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Gaus Electronics Episode 12: Release Date, Recap & Where To Watch

Gaus Electronics poster
Gaus Electronics poster

Gaus Electronics is a South Korean Slice of life drama that premiered on 30th September 2022. It has a Runtime of about 50 minutes and has 12 episodes. This is a classic workplace drama that portrays the struggles in the workplace, and the bond shared between each employee. The story takes place in Gaus Electronic HQ, home appliances department.

The story mainly focuses on Marketing Team 3. The busy work schedule and the stress associated with the job are portrayed with a ton of comedy. It is a light-hearted drama with many twists and turns that will keep you on your edge.

The main cast includes Lee Sang Shik, played by Kwak Dong Yeon, an optimistic and pleasant employee who always reads the room wrong and often ends up in chaos because of this trouble understanding the mood of his coworkers. Cha Na Rae, played by Go Sung Hee, is the short-tempered assistant manager. The cherry on top is Baek Ma Tan, played by Bae Hyun Sung, and he is the heir to the Gaus empire.

His family is surprised when he announces that he wants to work as a junior employee at Gaus Electronics. He is the heir to the empire, so it is only natural to feel the rush of shock. Along with him is Gun Kang Mi, played by Kang Min Ah, the exact opposite of Ma Tan.

She was born into a middle-class family and had to fight every step to be successful, but she is a winner with little love and hate relationship with Alcohol. This drama focuses on the shared bond between these employees and their relationship progress.

Gaus Electronics cast

Gaus Electronics Cast

Gaus Electronic Episode 11 recap

The last two episodes set off with the main couples struggling to date behind their colleagues’ backs. Sang Shik and Na Rae invent methods to make it inconspicuous, but their actions only draw attention to themself, causing great laughter. Meanwhile, Ma Tan is finally getting a taste of what it is like to be poor.

Despite this, he seems to enjoy this newfound life, but his rich girlfriend does not. She is scheming to bring him back to his old life. His father is adamant about marrying Ro Ra, his girlfriend, and warns him he would not tolerate him marrying a poor girl, but we all know his heart is with Kang Mi. 

Sang Shik and Na Rae finally decide to date, but their honeymoon love and endless giggles make the other employees suspicious of their behavior. Manager Gi is on a mission to get his team to win a good performance, and it is no surprise when he gets an underwhelming review from his employee. Maybe it is time for him to change his attitude.

Na Rae and Sung Shik

Na Rae and Sung Shik

Meanwhile, Chairman Baek announces Power’s new project, which has eerie similarities to Ma Tan’s project. Turns out Director Choi has been feeding Chairman Baek information in exchange for a job. Senior manager Wi and the chairman try to salvage this situation while Beak plans to lure Ma Tan to Power.

He even goes to the length of saying this on TV. Ma Tan is finally confronted with the problem of housing. The good-hearted Sang Shik decides to help him by letting him stay in his apartment, but Aziz is not happy with this arrangement. He does not give in until Ma Tan decides to share the rent with him.

With the apartment so crowded, Na Rae suggested to Sang Shik to let him stay in her apartment, a cue which took ages for him to realize, but he finally did! The final scene was mixed with a lot of new reveals. Na Rae and Sung Shik find CCTV footage of them; meanwhile, Ma Ta’s Identity is revealed. How are they going to deal with this new revelation? We have to wait and see.

Gaus Electronics Kdrama

Gaus Electronics Kdrama

Gaus Electronics Episode 12 release date and where to watch

The season finale is scheduled to be released on Saturday, 5th November 2022, in ENA in Korea at 8:00 am EDT. It hopefully wraps up everything perfectly and will be streamed on Olleh TV. Fans are eagerly waiting for the progress of the relationship between Sang Shrink and Na Rae, also the future of Ma Tan and his relationship with Kang Mi. It is the end of fun, slice-of-life drama, so make sure to mark this day on the calendar and be there on time.

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