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My Charms Are Wasted on Kuroiwa Medaka Chapter 67: Release Date Recap And Reading Guide


In chapter 66, Mona has to come onto the stage for the final round, and she is very nervous. Just watching Medaka on the stage, she couldn’t keep her calm. Just to make sure she didn’t mess up the act, she affirms to herself that this is just an act and these are just words; they mean nothing. On the other side, we see the host of the event making Medaka aware that this is just an act. So no matter how nervous you feel, just like you practice, act like that. Medaka knows that this is just an act, but still, the fact Medaka is confessing to him makes him nervous.

my charms are wasted on kuroiwa medaka mona

So the host announced the commencement of the final round and called up Mona. As Mona is walking towards Medaka, she thinks to herself that everyone present here, including Medaka, thinks that a confession is just an act, but she wants to convey her feelings through the act to him. So when she stood in front of her, she started talking about the time they shared at the Halloween party. And when she was lost in the amusement park, she was really glad when he came to find her. She also told Medaka that for him, she had to compete with other girls who made her realize how important Medaka was to her.

By this time, the act was looking so natural that everyone in the crowd started whispering to each other. They were doubting, with one of them saying, “This is just fake, right?” and the other one, “Why does it sound so real, though?” And soon, the girl, Mona, has to compete for Medaka and also starts to realize what she is up to.

As Mona continues, she tells Medaka that she wants to make more memories together with him, just like they did at the Halloween party, and she wants to go on more dates but as a girlfriend. As soon as Mona finished, she hugged Medaka. This shocked everyone. The audience, the contestants who were backstage, and even the host.


“I Love you,” Mona told Medaka in front of everyone and kissed him. After this, the audience couldn’t keep their calm and started causing shouting. With one saying, “Ahhhhhh! This is unheard of!” and the other, “A kiss!? Did that just happen!?” in reply, Mona said that it was just a peck on the cheek. With this, the chapter ends.

My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka Chapter 67 Spoilers

Unfortunately, there are no spoilers available. Hopefully, we can expect them 2 to 3 days before the release date.

My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka Chapter 67 Release Date

Chapter 67 will be released on Tuesday, 8 November 2022. And as for the platforms, you can search on google about them. Also, you can read it on YouTube, which many creators publish.

What are My Charms Are Wasted on Kuroiwa Medaka Chapter 67 all about?

After all the hype this manga has created, you would want to catch up with your friends. But before you start, you need a firm grip and a brief understanding of the manga. Well, worry not, as I will give a summary of the plot and a few details about the crew who have worked hard on creating this manga.

My Charms are wasted on Kuroiwa Medaka is a Japanese manga written by Ran Kuze. The manga was first published on 26 May 2021, and till now, it has been able to produce six volumes with a total of 66 chapters. Since the manga includes the Ecchi genre, adults prefer it mainly.

As for the characters, there are three main ones. First is Medaka Kuroiwa, he is a student who is training to be a monk. The second is Mona Kawai, and she is the one who tries to flirt with Medaka. And the third one is Tsubomi Haruno, who is also a high school student and their classmates. He secretly has a crush on Mona.

Now for the plot, a beautiful and popular classmate of Medaka tries to flirt with him and gives her best effort to make him fall in love. But Medaka is training to be a monk, and as a rule, suggests no monk shall interact with a woman. And to fulfill this rule, he gives his best to avoid all the charms of Mona.

Happy reading!

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