Netflix Film ‘The Good Nurse’ Filming Locations

Netflix Film 'The Good Nurse' Filming Locations
The Good Nurse poster (Credits: filmstarts)

The wait of the fans is over! The Good Nurse has finally been released on Netflix, and it brings smiles to all crime and drama film lovers. The Good Nurse is based on Charles Graeber’s book The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder. The Good Nurse is the story of Nurse Amy Loughren, a mother of two beautiful young daughters.

She works at Parkfield Memorial Hospital, a prestigious hospital, with her co-worker, Charlie Cullen. The story begins to elevate when Amy is informed that Charlie is involved in murdering many patients. And he has been doing it for the past 16 years.

Before discussing the filming location of The Good Nurse, let’s explore the plot to better understand the importance of the original filming location. This will contain minor spoilers. So, so can read the whole article without any worries.

The Plot Of The Good Nurse

The Good Nurse
Eddie Redmayne in “The Good Nurse” (Credits: Netflix)

The original book was more fact-driven than the movie itself. Choosing the right location to shoot the film was extremely important. The location deals a huge contribution to conveying the story accurately. The film shows the life of Amy and the following events that occur in her life after meeting Charlie. She is a mother of two children who keep experiencing heart problems.

She kept it a secret from her children. But it is not an easy task to maintain the secret while raising her children and managing her work. And then Charlie’s life somehow distracts her from her problems, and somehow, a strong bond is built between them. Amy begins to trust Charlie more and more. One day she brings Charlie to her home Charlie begins to help Amy with her children.

Amy and Charlie are assigned to look after an elderly patient named Ana Martinez. But her sudden death worries the hospital’s administrative’s board. They immediately contacted the state police, and two detectives, Danny Baldwin and Tim Braun started to look into the case. But the risk manager, Linda Garran, attaches little importance to the situation.

She tells the detectives that they only reported the death to simply abide by the health protocol. However, Baldwin realizes the death was reported seven weeks after the actual day of the event. The body had also been cremated before the investigation even began. The story starts to take a dark turn after Baldwin finds out that Charlie was convicted of minor charges in 1995.

The Good Nurse Filming Locations

The Good Nurse
Jessica Chastain in “The Good Nurse” (Credits: Netflix)

The Good Nurse was mainly shot in the state of Connecticut. But most of Charlie’s murders were filmed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The principal photography was done in Fairfield County.

Stamford, Connecticut

The whole production team stayed in the hotels in Stamford for most of the time. This place is used for the majority of the outdoor backdrop of the film.

Norwalk, Connecticut

The location scouts wanted a great place for shooting the film. Luckily, they found it in the coastal city of Fairfield County. They also used a large office space there and appreciated the old-fashioned interiors of the office.

Darien, Connecticut

The filming crew also recorded some footage in Darien. It is a waterfront spot in Connecticut.

The Good Nurse Review

The Good Nurse
Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne in “The Good Nurse” (Credits: Netflix)

This is a slow-paced medical drama, but the story and the style of the movie are very captivating. These simple-looking but complex characters unwrap the dark side of the medical profession by the end of the show. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Nursing’ is a very noble profession to be in. But we usually forget the mental stress every nurse goes through.

And that’s why many nurses keep their mental problems to themselves and never even try to seek professional help. The director Tobias Lindholm did a great job of maintaining the suspense throughout the film.

He always shows the uncanny side of the hospital whenever Charlie is around. The location scouting team did a fantastic job of finding locations that are suitable for 90s America to make it look more authentic to the story. This film has scored 6.9 on IMDb (as of 2nd November 2022).

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