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Why Does Michael Myers Follow Laurie Strode?

Halloween - Michael Myers
Halloween - Michael Myers

In both the movies and real life, we have all heard tales of horrible serial killers. But Michael Myers, a 6-year-old boy, starts his murderous spree by killing his older sister, making him unique among other serial killers. The 1978 movie Halloween depicts the story of a serial killer who killed his sister.

This young boy gets transferred to the mental hospital after getting accused of killing his sister until he turns 21 years old and becomes eligible to stand in court for a trial. During his 15 years of life in the mental hospital, his psychiatrist works thoroughly on his mental condition to understand his horrifying mind and soon figures out that he is a real monster.

Michael Mayers - Halloween 1978

Michael Mayers – Halloween 1978

Subsequently, when he turns 21 and is supposed to be dragged to the court for the final hearing on his imprisonment, desperate Michael creates a fuss in the hospital and frees every patient who was trapped there. Making it an opportunity to run away, he steals his psychiatrist’s car and gets back to the place where he killed his sister, Haddonfield. On his way back home, he kills the mechanic and steals his uniform and steals other killing essentials from a shop, like ropes, a knife, and a weird mask.

He lives alone in his house as every other person who used to live with him leaves the house. As and when he returns, he kills the dog and eats him. Hidden notoriously in the house, Michael starts looking for his next victim and consequently finds Laurie.

Why Did Michael Go After Laurie?

As Michael’s psychiatrist Dr. Samuel Loomis spends years trying to understand his serial killer personality, he uncovers the harsh truth that Michael is an emotionless boy who only wants pain, grief, misery, and torture because that is what fascinates him the most. However, Dr. Samuel fails to drag him into the court and incarcerates him for life as he is pretty sure that Michael will attempt to murder someone else again if set free.

Laurie and Tommy - Halloween 1978

A still from Halloween 1978 – Tommy warns Laurie about the house.

Laurie Strode visits Michael Myers’ abandoned home on Halloween after being asked to leave the keys in the house by her father, the realtor trying to sell the property. Teenager Laurie has a strong will and is not afraid of anything. Additionally, she looks after Tommy, a 6-year-old child. As her father instructs her, she visits the house with Tommy, despite Tommy’s warnings that there is something wrong with the house and that she should not get near it. Laurie, on the other hand, does not appear to be terrified and exits the house after dropping off the keys. In light of Laurie’s misfortune, she regrettably gets Michael’s attention, who then decides Laurie needs to be his next target.

He wears his weird mask and then starts following Laurie on her way to school. At the same time, she attends lectures in class. Michael waits outside of the class and keeps an eye on her. Laurie gets this unusual feeling that someone is chasing her and even mentions the same to her friends, but they assure her that she is safe and no one is following her. Later, Michael tries killing Laurie, but she saves herself.

There are numerous theories among fans as to why Michael pursued her. Since Laurie draws his attention and he is a serial killer who wants to kill everyone he sees, his serial killer attitude comes back, and his thoughts instruct him to kill her. She reminded Michael of his murdered older sister, which may be another reason why he pursued her. He may have had a flashback to his first homicide because Laurie seems to be the same age as his deceased sister, which is why he feels compelled to kill Laurie right away.

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode

A still from Halloween 1978 – Michael follows Laurie.

Another theory that fans also believe in is as Laurie is a strong-minded girl who dares to go near the horrifying abandoned house, which makes her strong in the eyes of Michael. He finds her strong personality fascinating and challenging, so he decides to kill her.

Whatever the case, Michael—a horrifying serial killer who hasn’t killed anyone in 15 years—could have murdered anyone who got in his way out of a desire to kill and a desire to keep himself safe by staying away from Smith’s Grove. Laurie, unfortunately, became his next victim, maybe as a result of Laurie leaving the keys there and Michael realizing that someone would soon be visiting the abandoned house, causing him to leave the only area where he is safely hidden.

As a serial killer can think of anything once he decides to kill the person he intends to kill, Laurie’s face may have been captured in Michael’s killer’s mind making Laurie the only target he wants to hunt.

Fortunately, Laurie does not get victimized at the hands of Michael; however, her friends get killed by Michael.

Relationship Between Michael And Laurie

The whole confusion over why Michael chased Laurie happened because, in the later parts of the Halloween franchise, Laurie was introduced in the movie as Michael’s biological sister. It was also portrayed that she was adopted after her sister’s murder by another family. The whole dispute started when people assumed that the reason why Michael intended to kill her was that she was his biological sister. It doesn’t make sense, though.

Michael Myers and Laurie Strode Relationship

What is the relationship between Michael Myers and Laurie Strode?

A person who is imprisoned for 15 years, arrested at the age of 6, would not be able to recognize his sister, who may be a two-year-old baby at the time of his arrest, considering her age and as mentioned in Halloween 1981. So, it was not possible for Michael to recognize Laurie as her sister and go after her to kill her.

However, you may follow any theory that persuades you because it is all about enjoying the movie the way you want.

As Halloween Ends, the last part of the Halloween franchise has released in the month of October 2022, and the Halloween series has never failed to scare us with the horrifying appearance of Michael and the fascinating storyline.

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