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Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 5 Recap Release Date Preview And Streaming Guide

Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 5
Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 5 Poster

The award-winning history and science television series Secrets of the Dead debuted in 2000. The episodes of the show explain historical mysteries and recount various historical events in a documentary-style presentation for us. The use of cutting-edge technologies in the show helps to answer several historical puzzles. Along with the available source material, they also include first-person accounts and fictionalized dramatic events to increase the narrative’s attractiveness. The viewing experience is enhanced by this.

With Season 20, of which four episodes have already been broadcast, the show is back. This season appears to be promising and, like earlier ones, is a great choice for fans of global history and nerds. Jay O. Sanders has been serving as the project’s narrator since 2012, and WNET 13 New York is the show’s producer.

Secrets Of The Dead Season 20 Episode 4 Recap

Secrets of the Dead Season 20

Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 4

The history of the decoding of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, which led to several additional discoveries, is described in Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 4, titled Decoding Hieroglyphics. Numerous ancient Egyptian artifacts were found and brought to Europe after France invaded Egypt under Napoleon. During the invasion, the Rosetta stone was a groundbreaking discovery.

Secrets of the Dead Season 20

Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 4

Nearly everywhere in Egypt, there were stones covered in Egyptian hieroglyphs, yet this stone stood out from the others. It featured three distinct rows with writing done in three separate scripts. In the first row were symbolic hieroglyphics from ancient Egypt, while in the second row were scripts that looked like text. Due to their disappearance into the sands of time, both of them were incomprehensible. However, the third row of text was written in Greek, which was comprehensible at the time. As a result, it became possible to decode the ancient Egyptian civilization’s long-lost language.

It did take some time for enthusiasts all over Europe to figure out the language, but when they did, it was a groundbreaking achievement.

Secrets Of The Dead Season 20 Episode 5 Preview


Archaeologists and scientists dive deep into the enigmatic existence of vast civilizations in the Amazon basin before the arrival of the Europeans in the upcoming episode of Secrets of the Dead Season 20 titled Hidden in the Amazon. Up until recently, it was thought that the tales of the fabled El Dorado—the city of gold—were all lies. However, it is now known that the Amazon basin was previously home to approximately 20 million people who lived in various cities located in the basin for almost 3000 years, thanks to recent discoveries of man-made structures and embankment systems throughout the rainforest.

Secrets of the Dead Season 20

Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 5

Secrets Of The Dead Season 20 Episode Guide

Here’s a detailed list of all Secrets of the Dead Season 20 episodes with summaries.

Episode 01: Archaeology at Althorp

Release Date: 9 October 2022

Archaeologists explore beneath the Spencer family estate in this episode. They explore in search of a 1000-year-old Anglo-Saxon village called Olletorp. Late Princess Diana was a member of the Spencer family.

Episode 02: Last Days of Pompeii

Release Date: 19 October 2022

The fire of Pompeii is a notable event in the pages of history. When an intact wooden chariot, only one of its kind, was discovered recently, new stories came to light about that tragic historical event. The fire of Pompeii was caused as a result of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius almost 2,000 years ago.

Episode 03: The End of the Romans

Release Date: 26 October 2022

This episode features the real causes of the decline and fall of the mighty Roman Empire. The episode sheds light on the different epidemics and climate changes that affected the Roman Empire’s eventual downfall.

Episode 04: Decoding Hieroglyphics

Release Date: 2 November 2022

The episode depicts the importance of the successful decoding of Egyptian hieroglyphics about 200 years ago. After decoding the ancient texts, archeologists have discovered several new revelations and new knowledge about the ancient civilization of Egypt.

Episode 05: Hidden in the Amazon

Release Date: 9 November 2022

(Yet To Release)

Secrets Of The Dead Season 20 Release Date

Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 5

Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 5

Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 5 will be released on 9 November 2022. The show airs on PBS and New Jersey Networks television this Wednesday. The episodes are also available for streaming on the official website of PBS shortly after they air on television.

How To Watch Secrets Of The Dead Season 20 Episode 5?

Secrets of the Dead Season 20 Episode 5 will air this Wednesday on PBS and New Jersey Networks in the United States. For global viewers, you can stream the upcoming episode on the official PBS network website shortly after the episode is released on television.

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