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One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 11: Release Date And Streaming Guide

One Thousand Won Poster (Credits- SBS)

One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 11 is set to release very soon. Fans are eagerly waiting to watch it. This series stars Namkoong Min as the lead hero, who has appeared in extremely popular and critically acclaimed Tv series like The Veil, Hot Stove League, etc. The lead heroine is one of Korea’s budding actresses, Kim Ji Eun, who has been part of shows like The Veil, Again My Life, etc. Both these have already starred together in the award-winning series ‘The Veil’ and captivated the attention of the viewers with their sparkling chemistry. 

One Thousand Won lawyer aired its first episode on September 23, 2022. A total of 11 episodes have been released till now. Basically, this K-drama tracks the story of Cheon Ji Hoon (played by Namkoong Min), who is a popular and extremely skilled lawyer. He is a man of ethics and ideals who doesn’t want that money and power should aid people to avoid the wrath of the law. He charges a fee of only 1000 won ( approximately 1 dollar). He has gained a good reputation among his clients and others due to his charm and the ethics he follows. 

The lead cast of One Thousand Won Lawyer

One Thousand Won Lawyer Plot In Brief

Before divulging details about the  One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 12, let us know the plot of the series in brief. Basically, the show is a legal drama that covers various concepts like social justice, how money and connections influence the system, etc. The leading hero, Cheon Ji Hoon, is paired with Baek Ma Ri (played by Kim Ji Eun).

She has done her graduation from the Judicial Research and Training Institute. Baek Ma Ri is living a typical life, working as a Prosecutor’s assistant at the law firm of her grandfather. But things change drastically as she meets Cheon Ji Hun. What follows is a mesmerizing story of love and relationships in the setting of courtroom drama. 


Namkoong Min

One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 10 Recap 

So in this episode, the whole team finally gets together to accomplish the real mission of Ji Hook. Ji-Huk isn’t ready to believe Cho Woo- Seo’s confession to stabbing Ju -Yeong. He has caught a glimpse of the killer and is sure that Woo-Seo is lying to save the real culprit. Now in this episode, a prominent business has been brutally murdered. Ye Jin and Min Hyeok believe it to be a murder case. Then a suspicious man comes to meet Ji hoon. This person asks for some help from Ji Hoon, but he refuses. Later on, he has a change of mind instantly and decides to help the man. 

After giving his ID card to Ji-Hoon, the man goes out of the office. But it doesn’t take them much time to figure out that the man fooled them. Now we see an emotional moment as Ma Ri tries to comfort Ji Hoon. She is saddened to see his struggles with a heartbreaking past and wishes to help him. She and Mu-Jang express their desire to help him. Initially, he refuses but a bit of persuasion works, and Ji-Hoon agrees. 

Ma-ri, Ji-hu, and Mu-Jang in a still from Episode 10

Now all three try to find out the person. Mari is able to recollect and draw the face of the man perfectly proves. Mari’s smart indeed! They all reach out to Cho Woo Seok for help, who is able to identify the person as Mi Chul instantly and gives them all the necessary information. All three locate the gambling spot to look for Mi Chul. They learn that Mi Chul will be visiting a special VIP party hosted by the JQ group. 

Now Ji Hoon and others arrive at JQ’s party to look for Mi Chul.  Ji Hoon tastes success as he locates Mi Chul. He closely follows him in order to get to the boss of Mi Chul- the mastermind behind all this. Now here, the series drops a bomb when we see that Mi Chul’s boss is none other than Ma Ri’s grandfather. Viewers are shocked to discover that the man responsible for Ju Yeong’s murder was none other than Ma Ri’s grandfather. 

The three most loved characters of the series

What To Expect From One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 11?

Viewers can expect lots of emotional drama to unfold in Episode 11  as the revelation of the real mastermind has left everyone shocked. How will Ji-Hoon react when he gets to know the truth? He finally has the answer to the question he has been searching for a long. But the truth has come with shock and distraught emotions. How will Ma Ri react when she gets to know the reality of her grandfather? What will be Ji Hon’s next move? Fans are desperately waiting to find the answers as the  One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 11 premiers very soon.

A still from One thousand won lawyer

When Will One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 11 Premier?

 One Thousand Won Lawyer Episode 11 will be streaming on Disney + on November 4, 2022. Those who don’t have a subscription to Disney + can watch it on SBS tv at 10:00 pm KST since Disney + is not available in many countries, so viewers from those nations will need to use VPN to stream the series. For Indian viewers subscription to Disney Hotstar is required to stream the episode. The time schedule for the rest of the countries is listed below.

British Summer Time: 1:00 pm (November 4, 2022).

Indian Standard Time: 6:30 pm (November 4, 2022)

Singapore Standard Time: 9:00 pm (November 4, 2022)

Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 12:00 am. (November 5, 2022)

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