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Oblivion: Filming Locations And Everything We Know

Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough in "Oblivion" (Credits: IMDb)

Oblivion is an action-adventure film set in the post-apocalyptic world. The film has a very captivating storyline. The audience loved this engaging story, and the critics also praised the acting of Tom Cruise and others. This has gained this film fans and followers from all over the world. Some have even become big-time fans. They want to know every little detail of the film.

So, today we’ll explore the lesser-known facts about the film. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the film shows us the story of Jack Harper and Victoria Olsen. They are fighting a war against some extraterrestrial aliens, but there are many more details about it.

Now, before discussing the filming locations of Oblivion, let’s explore the plot to better understand the meaning of the story. This will contain some spoilers. So, if you don’t want any, I’d suggest you watch the film first, and then proceed.

The Plot Of Oblivion


Tom Cruise in “Oblivion” (Credits: IMDb)

At the start of the film, we are shown Jack Harper and Victoria Olsen, who successfully survived and are among the few people alive on Earth in 2077. Then the film takes us sixty years back to when a race of scavenger aliens attacked the Earth and destroyed the Moon during the war. The humans eventually won it, but the cost was too high.

The aftermath of the war has made the Earth uninhabitable for humans. Now, we are shown Harper continues to fix the combat drones, which are used to find and hunt the remaining scavengers. They are also used to guard hydroelectric platforms, which convert seawater into fusion energy. While he continues to do his job, Olsen accompanies him throughout. She is Harper’s communications officer.

The duo then reports to Sally, who is the mission commander. Sally is currently aboard ‘Tet,’ which is a space station. They inform her that they will depart for the Titan and reunite with the rest of the humans within two weeks. The noticeable fact here is that Harper and Olsen’s memories have been wiped. Regardless of that, Harper still has constant dreams of life before the war.

And he has visions of being with an unknown woman. Here I end the discussion of the plot and give away any more spoilers. This movie scored 7/10 on IMDb. So, if you want the full experience, I’d advise you to watch the film. It’s available on Netflix.

Oblivion Filming Locations:

This film has been shot in many different locations due to its vivid storyline and locations. Here are the locations where Oblivion was shot. The Celtic Media Centre is one of the largest studio facilities in Louisiana. The film demanded huge sets. So, the production team made a very wise choice. It is a 30-acre site with 150,000 feet of stage space.


Skytower in “Oblivion” (Credits: Buzzfeed)

The home of Jack and Vika, the ‘Skytower,’ was also constructed in the studio. The structure was situated 3,000 feet above Earth’s surface in the film. To make sure to capture the perfect sky reflections, the director refrained from using the traditional green-screen technology. The Empire State gift shop and the New York hotel room were also recreated in this studio itself.

Market Street Power Plant, New Orleans


“Oblivion” location: fortress of the human survivors Market Street Power Plant, New Orleans (Credits: Wikimedia/ Anthony Turducken)

The ‘Raven Rock’ hideout, which was used by undetected human survivors, was shot inside the Market Street Power Plant, New Orleans. It has an area of six acres. The plant was closed down in 1973. Now it provides some good scenery of industrial decay.

Thompson Creek, Mississippi

The ‘zone’ was filmed here. It was filmed in the man-made sand dunes on Thompson Creek. This area has also been used in the movies like GI Joe: Retaliation.

Country of Iceland

The scenery of the ruined Earth was filmed in Iceland. They completed the shooting in a very tight schedule of 10 days.

Jokulheimar, Iceland

In the Jokulheimar district, there is a region that is famous for its black sand. The filming crew shot Jack riding his Moto Bike across the uncanny terrain. The post-war version of the Empire State Building observation deck was also constructed here.

June Lake, California

Jack’s heavenly rustic withdrawal was set up on the shores of the June Lake in Central California. There are many vacation cabins on this property that were built as early as the 20th century.


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