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All Girls Garage Season 11 Episode 14: Recap Release Date And Streaming Guide

all girls garage
all girls garage (credits - amazon)

A car repair shop is run by women mechanics in the reality television series All Girl Garage. The level of detail and care with which these females approach difficult car repair and remodeling tasks is amazing.

Bogi is a technician that is certified by both ASE and BMW and who constructs custom cars. She spent almost ten years running the Girl Gang Garage, an auto repair shop, and she worked on the MotorTrend TV Garage Squad. She also had a podcast called the Trades Lady Happy Hour. Faye Hadley is a Master Certified mechanic who also owns the Pistons & PixieDist and has a successful YouTube channel where she teaches car owners how to fix typical automotive issues. She serves as a co-host for Motor MythBusters in addition to other shows.

Recap Of All Girls Garage’s Previous Seasons

poster of all girls garage

poster of all girl’s garage (credits: youtube tv)

Season 1 

It’s time to unlock the doors to the All Girls Garage. While putting a damaged 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa back on the road, the girls look into the problem of a 2002 BMW’s bad idle. Jessi gives us some useful welding tips as she constructs a new welding table. 

Custom steering and gauges were part of the final touches applied by the team at All Girls Garage on a one-of-a-kind Camaro. Jessi and Bogi suggest to their friend to purchase the 1969 Camaro after inspecting it. They found out from their investigation of this barn find Z28 that it needed a lot of attention. Now is the appropriate moment for the bill!

Season 2

The women are required to turn a basic Dodge Charger RT into a police car for a movie. A fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro gets modifications from the women, including a supercharger and a body package. Building and putting to the test a dirt bike by Kawasaki and a motorcycle by Yamaha R6. An old Jeep body and a destroyed Jeep frame are combined by the women to create a sturdy vehicle; female students from a technical institute assist with the endeavor. Heavy metal band Drowning Pool’s lead guitarist wants his 2007 Hummer H2’s sound and performance to be improved. The women resize the hood to match the off-road Project Jeep’s mocked-up body. 

The 1995 BMW’s clutch and drive shaft were fixed, while the interior and suspension of the 1983 El Camino were updated. The Girls look for a car to fix in the neighborhood auto salvage yard. Unable to operate his 2012 Dodge Power Wagon on his own, a wounded veteran. The women demonstrate how to make a contemporary LS1 engine appear like the original engine in a 1969 Corvette. A BMW 650i receives upkeep and modifications from the women before being driven about by the fancy car. The women aid in the restoration of a 1967 Chevy pickup. The young ladies refurbish a 1967 Chevy vehicle.

Season 3

Speed, handling, and appearance Everything is available in the Lotus Elise. The 1.8L engine gets some attention from the girls this week as the Lotus is raised to receive a new rear end. To prepare the body for painting, the girls find a rare 1970 GTO. When the restoration is complete, we’ll watch it go from the shed to the showroom. For Bogi’s ultimate wish list, the girls bring in their BMW 335i. Including a new center-mount intercooler, the German salon car will receive some significant upgrades. It may have been stuck when the Infiniti G35 was delivered, but that is not how it will be when it leaves. The girls watch as it produces power with a bolt-on turbocharger.

The gals get to work on some pretty cool, customized off-road Baja-style VW buggies. As these Beetles are being prepared for the beach, step right up to the hood. The females modify a Yamaha Bolt motorbike. After that, they’ll ride some bikes on a cruise before traveling to Daytona to check out the custom creations at the event. The girls enlist Wyotech’s assistance to transform a battered 1970 Barracuda that rolls into the shop into the ideal sleeper. Before making a splash at a nearby auto show, the All Girls Garage team enlists more assistance to install a new engine and suspension on their 1970 Barracuda.

When the women take the wheel of a Subaru BRZ, they put their newfound understanding of vehicle dynamics to action as they learn about understeer and oversteer in a tactical driving school. The girls are going to the Monster Jam world headquarters to find out how to change the transfer case on their monster truck. After finishing its paint job, the 1970 GTO project appears to be ready for the showroom. The females must finish off their work on the engine first, though. It can be costly to have neglected projects take up space. The team’s task is to complete the Jeep project before the deadline, or it won’t be able to return home. 

Season 4

all girls garage s4 poster

all girls garage season 4 poster (credits: amazon)

On a numbers-matching 1972 Chevelle big block, the team prepares an engine. To get the power to the ground, the women build a new exhaust, air intake, and tuner. A farm jeep is prevented by the girls from being permanently parked in the barn. To get it back up and running, they identify certain issues and carry out some repairs. The women are required to install a 3-inch body raise on a 1998 Hummer H1 so that the owner’s car can accommodate a new ladder rack. On a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado, the women install an Edelbrock supercharger and a Borla exhaust. The ladies are up against a challenge from Jared from “Car Fix.” They quickly discover how much effort is required to remove an original engine from a Pontiac TransAm Y88.

A customized Chevrolet Camaro gets given its finishing touches, including custom steering and instrumentation. The ladies focus on the vehicle’s engine and suspension after a 1969 AMC AMX leaves the paint shop. The women use a basic Ford F-150 to show how to build a Raptor replica. The technicians show what it takes to start a Nissan 370Z equipped with an LS3 engine. The women transform a basic Victory shooter into a contemporary bobber motorcycle. The women walk through upgrading a cam on an LT1 engine. The girls receive some unwelcome zombie visitors in the store. To prepare for the next Zombie attack, they outfit a project vehicle. 

Season 5 

The crew modifies the 1970 Camaro Z-28’s front and rear suspension and changes the inside door panels to better showcase its high caliber. A 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback that requires restoration is discovered by the squad. Over a year ago, the car’s engine quit working, and now rust is destroying the body. To make a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Pro Touring handle like a current car, the crew installs a rack-and-pinion setup along with a new steering column. The majority of 1973 AMX Gremlins have some gremlins of their own. The girls acquire a Gremlin X with an over-oiling issue and create a unique remedy to get this Gremlin back on the road.

The Adventure, Sport, and Roadster models of three different BMW motorcycle platforms are the targets of the team’s modifications. Before the car’s owner returns home on vacation, the women attempt to convert a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle that has just left the paint shop into a rolling chassis. The women create a unique Jeep monster in black and red to see how quickly it sells. They aim to prevent any vehicles from going unsold.

By installing stronger turbos, an exhaust system, and a tune, the crew shows how to increase power with a Twin-Turbo EcoBoost. The women build a bolt-on supercharger on a new Chevrolet Camaro to perform some prototype work. The girls modify a BMW that is only used for racing by adding an intercooler, two turbos, and a tune. They find out later what sort of quarter-mile time it produces. The group helps restart the project by rescuing a 1966 Pontiac GTO from the body shop. The women seek to increase the speed and responsiveness of a first-generation Mini Cooper. Despite the car’s diminutive size, it delivers a substantial amount of labor. The girls seize a unique opportunity to operate a genuine 1967 Shelby GT500. 

Season 6

The gals bring in an Auburn Speedster replica that has some issues. The All Girls Garage crew brings this relic of the past into the present. Two-panel trucks are brought in by the girls; one receives a new backseat, while the other is re-fired. The ladies test drive the cars one more time before the day is over. One stock Chevrolet Camaro from a local club is customized for the track, while another is adapted for the street.

In most cars, little motors perform crucial tasks like power windows and seats. The team illustrates this by demonstrating how to stay up-to-date when working with electric motors. Christy is touring Florida for a total of 12 days by cruise ship. At the All Girls Garage after her trip, she stops to get some much-needed equipment. A 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS/SS with concealed headlights is repaired by the females, who also restore the factory air conditioning and cold air. A Supercharger is the only thing needed to transform a Grandsport into the greatest Corvette currently on the road. The group locates one and evaluates the added power in a 2017 C7.

The group completes the wish list for a military mother’s 5.0 Mustang. The best part is that you can complete them with hand tools in a driveway. 1978 was one of the Mustang’s largely forgotten model years. New bumpers and a hood are among the components the girls find for it. The girls intend to sell the collectible car for a sizable profit after restoring the all-original ’63 split-window Corvette they found.

Season 7 

all girls garage s7 poster

all girls garage season 7 poster (amazon)

The AGG Team will have to replace the brakes, bleed the clutch, install a new radiator, and reconstruct the front end with new headlights on the M-3 BMW that Bogi finds and wants to buy for herself. The AGG crew converts a Scat Pack Challenger into a prototype twin turbo kit before adding new axles to the back end to increase strength. The AGG crew will give a top-to-bottom breakdown of how to replace and rebuild a convertible top, which is a common problem with convertible tops from the late 1960s and early 1970s. By demonstrating how to install a 355 crate engine for a 1933 Ford Roadster, the team tests the 

It’s time to stop worrying about the standard engine in the car because the long-forgotten Mustang has returned. “All Girls Garagethree-wheeled “episode; a Polaris Slingshot and a Vanderhall to play with; Despite having car engines, the fact that both vehicles have three wheels causes them to be classified as motorbikes.

The big task is installing a new all-electronic 4L60 E Transmission on the girls’ vintage 1965 Chevy C10, which they bring along and call Old Red. The sisters show viewers how to retrofit an original Jeepster Commando with a unique power steering configuration. What are some ways to increase a 1970s Lincoln’s horsepower and fuel efficiency? Injection of electronic fuel. To maintain the factory look, the girls bolt it on. 

Season 8 

Three female employees at an auto repair shop undertake difficult repairs and restorations while also overcoming several obstacles. The girls discuss the type of maintenance required on a company’s work truck, perform some routine maintenance, fix some broken parts, and perform a few upgrades. The girls replace the convertible top’s mechanics and install new external components on a partially finished but functional Pontiac GTO convertible. The owner of a 2005 Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon wants to use it off-road; thus, it is at the All Girls Garage. It will require a new long-arm suspension kit, a new roll cage, and new tires.

The girls will finish off a few interior and exterior tasks to bring this restoration project for a 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe to a successful conclusion. A 1971 Pontiac LeMans that is having overheating problems is brought into the shop. The team will update the radiator and install electric fans before starting to replace some worn interior components.

The Jeep Gladiator was re-released for 2020, and one is currently in the shop. The crew brings in a 1976 J10 for comparison because the owner wants to customize it. A mother looking for excitement wants a muscle automobile. A 1969 Corvette gets a top-end rebuild, an EFI, and the OEM side exhaust installed by the gals. The crew turns a 2018 Kia Stinger GT into a monster with enhanced exhaust, a new cold-air intake, and a few more surprises aftermarket goodies installed at the request of the owner.

Season 9

A new EFI system is bolted onto a 1969 Mustang with a supercharged stroker engine to improve the vehicle’s throttle responsiveness. Once that is done, and a new fuel pump is connected, the greater boost is obvious. The girls locate an unmodified AMG E 55 and perform some European hot rodding; to get the AMG ready to go, they install some long tube headers, a smaller pulley to let the supercharger spin more quickly, and a tune. The crew works to solve the fuel setup issue with an MGB powered by a Ford Ranger engine and attempts to put the vintage vehicle back on the road for the first time in a long time.

The team persuades the owner to swap his weak small-block engine for an overpowered one to improve the horsepower of a Camaro. The crew examines the engine to determine whether it has to be rebuilt before overhauling the gasoline delivery system to help this project overcome some significant obstacles. This mid-engine classic needs to get back on the road.

The girls bring in a brand-new Toyota Supra and fulfill Faye’s fantasy by adding aftermarket components and the ideal exhaust. The girls assist a vintage Mustang owner with a spinal cord injury in completing some interior components, as well as correctly hanging the mufflers and installing some new rear shocks. To demonstrate how to install performance upgrades that make the Alfa Romeo Giulia go faster and even more efficiently, Bogi and Faye bring the car in for a demonstration.

Season 10

The owner of a vintage Chevelle decides to update to EFI, correct an issue with his uni-lug wheels, and install a brand-new serpentine system to address his list of to-dos. The team demonstrates how to connect a 2JZ Toyota engine and a BMW dual-clutch transmission using a bespoke bracket, then install it in the car after obtaining the proper engine mounts. With her own 4Runner Shop Truck, Faye can now finally work on cars. The girls demonstrate additional suspension components you may work on simultaneously while you work on the suspension lift she needs to perform to tow hefty engines with it. 

The girls get to modify a 991 GT3 RS with the first-ever supercharger package, which will give the German sports car over 600HP to the rear wheels. It has numerous leaks, lacks seatbelts, and might use suspension improvements, so the girls need to make a 1948 Oldsmobile safer for cruising. Having obtained a brand-new Dodge Challenger RT, Bogi and Faye knew they couldn’t leave it in stock. They go on a shopping binge for Mopar components, and they come across a tonne of them to work on the suspension, the engine, and even the wheels! Ian begins work on a customized Jeep JK chassis and all-aluminum Land Rover Defender, which will be powered by a Cummins R2.8 engine.

By bringing in a Mazda RX-7, the girls are allowed to work on a rotary-style engine for the first time. They’ll disassemble the rotary engine to demonstrate its operation and put a new clutch on the Mazda to restart it. It’s time for the ladies to return the favor. They assist a single mother who was involved in an accident with her Nissan Armada in getting it restored and back on the road for free. The girls then demonstrate how to fix the front end of the vehicle so that the mother may return to work.

all girls garage s11 still poster

all girls garage season 11 (credits: amazon)

Release Date And Streaming Guide For the 14th Episode Of Season 11 of All Girls Garage

The 12th of November 2022 marks the premiere of All Girls Garage Season 11 Episode 14 and, finally, the last episode of this season. There are several platforms where you may watch All Girls Garage Season 11 Episode 14. At the time we’ve specified above, Motor Trend will be streaming it. In addition, you may always browse Spectrum TV’s most recent entries. The most recent episodes of the program can be viewed through demand services as well. They are available on websites like Apple iTunes and Amazon Prime Video. Google Play and Vudu Fandango are further on-demand services.


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