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Lopez Vs Lopez Episode 3 Release Date And Everything You Should Know

Lopez vs Lopez sitcom series is airing on NBC. Famous George Lopez is returned to his eponymous role in this series. His real-life daughter Mayan is cast as his daughter. This is kind of a meta-joke, which is very common nowadays. Matt Shively is on the caste list. Brice Gonzalez comes straight from his Tiktok content to sitcoms. Also, Selenis Leyva is starring in this show.

This whole series is kind of a meta-commentary on our modern-day sensibilities. However, it’s through a boomer lens. Thankfully no type of bullying is used in disguise for comedy. This is one of the best things about this series. The use of social media to update old-style humor and bedroom jokes is present even in the trailer.

You can watch the trailer here –

Let us talk about its pilot episode. It was directed by Kelly park. It is a show about a dysfunctional working-class family. Although, none of the working-class struggles were present in the episode. Some lip services were provided on the topic, but not any significant issues were properly addressed. Their houses or sets don’t represent dingy, tiny thousand-dollar rooms like Newyork or any other big cities of the western world. These aspects were very poorly presented in the Lopez vs. Lopez episode 3: Lopez vs. Español.

Episode 3: Lopez vs. Español

In this episode, Mayan is trying to fake her Spanish knowledge to dad as she is not comfortable about being a Lopez without knowing Spanish. So, she tries her best to hide this fact from her father but no Bueno. This creates situational humor, which is somewhat funny and relatable for second or third-generation immigrant kids.

Boomer vs. Millennial

One of the comedy tropes used in this show was generational differences. These are very mainstream comic tropes. It is considered funny universally. There’s nothing intelligent or insightful in this kind of humor. Kids and grown-ups both feel seen and represented in this type of humor. Although it is true if the jokes land properly and have a taste. But this show doesn’t come close to clearing that bar.

Lopez vs Lopez (NBC)

In this show, George Lopez stars as George Lopez. He is the father of his household. He is shown as a struggling father. He, at least, is in his senses. Here we are shown that he can’t understand his daughter properly. A well knows trope of generational humor. His daughter Mayan Lopez is played by the said actor’s real-life daughter. This is a kind of meta-joke, which is funny, to be honest. Her lines are full of therapy references and some sex positivity. This is good, but if done on a regular basis, then it can become jarring when her father asks about her anxiety and how she knows that she has so. She replied, “Uh, Science!” It has good value but on walls, as a poster. And it is hilarious.

Social Media And Tiktok References

This show talks very much about social media and its trends. But again, not an in-depth analytical comedy. It is like reading or listening to social media jokes. A good line is delivered, and a character will double down on that, creating humor in the process, which is quite an overused format of comedy. Social media platforms like Tiktok are mentioned many times and even used as plot devices. Father’s inability to understand, even heartwarming apology videos are also shared by Tiktok, which shows a rudimentary understanding of social media by the creators. This is why the topic matter should be thoroughly discussed. A well-informed comedy is an intelligent one.

Many of these shows have this surface-level humor, which can be weird for some of us Gen-Z viewers. In generational humor, parents don’t always have to be oblivious to social media and its different uses. Most of our parents do know about social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and even Tiktok. This is why the relatability factor from this show disappeared.

As a Gen-Z, I couldn’t connect, but I can sympathize with my daughter’s character and her millennial problems. It can give my jaded soul a little chuckle.

Uncomfortable Weird Comedy

There were some weird sex jokes, which were delivered by Mayan to her father. This made me very much uncomfortable. I don’t know the culture overseas, but this is just rude in my third-world country. We should talk about sex positivity with our parents. But it should be tasteful and in a proper way. Here It is delivered in a weird way, which is totally uncomfortable. Maybe my cultural barriers stopped me from enjoying it. Nonetheless, those are totally negative for me and can make this series unlikable from my perspective.

Lopez vs. Lopez will air on NBC Friday, 11th November 2022.

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