Where Is The Great Gatsby Filmed? About the Plot and Filming Location

The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby

Everyone is wondering ‘Where was the great Gatsby filmed?’ after the success of the movie. When it comes to movie making from a novel’s plot, every bookworm’s expectation is high. However, it merely depends on the actor’s skills and location to do the magic. The location plays a key role as it should match every description given in the novel. A tragic love story of a self-made millionaire, Gatsby, and a wealthy woman, Daisy. Nick Carraway, a Yale graduate, narrated the whole story. The American dream title, given to the novel.

In this article you’ll read more about the movies, novels plot, fans most asked questions and their answers and Where the great gatsby filmed. F. Scott Fitzgerald is the writer of The Great Gatsby. The novel was published by Charles Scribner’s Sons. In between novels, some of the bullet points are Class Differentiation and the arrogance of wealthy people. The plot of The Great Gatsby is simple yet effective.

The Great Gatsby plot:

 A Yale graduate, Nick, gets flashbacks from his past. In 1922, he bought a house in the west-east of Long Island. Across the river, among one of the wealthy people, lives his cousin, Daisy, with his Husband, Tom. In one of their get together, Nick discovers that Tom has a Mistress in the city. Meanwhile, Daisy confessed to Nick that she had been unhappy in her marriage.

In early July, tom takes nick to the city and introduces him to his Mistress, Myrtle Wilson, the wife of George Wilson. All of them were accompanied by her sister and a few of her friends. In a heavily drunken state, tom punches Myrtle when she brings up Daisy. Later that summer, Nick gets an invitation to one of his Neighbor’s parties. When he arrives, he is astonished by seeing people back bitch about the hostess.

Everyone wants to know the past of the hostess, the self-made Millionaire, Jay Gatsby. After a while, Gatsby tells Nick that he belongs to a wealthy family with his parents dead. Although, nick doesn’t buy it. Nick acknowledges Gatsby and Daisy’s past. Both were in love 5 years back but when Gatsby went to the war and daisy married tom.

When daisy comes face to face with Gatsby, their love rekindles. Soon tom becomes aware of their past and present affair. Later, lots of drama happens at the plaza with everyone, and tom tells everyone that gatsby earned all his money illegally. Gatsby declines everything, although this might all be true. Blinded by rage, Daisy causes an accident in gatsby’s car in which Myrtle is dead. In the end, Mis-informed Wilson kills Gatsby for killing his wife. Meanwhile, Tom and daisy fled to the west leaving, Nick in shock. Nick soon arranged the funeral and moved away.

Where Is The Great Gatsby Filmed
The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby movies cast:

Some of the lead actors were Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway, Carey Mulligan as Daisy, and Joel Edgerton as Tom.

The Great Gatsby filming location:

Sydney was chosen as a more suitable location. Several scenes were shot at different parts of the city, some were: Gatsby Mansion filmed in St. Patrick’s Seminary, Gatsby Estate, Nick Carraway’s house, and Entrance to Buchanan’s Mansion filmed in Centennial Park. And Gatsby’s Funeral scene was filmed in  Waverley Cemetery, Bronte.

Sydney is the capital city of new south wale of Australia and Oceania, famous for its Popular Sydney opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sydney comes in the top 10 Livable Cities. It is believed Sydney will be the world’s most populous city after 20 years. State Theatre, which opened in 1929 the oldest theatre in Sydney.

Where Is The Great Gatsby Filmed
The Great Gatsby

Movies with the same filming location:

The silent Agreement(2017), Accident Happens(2009), Alien: Covenant(2017), Better Watch Out(2016) and Children of Corn(2020). Sydney is an attractive place. Many of the movies are shooting there. The Great Gatsby is one of them. It is also called Alpha Global City by Globalization and World Cities Research network. I hope you found this article relevant.

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