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Strays Season 2 Episode 9: Recap Preview Release Date And Streaming Guide

Sitcom- short for situation comedy- is a genre of comedy that features a fixed set of characters who mostly remain the same and carry over from episode to episode. Sitcoms are in no way to be mistaken for sketch comedy or stand-up comedy and have fairly visible differences from the other two. Sitcoms, though they originated from radio, are now mostly found on television as one of their most dominant narrative forms. Sitcoms can either be recorded in front of a studio audience or not, depending on the show’s format, though the environment is created by using a pre-recorded studio audience laugh track in case of the latter.

With the advent of more and more television channels and OTT (over-the-top) platforms, the audience for sitcoms has increased many a-fold. Sitcoms have emerged as one of the leading genres for television shows, web series, or movies in every language, with many of the most iconic shows, such as “Friends” belonging to this category.

One such situation comedy in recent years is “Strays.” Strays is a Canadian television sitcom that aired on CBC Television for its first season. The show was planning to start production in 2020 but delayed it till 2021 because of Covid protocols the Canadian government had set in the wake of Covid-19. The show premiered on 14th September 2021. The show is a spinoff of Kim’s Convenience, another Canadian sitcom that centered around a Korean-Canadian Kim family who run a convenience store in the Moss Park neighborhood of Toronto and consist of a father, a mother, a daughter, and an estranged son. The show ran from 2016 to 2021. Strays follow Shannon’s life in the front.

Strays, however, had to face its fair share of hiccups, too, during production. One major hiccup was that the show initially faced some backlash and criticism over the fact that Shannon- the only white character in the core cast- was the only one getting her own spinoff from the core cast of Kim’s Convenience while none of the show’s Asian cast got one which according to the critics implied that the producers were practicing racism towards Asians.

However, John Doyle, a well-known television critic of The Globe and Mail, soon put an end to these discussions. He explained that all the characters in Kim’s Convenience were originally part of Ins Choi’s theatrical play and were drawn from it for the show, while Shannon was the only character who was created for the show and hence was the only intellectual property of the show. Hence only Shannon among the characters could have a spinoff which Ins Choi’s involvement.

Strays Season 2 Episode 9

Shannon Ross (credits: CBC)

Strays have had a successful first season and are going strong into the second. Each season will have ten episodes. The show was filmed in Hamilton and Ontario in Canada. Kevin White, Alexandra Raffe, and Ivan Fecan are the executive producers of the show, while Ivan Fecan and Sandra Cunningham are the show’s producers. The role of editor for the show has been fulfilled by Aren Hansen, while ThunderBird Entertainment is the production company for the show.

The Plot Of Strays Season 2 Episode 9

The show revolves around Shannon Shannon Ross from Kim’s Convenience, as mentioned earlier. The shows the life of Shannon as she embarks on a new career as an executive director of an animal shelter in Hamilton. The first few episodes of the show were reviewed by John Doyle, who wrote that the sheer energy of Strays is admirable. He said that it is gagging galore and that it can be a fiendishly clever contrivance, which is often anchored in the style of that theatrical staple, the British bedroom farce. He also said at the same time, Strays is a distinctly contemporary Canadian series that has a diverse cast, and if there is any tincture o subtext, that subtext is tolerable. However, we would hardly notice it with all the exuberance on display. Finally, he also said that cute animals everywhere make the show more likable.

The viewer reviews, however, were found to be a mix of emotions, though inclined towards positive views. Some of the viewers claim that the show has poor writing and few laughs, which is the result of a hurried development of the show in order to get Nicole her spinoff as soon as possible. However, on the other hand, a lot of viewers appreciated the show stating that the series has been beautifully shot and the relationships are fun and quirky, and it is overall refreshing to watch.

Strays Season 2 Episode 9

The new team of Shannon (credits: CBC)

The Cast Of Strays Season 2 Episode 9

The show has quite some recognized and good actors. Each of the actors fulfills his/her role gracefully. Nicole Power, an acclaimed actress who was nominated as the “Best Supporting Actress” twice, is playing Shannon Ross. Frank Cox-O’Connell is playing the character of Kristian. Tina Jung is cast as Joy. Nikki Duval is cast as Nikki in the show. Kevin Vidal, a Canadian Actor who is well known for his role in Sunnyside, is fulfilling the character of Liam. Antonio Nappo, an Italian-Canadian actor who is well-known for his role in Four Brothers, is playing the character of Paul. Paula Boudreau is cast as Aunt Peggy, and finally, Emily Piggford is cast as Lara in the show.

Recap for Strays Season 2 Episode 9

Before diving into Strays Season 2 Episode 9, let us have a rough recap of the episodes- without disclosing any spoilers- of Season 2 that have aired to date. The genre of the sitcom is such that none of the episodes are connected, and each episode deals with a different and unique situation the characters have to deal with. Let us deal with each episode individually such that you get a better idea of what is in store for Episode 9. In the first episode, we find Shannon in a fix as she meets an unwanted guest in the parking lot of Hamilton East Animal Shelter and tries to balance community along with trying to impress a new board member.

In the second episode, we find Shannon struggling with maintaining boundaries with Tonya as they are collaborating on the newly introduced Gran-Paws program. In the third episode, we find a lot going on. We find Shannon considering reconnecting with her birth mother and also bringing Joy to meet a new potential donor. On the other hand, Kristian helps Paul connect with a childhood hero. In the fourth episode, we see Shannon making an appointment with the therapist. We also find Lara tutoring Joy about keeping her emotions in check.

On the other hand, we see Nikki letting Aunt Peggy assist in dog grooming in the shelter. In the fifth episode, we witness a Reality Tv party. We also find out that Nikki hates Paul’s new partner, while we see Kristian and Liam helping Lara with her thoughts of dating Ravi. In the sixth episode, we see Shannon finding something unexpected during a video for the Gran-Paws program.

We also find Paul convinced about chasing his dream. On the other hand, we see that Joy keeps a secret. In the seventh episode, we find a text mishap disrupting Shannon’s Gran-Paws shelter visit. While on the other hand, we find Kristian is forced to un-book a special day off due to unplanned circumstances. Finally, in the eighth episode, Shannon gives a surprise to Doris while Travis is away. We also find Liam helping Paul with a land deal, and Lara and Kristian are trying to impress Lara’s dad.

Strays Season 2 Episode 9

Shannon Ross with a dog ( credits: CBC)

Preview Of Strays Season 2 Episode 9

All the episodes of Strays Season 2 that have aired to date have received positive reviews from the viewers in terms of quality and direction, and Strays Season 2 Episode 9 is expected to be no different. There has been no official preview released for Strays Season 2 Episode 9. In the ninth episode, we will find Shannon caught between Travis and his past. On the other hand, we will find Kristian seeking a promotion.

strays season 2 episode 9

Strays Season 2 Episode 9 (credits: IMDb)

Release Date of Strays Season 2 Episode 9

Strays Season 2 Episode 9 has been titled ” Promoting from within” and is written by Kevin White and is set to release on 8th November 2022 at 8:30 pm Canadian time.

Streaming Guide of Strays Season 2 Episode 9

Strays Season 2 Episode 9 can be watched on CBC Television Network in the above-mentioned time and slot. Strays Season 2 Episode 9 can also be watched on CBC Gem, CBC Television’s video-on-demand platform that allows live streaming and on-demand programming from CBC Television. CBC Gem premium is the ad-free version of CBC Gem, allowing exclusive access to CBC News Network and is available at 4.99$/month and can be canceled anytime.

So get your schedule free, as Strays Season 2 Episode 9 is expected to be a refreshing watch.



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