ago when the latter claimed that Jason Oppenheim’s ex-girlfriend took credit for a couple of her listings. Later in the season, Chrishell accused her of being on drugs.

Jason Oppenheim's ex-girlfriend: Marie Lou
Jason Oppenheim’s ex-girlfriend: Marie Lou (Credits: @marielounurk/Instagrams)

Because of Marie Lou and Jason Oppenheim’s huge age gap, many threw negative comments at them. On this note, Marie previously shared how it created some superficial insecurities, but it was unnecessary, too. During their short-lived romance, things turned so serious that Jason and Marie also sparked marriage rumors. Well, it never happened.

At present, Marie Lou seems like she has already moved on. A few months ago, more precisely in August, she got spotted with a man in Saint Tropez, France. Her new man, Ronan Lebraut, is an entrepreneur and CEO of a company. It’s good to know that Marie has finally found her love.

Best Wishes to both Jason Oppenheim and Marie Lou for the upcoming days of their lives.

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