How To Get Taylor Swift Presale: Treat For Swifties’ Era

Taylor Swift Eras Tour; Credits: Twitter

Within a week of its release, Taylor Swift’s latest album Midnights broke Billboard and Spotify records. On Tuesday morning, the singer also revealed her 2023 called ‘Eras Tour. ‘ Since her last concert series, Swift has released four new albums, including Lover, the latest being Midnights.

This does not include re-recordings of her previous albums. What I’m trying to tell you is that fans will surely be craving tickets to these highly anticipated performances once they go on sale, so if you’re one of those girlfriends, to get yours now, you need to start planning!

Taylor Swift Concert; Credits: Instagram

Concert Dates

On March 18, 2023, Taylor kicks off the Eras Tour at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. From there, she’ll perform at her 19 other venues across the country, including Las Vegas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The current tour schedule includes the following dates and locations:

Saturday, March 18: Glendale, AZ
Saturday, March 25: Las Vegas, NV
Saturday, April 1: Arlington, TX
Sunday, April 2: Arlington, TX
Friday, April 14: Tampa, FL
Saturday, April 15: Tampa, FL
Saturday, April 22: Houston, TX
Friday, April 28: Atlanta, GA
Saturday, April 29: Atlanta, GA
Friday, May 5: Nashville, TN
Saturday, May 6: Nashville, TN
Friday, May 12: Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, May 13: Philadelphia, PA
Sunday, May 14: Philadelphia, PA
Friday, May 19: Foxborough, MA
Saturday, May 20: Foxborough, MA
Sunday, May 21: Foxborough, MA
Friday, May 26: East Rutherford, NJ
Saturday, May 27: East Rutherford, NJ
Sunday, May 28: East Rutherford, NJ
Friday, June 2: Chicago, IL
Saturday, June 3: Chicago, IL
Saturday, June 1o: Detroit, MI
Saturday, June 17: Pittsburgh, PA
Saturday, June 24: Minneapolis, MN
Saturday, July 1: Cincinnati, OH
Saturday, July 8: Kansas City, MO
Saturday, July 15: Denver, CO
Saturday, July 22: Seattle, WA
Sunday, July 23: Seattle, WA
Friday, July 28: Santa Clara, CA
Saturday, July 29: Santa Clara, CA
Thursday, August 3: Los Angeles, CA
Friday, August 4: Los Angeles, CA
Saturday, August 5: Los Angeles, CA

Taylor Swift Eras Tour; Credits: BuzzFeed

Taylor Swift tickets, contrary to expectations, are surprisingly cheap, or at least are on the low end. According to Variety, tickets range from $49 to $449, and VIP packages range from $199 to $899.

Tickets For Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Release Date & Time

Advance tickets for The Eras Tour won’t be available to the general public until November 18, but Capital One credit and debit cardholders will have access a few days in advance. Capital One is the National Presentation Partner for the tour.

Capital One debit and credit cardholders can participate in the pre-sale on November 15 at 2 pm. It runs until 10 pm on November 17. Local time or until stock lasts. There are a variety of advance tickets available, including premium options, allowing cardholders to browse seats in different areas.

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Presale Tickets: How To Get

The process of buying Taylor Swift tickets has never been easier without the pent-up demand from her vogue days. You need luck, so good luck. Here’s what you should do to increase your chances: Option 1 is to make a TicketMaster Account and register yourself. If you don’t register, you won’t be able to get ahold of the tickets in the first round.

As soon as you’re in the front row, you have the option to sign up for Ticketmaster (so it’s very important that you already have an account). After registering, please enter the necessary information, such as the performance you want tickets for. If the first selection doesn’t work, you can select up to two backup shows in addition to the show you need to select.

Option 2 is to have a Capital One Card. To access the Capital One cardholder pre-sale, visit the ticketing website during the pre-sale period and enter the promotional code and the first six digits of your Capital One card number.

Use your eligible Capital One Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card to complete your purchase. According to Capital One, all Visa or Mastercard credit and debit cardholders will have access to the pre-sale. So if you have a card like the Capital One Venture Rewards credit card, be sure to pre-sell it November 15-17.

Other Benefits To Owning Capital One Card:

If you don’t currently have a Capital One card but would like access to Taylor Swift concert tickets, consider one of the following options: If you sign up today before the pre-sale starts, you should receive your ticket number. In addition to pre-sale tickets for Taylor Swift, Capital One offers cardholders a wide range of benefits for a premium experience.

Benefits include early access to tickets, on-site gifts at sporting and music events, and using Capital One Miles to upgrade your experience at select events. Tickets can sell out in minutes, as Harry Styles supporters discovered when trying to get advance tickets for his latest tour. Due to the pre-sale period for The Eras Tour, Capital One’s tickets have an advantage over the competition.