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One Tree Hill Filming Locations: Everything You Need To Know

one tree hill filming locations

One Tree Hill is an American drama television series that premiered on September 23, 2003. It was created by Mark Schwahn. The show did amazing as the audience gave all their love and praises to the show. Currently, it has nine seasons which shows the popularity of the show. It has got amazing ratings on every platform as it has been praised by everyone, whether it is the audience, fans, or even the critics themselves.

One thing that was more fascinating about the show other than its story was its shooting locations. The shoot of show has taken place t very amazing places, and the fans seem curious to know about these shooting locations. If you are one of these fans, we got you all covered. There are some shooting sites that every fan can visit also. So, without any delay, let’s start with these amazing locations.

Haley’s Childhood Home

Haley's Childhood Home

In our list, the first attraction was Haley’s Childhood Home. James’s house is located to the left of Peyton Sawyer’s house. This is the house where Haley lived with her parents. Her childhood was spent in this house. In the show, outside of the house is rarely seen, but it is included in the scene where Haley and Nathan share their first kiss! It is no wonder that this turned out to be the perfect place for their first kiss.

The Scott’s House

The Scott's House

This house deserved to be on this list. To be honest, it still looks beautiful and the same as it was in 2003. It is Nathan’s childhood home, where he learned to play basketball. It is the same house where Lucas and Peyton share their first kiss.

It is the same place where Nathan and Brooke’s sex tape was released and so much more. This home is not as memorable as other film locations, but it is the place where most dramatic scenes happen. So, this location deserved to be on this list.

The Rivercourt

The Rivercourt

The Rivercourt is one of the most famous locations of the show. It is also one of the most memorable shooting locations of the show, as the fans remember it. It is located in Battleship Park next to Battleship North Carolina.

It was the place where Lucas Scott and his friends Marvin McFadden, Antwon Tanner, and Jimmy Edwards hung out together and played basketball together. Lucas and his parents were able to escape the jocks. This was the place where they got each other’s company. It is an iconic place for the show and its cast.

Karen’s Cafe

Karen's Cafe

It was specially constructed for the show in a building on the Corner of Grace St. and N Front St. However, the building was, later in the show,  amended to house Brookes’s clothing line “Clothes over Bro’s” before being changed back again. The fans could easily recognize this building with the red details on the outside of the building.

Grace Street Church

Grace Street Church

The Grace Street Church has been used many times in the show for shooting different weddings: Keith and Jules’s doomed wedding, Brooke and Julian’s Wedding, and Lucas and Lindsay’s non-wedding disaster. Thus, it played a major role in the shooting of the show, making it a memorable place for the fans, audience as well as the cast of the show themselves.

In the church, you can find the spot where they filmed Lindsay looking at Peyton’s car and realizing ‘The Comet’ is Peyton, ultimately causing her to stop her wedding to Lucas. This incident always reminds the fans of the show about this church which became an integral part of the show.

Tree Hill High

Tree Hill High

Just like the Rivercourt, this location also holds a special place for the show and is the most iconic shooting location. However, the building with the white walkaway into the entrance of the High School has had renovations, and the walkway is no longer there.

Still, you can see the white facade over the doors to the class. However, you are not allowed to walk where the cast of the show did once. The corridor which Lucas carries Payton out is visible from the outside, but you will not be allowed to enter as it is private property.

The Bridge

The Bridge

Any fan of this show knows how important this bridge is for the show. This iconic bridge can be found at 6th Street Bridge, near Hanover Street. This bridge is easily recognizable to the fans despite different camera angles.

Peyton Sawyer’s House

Peyton Sawyer’s House

This house is situated at 1901 Chestnut Street, Wilmington, NC 28405. The production team of the show hired this house and used it as the house for Peyton’s home until Season 5. The team used the interior as well as the exterior for filming. There is a garden in the house, which seemed fun to stand in.

There are various other filming locations for the show. However, we provided you with the important and memorable ones. As of now, it is time for us to conclude our article on the coverage of the given topic. We hope you liked reading about our article.

In the comment box, let us know your thoughts and opinions about the show. We will love to hear from our lovely readers. We hope to see you all again as soon as possible with a new piece of the new article.

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