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The S-Classes That I Raised – Chapter 60: Release Date & Updates

The S-Classes That I Raised - Chapter 60

The S-Classes That I Raised is a widely read tale containing comedy, action, and adventure online. At the moment, a manhwa adaptation of Geunseo’s literature is accessible. An F-Class Hunter. Plus, he has two younger brothers who are S-class and F-class, respectively, and who are both struggling to keep up with him.

After wrecking my own life for five years and even my little brother’s, I was given a second chance by going back in time. I decided to live peacefully and pleasantly this time around, vowing not to repeat my previous errors. Although I can’t seem to get away from the S-Ranks, they are all really strange, contrary to what I previously thought.

The S-Classes That I Raised - Chapter 60

The S-Classes That I Raised – Chapter 60 has had a few updates, which are shown below.

The S-Classes I Raised – Chapter 60 Release Date

This week, the official website for The S-Classes That I Raised will host the online manga version of Chapter 60. You can read the S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 60 manga on the webtoon comics website. Several manga websites and YouTube videos almost certainly have raw scans accessible. The S-Classes That I Raised Chapter 60 is set to broadcast on November 7, 2022.

The S-Classes That I Raised Manga: Read More

Han Yoojin is the main character of The S-Classes I Raised, a manga and novel. This narrative follows Yoojin as he travels across time to save his selfless brother from peril.

Yoojin’s younger, S-ranking sibling takes center stage even though he is an F-ranker. He always gets in the way of his sibling and only ever creates problems. When Yoojin’s brother is murdered during what ought to have been a routine dungeon raid, Yoojin decides to use the wish he was given for completing the dungeon to alter the timeline.

The plan was to go ahead with a tranquil existence. Yet it seems he can now help others be promoted to S-rank. Yoojin may have the chance to put together his team of powerful metahumans at this point. It could be easier said than done, however.

The S-Classes That I Raised - Chapter 60

Han Yoojin has dedicated his life to caring for people he regards to be family and friends. He feels it normal that he does so and would compel himself to put his safety and well-being in danger to ensure their safety, particularly for his younger brother.

This is because he was deserted by his parents, who instead left him to raise his younger sibling on his own. Being left out of a scenario and letting go of sympathy for others is difficult for Han Yoojin, which goes against his desire to lead a peaceful, independent existence. They claim that it would be better if he did not become engaged, even if this worries many people around him.

The S-Classes That I Raised Han Yoojin

Han Yoojin

In the book The S-Classes I Raised, Han Yoojin serves as the protagonist. This story follows Yoojin on his quest to go back in time and save his brother, who gave his life, from dying.


Han Yoojin has pale skin and black hair that reaches his black eyes. He feels that his body has shrunk and that Moon Hyuna has a slimmer frame than he does.

His usual jewelry includes a bracelet, a black choker, and a pair of ruby drop earrings. He is often seen with a black leather jacket on, along with a white shirt with black sleeves. He is wearing fingerless gloves.


Han Yoojin has dedicated his whole life to caring for those he regards to be family and friends. He believes it is only natural for him to do so and that he would automatically put his health and wellness in danger to make sure they would be safe, particularly for his younger brother. This is because he was abandoned by his parents, who instead left him to care for his younger sibling.

Han Yoojin finds it challenging to be the one left out of a crisis and to let go of his care for others, which conflicts with his wish to live a quiet, responsibility-free life. However, those around him are worried and point out that it would be best if he did not get involved.

Why Would Reading The S-Classes That I Raised Be Enjoyable For You?

You could believe that they are only available to Japanese people, mentally disabled youngsters, or somewhat perverse adults. False: these hilarious comics, intended to be read like books, depict the whole spectrum of our feelings and worth. Reading, dreaming, and meditation The S-Classes That I Raised should be read for the aforementioned purposes.

The majority of us will be reminded of childhood TV shows we used to watch while doing our schoolwork and between episodes of Manga. You just remember the ridiculous stories and brawls between enormous robots or space pirates from Candy, Goldorak, or Albator.

Manga allows you to fall into the trap while you’re young and never get out. In the same way that the well-known online book The S-Class That I Raised was adapted into a manga. This novel’s manga/manhwa adaptation was written by Geunseo, who blended the comedy, action, and adventure genres. A total of 210 chapters have been translated, and more is being done.

Get rid of your assumptions if you are torn between being fascinated or repulsed. Some manga writers are experts in subtly exploring the personal and well-liked via their works. a case in point George Morikawa Yoichi Takahashi, Keisuke Itagaki, and Hirohiko Araki. “Kishihiro,” “Masashi Kishimoto,” and “Osamu Tezuka” The most well-known and wealthy manga creators are “Naoki Urasawa” and “Akiram Toriyama.”

The S-Classes That I Raised - Chapter 60


Why Should You Read The S-Class That I Raised Manga Online?

Reason 1: Chapter 1 of the S-Class that I Raised is available online for free to read.

Reason 2: You’ll be broadening your horizons, improving your creativity, and discovering a new hobby in your spare time.

Reason 3: Stunning images. The overall attractiveness of the manga art style may be enhanced by the mangaka. Additionally, a mangaka sometimes transforms the often adorable artwork into something profound. Like pretty much anything illustrated by Jun Mochizuki, Eiichiro Oda, Osamu Tezuka, or is excellent.

Reason 4: Children may read the manga S-Class that I Raised. You may enjoy reading Manga, and you shouldn’t feel bad about allowing your younger children to do the same.

Reason 5: For the Manga, there is an anime. After reading The S-Class that I Raised Manga, you may also enjoy watching the anime.

The Manga’s origins

Everything is legal in Japan, where one billion manga novels are sold annually. Golf, cuisine, sake, history, housewives, and steelworkers are just a few of the topics covered in the Manga. A limitless number of glances in the Manga multiply the point of view.

Mangas did first emerge in Japan in the 13th century. “Emakimonos” was the name given to their forefathers. These paper or silk scrolls included hand-drawn illustrations and calligraphy that told a tale. However, this art would only develop and become more democratic after the Second World War.

The post-war era resulted in a significant American impact in Japan, particularly with the importation of comic books. Osamu Tezuka, who is now regarded as the “God of Manga,” began modernizing Manga in 1947. He will have been the creator of the manga methods and codes that are known today.

Conclusion –

Popular online books with humor, action, and adventure include The S-Classes That I Raised. Currently, Geunseo’s work is accessible as a manhwa adaption. The F-Class Hunter. Plus, he has two younger brothers who are S-class and F-class, respectively, and who are both struggling to keep up with him.

Five years after living a life that was in ruins and even damaging the lives of my younger brother, I was granted a second opportunity by traveling through time. I decided that this time, I wouldn’t make the same mistakes and would live quietly and contentedly. That’s what I envisioned.

But I can’t seem to get away from the S-Ranks since they’re all so peculiar. You may read Chapter 60 of The S-Classes That I Raised here on their official website, The S-Classes That I Raised Manga Online and Webtoons, once it is posted on the scheduled date.

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