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Tàr Ending Explained: Everything You Need To Know


Look at Lydia Tár: as graceful and glitzy as a Saluki, a complexly coiled helix of intelligence, jittery tics, refined taste, and steely nerve. Watching Cate Blanchett play the most iconic role to appear on screen this year is experiencing a remarkable display of artistic doubling, in which Blanchett uses her angular body and a swift, slicing intelligence to portray a woman who is inventing herself in real-time.

Less a movie than a seductive deep dive into the unraveling mind of a woman who is simultaneously defined by and apart from the world; she has so confidently portrayed her role, “Tár” is a film that wraps around its fascinating antiheroine like a fawn-colored cashmere shawl.


We get a close-up view of Lydia in “Tár,” which is propelled by Cate Blanchett’s exceptional performance, thanks to her fervor on stage, her hyper-articulate wrath while discussing the complexities of music and everything else, and her spy-like movements. We occasionally almost breathe in unison with her. However, some elements of her continue to be kept from the public and, in a sense, from herself. She is a strong player who always understands what she is doing but not necessarily what it implies.

Pauline Kael’s daughter, Gina, discussed her mother’s “lack of reflection, self-awareness, constraint, or reluctance” and the “supreme freedom” it afforded her in “What She Said,” a documentary about the film critic. In the same way, is Lydia Tár. Furthermore, “Tár” is a film that isn’t afraid to hide some information from the spectator since it doesn’t simply narrate the tale of its lead character but also observes, studies, and mimics her. That’s how it tempts us to take a closer look at the movie.


A Still From The Movie, Tàr

Plot Of The Tàr

Before watching her narrative in a feature film, the plot synopsis presents Lydia Tár as a real-life figure that everyone should be familiar with. However, Tár is a completely fabricated scenario. The film will dig profoundly into the inventive strategy of artists and famous people and investigate the impacts that their devotion to their art can have on their emotional wellness and mind, which is maybe the greatest clue yet that the film will be, to some degree an editorial on how we view superstars and artists.

In the end, a lot of it is speculation because the teaser is so intentionally ambiguous (not that we’re complaining; a trailer that doesn’t reveal the whole movie these days is a breath of fresh air). Indeed, even yet, we might expect that Lydia Tár’s persona, in the same way as other of history’s most noteworthy artists, will be an unbending stickler who battles to find some harmony between her personal and proficient lives.

Who Is The Star Cast Of The Tàr 

As the main character, Cate Blanchett, Tàr sets the bar high. Tàr is only one of the movies Blanchett will feature in during the year 2022, demonstrating her continued commitment to her career. As well as voicing Sprezzatura in Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, she also served as the narrator for the Netflix film The School for Good and Evil. Don’t Look Up and Nightmare Alley is two of her most recent credits. Seven times nominated for an Oscar and twice the winner, Blanchett has already achieved this feat (Blue Jasmine, The Aviator). Will she get another chance to win a nomination with Tàr?

Cate Blanchett

Director Todd Field lauded Blanchett’s effort and readiness in a CBS interview, saying, “I’ve never worked with someone, ever, on a play or anything else, that gets there, and they know all of it.

The Tàr cast is also led by 

  • Mark Strong (The Kingsman, Zero Dark Thirty)
Mark Strong

Allan Corduner

  • Allan Corduner (Topsy-Turvy, Homeland)
Allan Corduner

Allan Corduner

  • Noémie Merlant (13th District, Paris, Portrait of a Lady on Fire)
Noémie Merlant

Julian Glover

  • Julian Glover (Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones)
Julian Glover

Julian Glover

  • Nina Hoss (Phoenix, Homeland)
Nina Hoss

Nina Hoss

  • Sophie Kauer, who made her acting debut with Tàr
Sophie Kauer

Sophie Kauer

Tàr Ending Explained

Tár tries to contain the damage soon after learning of Taylor’s suicide by removing all of her contacts with Taylor from her gadgets. She advises Francesca to follow suit, but Francesca refuses and avoids the question when pressed. Everyone expects Francesca would be allowed to become an assistant conductor; therefore, this may be the reason Tár decides against doing so. Nevertheless, expecting Francesca to acquiesce after her rejection backfires.

Francesca leaves and vanishes, however, not before dividing the messages that uncover the genuine relationship between Tár and Taylor. From that point, the emanation around Tár rapidly starts to break down. Individuals fight her at a book signing event; individuals from her symphony lose regard for her; Sharon questions their relationship and at last chooses to remove Tár from her and their adopted girl; lastly, her profession collapses, with her being taken out from filling in as a conductor on the Mahler piece.

She does not, however, stop there; she still has one more fit. Just offstage, we catch a glimpse of Tár in her tux as the show is set to begin. She starts to leave the room as if she’s going to take her position on the podium, but she suddenly sprints toward the man who was brought in to replace her, tackling him (Mark Strong). She shouts at him, hits him, and says it’s part of her show. That only serves to exacerbate the situation as her orchestra, and the crowd watches in disbelief as she is led away by security.

Tár is then summoned in to conduct an orchestra, albeit the location of that place isn’t made clear. When she practices with the orchestra, she gives the impression that she is taking the position seriously. The individuals who invited her to give her presents and take her on tours throughout the nation. When the performance time comes, she enters the stage, bows to the crowd, and starts the show. Still, something seems strange. It doesn’t take us long to discover that she’s not performing a rendition of a great symphony but rather the theme from a fantasy television show or film, with the crowd dressed as fans who are coming to celebrate their devotion rather than Tár or the music.

Cate Blanchett-Nina Hoss

Cate Blanchett, Along With Nina Hoss

Tár was compelled to perform for spectators who had no interest in the trade she had spent her life in as a result of everything she had done. She had fallen from the pinnacle of her business to the status of an afterthought. Tár has had a destiny akin to that of a female conductor she describes early in the film; she has been limited to guest conducting roles and has never achieved the full splendor that her ability deserves.

Some might contemplate whether Tár truly merited her discipline since we never get all the relevant information about her association with Taylor, and a tape of her example at Julliard is altered to exacerbate it than it was. But the point is that, regardless of how much power you believe you may have, the collapse in today’s culture may come quickly. Tár’s fate is brought on by self-inflicted wounds and arrogance, unlike the historical female musician she ends up like.


It’s a solace that Todd Field, whose past films Little Children and In The Bedroom are lamentable examinations of what happens when painstakingly created real factors start to implode, has aligned his subjects so wonderfully after a (very) extended vacation from the screen. Tár cannot be seen only partially while your eyes are on your phone or your thoughts are elsewhere. Your undivided attention is required. That’s a sign of great work, but it’s a discipline that so many modern filmmakers aren’t ready to require of their viewers.

Which makes Tár so unimaginable. Blink, and you’ll miss it, yet its opening and closing sequences are the most subtly revealing clues of what Lydia must decide to do to maintain herself. It’s anything but a “simple” film, precisely. Yet, it so luxuriously compensates the cautious watcher that you need to see it once more to see what you could never have known all along.

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