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Big Dragon Episode 5: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

Big Dragon-Release date and streaming guide

Thai Bl (Boy’s Love) dramas have always captured the attention and love of audiences all across the world. These dramas have always garnered rave reviews and huge success worldwide. Whether it is the extremely charming leads, their sparkling chemistry, or engaging plot lines, these dramas have all the necessary ingredients to woo viewers.

One of the latest BL dramas that have been garnering millions of views is Big Dragon. Till now, four episodes have been aired, and fans are excited for the release of Episode 5. Before putting light on the release date of Episode 5, we will be talking about what this drama is all about. Yai (played by ISBANKY) is a  good-looking lad pursuing MBA.

He has the power to turn all the attention toward himself through his charming nature and looks. He considers himself to be the center of attraction until Mangkorn (played by Mos Panuwa), another charming hunk, crosses his path. The two soon become rivals, competing to gain an edge over each other. Yai is jealous to see Mangkorn grabbing all the limelight and desires his downfall at any cost.

Big Dragon is a story of revolting emotions that takes the viewers on a rollercoaster. The extremely charming young lads as the lead heroes who constantly plot against each other make for an interesting watch. Both of them are in pursuit of winning the race of life. The first four episodes were focused on the conflicts between both the rivals and love blossoming to some extent. 


Big Dragon is Premiering soon.


 Big Dragon Episode 4 Recap 

After some intense and heated moments between the two rivals, we finally see them warming up a bit in the 4th episode. The feelings have started to grow, and we expect quite a lot of romance from now. We feel that finally, they are embarking on a romantic journey of their relationship as Mangkorn brings Yai to one of his beloved spots. We see some cute moments between both as they embrace their feelings for each other.

A still from Episode 4

But all this gets cut short when Mangkorn gets to know the shocking fact that his family wants him to get engaged to someone. Mangkorn feels uncomfortable during the whole conversation and leaves abruptly, much to the shock of everyone present there. He is comforted by his sister, but still, he feels upset over it. He cannot think of anyone else but Yai. The most powerful scene of the episode is aired toward the end. 

 A misunderstanding erupts between both. They start fighting and accusing each other of being a womanizer. The conflict is tense and emotional. It starts raining suddenly. The lashing rainfall depicted the conflicting emotional state of both our heroes perfectly. Both of them are left frustrated and disappointed after the fight. The episode ends us feeling confused and excited.


Big Dragon-Release Date

What Can We Expect From Big Dragon Episode 5?

We are expecting both Yai and Mangkorn to sort out their issues and forget the fight. There will be misunderstandings galore. Hong’s closeness with Mangkorn will piss off Yai. The family Mangkorn is desperate to get Hong and Mangkorn closer.

Will Yai and Mangkorn’s relationship take a hit? Will Yai be able to understand the true feelings of Mangkorn? What role will Hong play in this complicated saga? Well, you are going to get the answers to each and every question as the Big Dragon Episode 5 releases very soon.


Big Dragon Lead Couple

 Big Dragon Episode 5 Release Schedule 

Now fans should rejoice in joy as the new episode will be released very soon. Big Dragon Episode 5  will be premiering on  November 5, 2022. The drama will be airing on GMM One at 11:00 pm in Thailand. International fans should not be disappointed as they can stream Big Dragon Episode 5 on multiple platforms. The release date, as per the international time schedule for other nations, is listed below-

  • Indian Standard Time: 9:30 pm (November 5, 2022)
  • Singapore Standard Time: 12:00 am (November 6, 2022)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 1:00 am. (November  6, 2022)
  • Eastern daylight time: 12:00 pm  (November  5, 2022)

Big Dragon Episode 5: Streaming Guide 

For international fans, there are two apps to watch Big Dragon Episode 5- iQiyi and Bilibili. The episode will be available for fans for free on the Bili Bili app. If you intend to watch the series on the iQiyi app, then you will have to shell out a monthly fee of $8.99 or 89.99 per year. Fans can also watch the episode on the Viki app. Apart from all these OTT apps, the popular clips from the episodes are frequently uploaded on Youtube. 

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