How Does The Thriller Survival Movie “Fall” End?

Fall 2022
Fall 2022

Who does not enjoy thriller films? The thriller without antagonists, weapons, or monsters, although it might not be your cup of tea. However, this thriller film, which only features two characters, will frighten, thrill, and even make you cry. One of the timeless thriller movies of 2022 is Fall, a Lionsgate Films production directed and written by Scott Mann.

Fall, a movie with just two protagonists, is gaining a lot of popularity day by day. Two best friends, Becky, and hunter, when go climbing 2000 feet radio tower in an abandoned area. They find themselves stuck on the top of the tower as the ladder they are climbing on collapses. As they cannot even contact 9-1-1, stuck friends try to survive on the top of the tower while finding a way to climb down.

Fall 2022 – The Plot

The movie’s protagonist Becky and another protagonist Hunter go mountain climbing. Even Becky’s husband Dan joins them in addition to her and Hunter. Dan stumbles and falls to his death while he is climbing. The experience causes Becky to become traumatized, start drinking, and isolate herself from the outside world.

Hunter, her sole best friend, cannot bear to see her depressed. Hunter urges Becky to face her fears and begin enjoying her life to the fullest as she also gives up climbing, something she loves most. After persuading Becky a lot, she agrees to climb the abandoned radio tower in a remote area with Hunter.

Fall 2022 - The Radio Tower
Fall 2022 – The Radio Tower

The next day, they start climbing on and successfully reach the top. While in the feeling of achievement, Becky disperses Dan’s ashes and finally lets him go with her fears. Becky and Hunter then start climbing down, but unfortunately, the stairs full of rust lose their ability to bear the weight of two people, consequently, breaks apart.

Becky and Hunter, at the top of 2000 foot radio station, cannot find their way back. They try using their cell phone but fail to get into the network. After so many tries, when they find a way to send an emergency message, the phone falls down and destroys, resulting in loss of network again.

Becky and Hunter notice two men are camping near the tower, so they get relieved and try to send an emergency signal to them through a flare gun. However, instead of saving their life, those two men steal Hunter’s jeep and run away.

Becky and Hunter - The Fall
A still from The Fall – Becky and Hunter stuck on the top.

Spending a day full of fear, Hunter is sure that someone will show up as they have already sent an emergency signal. However, no one comes leaving best friends alone on a 2000 feet tall scary Radio tower. Even though they understand that they made the biggest mistake of their lives, they know that they do not have the option to find a way out of the crisis.

However, their luck does not support them, and along with the near-death crisis, they also fall into an emotional crisis. Knowing the darkest secrets of Hunter, Becky starts hating her.

Fall 2022 – Ending Explained

After spending some time in fear on the top because of not eating and drinking enough water, Becky and Hunter get dehydrated, but they decide to stay put until morning. While watching Dan and Becky’s wedding video, Becky notices a tattoo on Hunter’s ankle.

The tattoo mentions 1-4-3. That’s what Dan used to say to Becky when he wanted to say I love you to her. Becky confronts Hunter about the same. Later on, Hunter confesses that she and Dan were dating for four months until their marriage. Even though Hunter apologizes to her, Becky does not seem to accept the apology.

Becky and Hunter from Fall
A still from Fall – Becky tries to climb down to the satellite dish

Struggling between life and death, the next morning, Hunter decides to climb down to the satellite dish, where they accidentally drop their bag, which consists of water and a drone. Hunter climbs down, retrieves the bag, and, with the help of Becky, the harness starts climbing up again. However, she loses her balance and falls on the satellite dish again.

Becky gets scared and peeks down to see if Hunter is okay. Happily, she finds Hunter alive, and Becky manages to pull Hunter up to the top. Retrieving the drone, Becky tries sending emergency help with the use of the drone, but the drone hits the truck and gets destroyed. Dehydrated Becky, who strives for life, finds no option than sending her own phone down for signal and help.

So, she asks Hunter for her another shoe, as they already lost her one shoe while sending help at the start. Becky tries to do the same again with the hope that they will survive. However, Hunter refuses to give her a shoe, and when Becky asks why Hunter says I’m down there.

At this point, Becky comes to a realization that she was only imagining Hunter and Hunter died a few hours back when she was trying to come up again, retrieving the bag and drone, but slips. It was only the bag that Becky pulled up and not Hunter.

She again peeks down and sees Hunter dead on the satellite dish. She starts imagining Hunter because she never wants to accept the fact her best friend is dead, and she is now all alone, wanting to survive but does not find any aid.

Becky From Fall
A still from Fall – Becky tries pulling Hunter and bag up

Consequently, keeping aside all that grief and trauma, Becky realizes that if she wants to survive, she has to go down to Hunter’s body and use her body to send her phone down. As a result, she carefully goes down, writes a message to her father, tears up her best friend’s body and puts the phone in the body, and throws the body down.

Fortunately, the phone plunged into Hunter’s body to get a signal, and Becky’s father, Jack, receives all her messages. After some time, Jack, with help, arrives at the location and saves his daughter. Here is where the film ends, leaving viewers sobbing uncontrollably throughout while constantly experiencing tiny anxiety shocks.

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