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Andor Episode 10: Intro Recap Preview Release Date And Streaming Guide

andor episode 10
Andor season 1 poster ( credits: wikipedia)

Science fiction fantasy has been a popular genre for Tv shows and movies since its inception. Science fantasy is a part of the speculative fiction genre. Speculative fiction is itself a broad category of fiction that includes genres that cater to elements not existing in reality, recorded history, nature, or the present universe. Themes related to the supernatural, the future and other imaginative worlds are also covered.

However, science fantasy, along with fiction, also draws upon both science fiction and fantasy, wherein one, the world is presented as scientifically logical, while the other represents the world as full of imaginative and artistic elements that disregard the scientific laws of the real world. Some of the most successful shows have been made in the science fantasy genre. “Andor” is one such show that has been made in the science fantasy genre and had much hype surrounding its release.


Andor, which was released on 21st September 2022, is the prequel to the Stars Wars spin-off movie Rogue One which was released in 2016. Andor is also being marketed as Stars Wars: Andor and is part of the Stars Wars franchise. Stars Wars is an American epic space opera multimedia franchise that was created by George Lucas and became a worldwide sensation in a short time.

All nine films of the Skywalker Saga in the Stars Wars franchise have been nominated for Academy awards. The Stars Wars franchise has in total of 10 billion dollars in box office collections, making it the second highest-grossing film franchise of all time. Stars Wars franchise films have received numerous awards and nominations. The films have popularity worldwide. The films have also garnered great ratings and reviews with record viewership.

andor episode 10

andor season 1 poster(credits:

In September 2017, Disney CEO Bob Igor announced that Disney, along with Lucasfilms, we’re developing some live-action television series for the Stars Wars franchise for their new streaming service Disney+. About a year later, it was revealed that one of the series would be acting as the prequel for the Stars Wars spin-off movie Rogue One with production expected to begin in 2019.

However, after six weeks of pre-production, activities had to be stopped due to Covid-19 protocol. However, activities were resumed by September; however, the first three episodes were directed by Toby Haynes in place of Tony Gilroy as he was at that moment in the U.S. In December 2020, Lucasfilms president Kathleen Kennedy announced the name of the series as Andor with its release date in 2022.


Andor has Sanne Wohlenberg, Tony Gilroy, Kathleen Kennedy, Diego Luna, Toby Haynes, and Michelle Rejwan as its executive producers, while Kate Hazell and David Meanti as its producers. As its editors, the show has John Gilroy, Tim Potter, Hazel Baillie, Dan Roberts, Frances Parker, Matthew Cannings, and Simon Smith. The show was filmed in the United Kingdom. As mentioned earlier, Lucasfilms will be serving as its production company while the role of distributor will be fulfilled by Disney Platform Distributor. The show will be having 12 episodes, out of which nine have already been released.

The viewership metrics have, till now, been in favor of Andor, with it being the 2nd most anticipated show in September 2022. It was the most watched show during the week of 28th September across all platforms according to the streaming aggregator Reelgood, along with being the third most watched show during the week of 5th October. The reviews have also been positive for Andor, with it receiving an approval rating of 92% on Rotten Tomatoes. The Guardian gave the show four stars and even called it the best Star Wars show since “The Mandalorian.”

The Plot Of Andor Episode 10

The series essentially serves as a prequel for Rogue One and follows Cassian Andor, a former thief turned Rebel spy from the destroyed planet Kenari, along with a large cast of characters, at the time that the Rebel Alliance is forming in opposition to the Galactic Empire. According to Gilroy, Cassian Andor is the ideal spy, warrior, and killer because he is a natural leader who has people skills.

andor episode 10

Cassian Andor (credits: IMDb)

The Cast Of Andor Episode 10

The cast of Andor Episode 10 has some phenomenal actors fulfilling various roles. The main character cast includes Diego Luna, who plays Cassian Andor, the thief-turned-rebel spy from the destroyed planet of Kenari. Kyle Soller is casted as Syril Karn. Syril Karn, a Deputy Inspector for Preox-Morlana (Pre-Mor) Authority, a corporate conglomerate in charge of the trade sector, is determined to catch Andor after learning that he murdered two Pre-Mor security employees. Adria Arjona is casted as Bix Caleen.

Bix Caleen is Andor’s ally, who is a mechanic and black market dealer. Stellan Skarsgard is casted as Luthen Rael. Luthen Rael is Caleen’s dealer contact and is a part of the Rebel Alliance. He hires Andor on his first mission as a Rebel operative and poses as an eccentric antique dealer from Coruscant publicly. Denise Gough has been cast as Dedra Meero, who is a supervisor for the Imperial Security Bureau. Genevieve O’Rielly has been cast as Mon Mothma.

Mon Mothma is a member of the Imperial Senate and navigates the politics of the Empire while secretly helping found the Rebel Alliance. Faye Marsay has been cast as Vel Sartha, who is a Rebel leader on the planet Aldhani and the brother of Mon Mothma. Along with that, artists such as Fiona Shaw, Varada Sethu, and Anton Lesser will be acting as co-stars and will be playing recurring characters in the show. Along with them, the show has a wide array of proficient actors as co-stars.

andor episode 10

Andor Season 1 ( credits: IMDb)

Recap For Andor Episode 10

A quick recap of Andor episodes 8 and 9 will help you to get an idea about what to expect in Andor Episode 10. Andor episode 8 was titled “Narkina 5”, directed by Toby Haynes and released on 26th October 2022. In episode 8, Cassian is brought to a prison on Narkina 5, where he is made to spend every day monotonously in the heavy industry along with hundreds of workers.

Vel and Cinta travel to Ferris in order to search for him. When Maarva falls ill, Bix Caleen tries to contact Luthen to know about Cassian’s whereabouts; however, Luthen fearing that he might get exposed to anyone tracking the communications does not answer. He then leaves Coruscant to meet with Saw Gerrera. On the other hand, Meero questions Karn about his experiences with Ferris but, at the same time, declines his offer to help with the investigation. She then leads a unit to Ferris herself and apprehends Bix there.

Andor episode 9 was also directed by Toby Haynes and was titled “Nobody’s Listening.” In episode 9, we find Meero torturing Bix for information and realize that Cassian might have been involved in the Aldhani attack; however, he fails to get any information about the whereabouts of Luthen. The ISB captures a Rebel pilot who reveals a station on Spellhaus is set to be raided. On the other hand, Mon is reunited with Vel as revealed as her cousin, along with telling her to continue maintaining her disguise of a young rich woman who is not politically involved while at the same time keeping a low profile.

Mon and Kolma keep working covertly to gather funds for rebel activities. Meanwhile, an older member of Cassian’s prison crew is euthanized by a prison medic called Dr. Rhasiv when he can no longer work effectively. Dr. Rhasiv confirms a surprising rumor to Cassian, Kino, and the floor manager: an inmate who was supposed to be released was sent to a work crew on another floor, and the prison had to kill many prisoners to hide the mistake. Cassian and Kino realize they may never leave the prison, convincing Kino to join Cassian’s escape plan.

andor episode 10

Cassian Andor ( credits: IMDb)

Preview Of Andor Episode 10

There has been no official preview released by Disney, making it hard to predict the exact events in Andor Episode 10. However, from the events of the previous episode, we will find Cassian in prison; though he will break out, how he does will be the real question. Kino Loy might be instrumental in the escape. Kino, who always told other inmates to follow the rules, was dealt a heavy blow with the suicide of one of the inmates hence making him willingly take part in the escape plan.

However, we know for sure that Andor Episode 10 will be an action-packed episode and worth watching.

Release Date Of Andor Episode 10

Andor Episode 10 will premiere on 9th November on Disney+ at 3 a.m. ET/ 12 a.m. PT. The episode will be directed by Toby Haynes and written by Beau Willimon as they team up for an episode last time this season.

Streaming Guide Of Andor Episode 10

As mentioned earlier, Andor Episode 10 is available to stream on Disney+ and can be accessed for 7.99$/month or 79.99$/year, as per your convenience.

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