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Hangout With Yoo 2022 Episode 160: Preview Release Date And Spoilers

Program directors Kim Tae Ho and Yu Jae Seok employ the relay idea in many contexts, such as music-making, following the success of the pilot episode. After that, Kim Tae Ho tries to get Yu Jae Seok to learn new skills—like playing the drums and trot singing—with the aid of specialists and investigate new fields that Yu Jae Seok hasn’t yet entered. The show has an IMDb rating of 8.5.

About The Show

Yoo Jae Suk, one of the top MCs in the nation, frequently inquires about other players’ off-day routines. He now says this out of habit, which is where he is. His words cause Kim Tae Ho to have an idea. He had the idea of using a relay camera to capture famous people enjoying their days off. So, out of nowhere, Tae Ho hands Jae Suk a little portable camera. Jae Suk first finds the concept startling but accepts it. 

Celebrities are given cameras to document their daily lives, starting with Jae Suk. Some would exercise to get in shape, others could relax after a long day at work, and yet others might meet up with pals they didn’t have time to see before. The relay camera captures surprising and distinctive stories, including some well-known involving comedians and international celebrities. See what famous people do on their days off to learn something new about them.

What Does Yoo Se-Yoon Look For When Choosing Guests?

Yoo Se-Yoon hopes that the guests on his show will be people who have left a mark on the history of Korean entertainment. He also hopes that these guests will be people who have contributed to the development of Korean culture. 

Hangout With Yoo Episode 160

 Yoo Se-Yoon chooses his guests based on their personalities, likes, dislikes, and the stories they have shared with the world. He hopes that the guests on The Hangout with Yoo will be people who have left a mark on the history of Korean entertainment. Yoo Se-Yoon also hopes that his guests will be people who have contributed to the development of Korean culture. The guests he chooses are based on their personalities, likes, dislikes, and the stories they have shared with the world.

Hangout With Yoo 2022 Episode 159 Preview

Episode 159 of Hangout with Yoo brings back the whole cast to the Hangout Temp Agency. The Hangout Temp Agency comes with part 2, with more impressive tasks while they wander in their car to search for new chores to complete. 

Hangout with Yoo 2022 Episode 159

From cleaning up Crocks to being a sparring partner at the boxing gym, the show retakes the cast to rough, uncomfortable & unknown places. While Yoo assigns the tasks through text messages, the cast waits for their surprise tasks to pop up on the screen. The episode’s ending also takes the cast to the Tug of war match. Overall the episode is quite entertaining, especially if you see the reaction of Haha when he gets to be the sparring partner of a boxing gym coach.

Hangout With Yoo 2022 Episode 160 Spoiler

As the series goes forward, there are fewer spoilers it leaves behind. Stay tuned to watch the entertaining rendezvous of the cast on the next episode of Hangout with Yoo. This time, it will again be a Temp agency with another set of ridiculous yet fun tasks for the cast and the audience to laugh on. Right or not, the next episode will surely make you numb on your feet; I mean by making you laugh & smile so hard.

Hangout With Yoo 2022 Episode 160 Release Date

The new episode will get released on 5th November 2022. You can re-watch the past episodes while waiting for the new one, as there needs to be more if you are talking about Yoo and his fun show. You can watch the episode through the ad-free network Viu. Stay tuned for more updates.

Where To watch

Currently, you can watch “Hangout with Yoo” streaming for free with ads on Viu. You need to take a subscription to Viu premium to watch the show without ads. It is also available on Lionsgate Play.

Concluding Thoughts

The show takes you closer to the life of  Yoo Jae-suk and gives the audience an entertaining outlook on each cast. It has been in the mainstream media for a long time, and the new episode of Hangout with Yoo will be released soon.

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