Why Did Olivia Attwood Quit I’m Celebrity Jungle? Reason Revealed


One of the most famous and popular models, Olivia Attwood, is also a social media star and a television personality. Olivia eventually gained popularity after being part of the show named ‘Love Island. After this show, she was almost known by all the youngsters, and most of them became her fan. Later, after she finished her show, she was again seen featuring in the show named CelebAbility, Celebs Go Dating, and I’m a Celebrity, Extra Camp’. After wrapping up these popular shows, there were reports that she was coming up with her show and which was titled ‘Chris and Olivia: Crackin, which eventually raked in $900,000.

Talking about his current life, Olivia Attwood lives in London, and she continues to feature and portray in various kinds of shows. Olivia has become so popular that she was represented by a very renowned London-based publicist and also the talent management agency, ‘S Creative’. May 2, 1991, is the birthdate of Olivia, and she was born in Guildford, Surrey, England, where she was brought up and grew up by her sister and other family members.

Why Did Olivia Attwood Quit I’m Celebrity Jungle?

Im celebrity left the jungle

Olivia Attwood was the very first contestant on the show Love Island as it is already mentioned above. Later in the show, Olivia was seen that she landed in Australia, and many other contestants were also part of this show. In the show, it was shown that all the contestants needed to win and complete all the challenges that were given to them, and this was just to win meal tokens for the camp and to be part of the show. But, there was a twist when Olivia Attwood won many challenges and also completed them that she could surely be the winner of this whole show. She was also given the vote of jungle VIP, which means that she is a very isolated person.

Later, it was shown that she joined other teams in which there was all jungle VIP, and they all were given different tasks and challenged to be part of the show. But, suddenly, without any clue, Olivia was eventually forced to withdraw from the competition, and she was also forced to withdraw from competing in I’m a celebrity that too because of medical reasons. Further details about her are still to be reported and revealed from the show. But, it was reported that there were some Covid rules which were to be followed by all the contestants strictly, but somehow, she failed to do so and misbehaved. Seeing and hearing this, her fans and other contestants were shocked, and they also got emotional as it was unexpected. The boss of the show feared that she could infect other contestants, too, and this was the reason Olivia left the show.

After this incident, the other contestants became aware and were following strict Covid rules. But, some fans and home viewers believe that early exit of Olivia that too because of this reason is not uncommon. Last year, in the same show, there was one contestant named Richard Madeley who was also forced to leave the show after suffering a seizure just after four episodes. In a span of a very short time, Olivia’s fiancé Bradley Dack eventually told mail online Olivia is perfectly fine but feels guilty just because of her early departure or early exit from the show. Later, her fiancé added that he didn’t have any clue why she left early, and he also added that was the first news that he saw on that day.

What Medical Reason Did Olivia Attwood Give To Leave The Jungle?

Olivia Attwood

After Olivia Attwood left the show, fans and other contestants were left shocked. In the year 2017, the former Love Island star Olivia came third in the series that too with her beau Chris Hughes involved in this medical drama. One of the statements given by one of the sources was Olivia Attwood eventually needed to leave and quit the show just because she needed to undergo some medical checks. There is no official information about the exact medical reason why she left the show.

The medical team has eventually advised that it is not at all safe for Olivia to again enter the show or the camp as there will be some further investigations to be carried on. Last year, Olivia revealed and opened up about the disease and her battles with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. This can be one of the reasons she quits the show.

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