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Dracula Untold Ending Explained, Plot Summary, Cast And Where to Watch

Dracula Untold is a 2014 American dark fantasy action and horror film that is based on Dracula by Bram Stoker. It was directed by Gary Shore and written by  Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. These two writers have tried to think outside of the box and bring something very new to our audience, which acted as a major reason for the success of the movie.

The music album of the movie was composed by Ramin Djawadi, and John Schwartzman handled the cinematography. The editor was no other than Richard Pearson, while Michael De Luca served as the producer of the film. The plot of the movie creates a story for the triangular character rather than using the story by Bram Stoker in his book.

It was released on October 10, 2014, and grossed $217 million worldwide, whose value was much higher than in 2014. The show was a hit back then as it brought something new to the audience. It has managed to receive pretty good ratings o every platform, be it IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes.

It has also been praised by everyone, be it fans, audience, viewers, or even the critics themselves. The movie is loved by all across the globe. However, some of the fans were not able to understand the ending, and even now, some of them do not understand it.

Dracula Untold: Plot Summary

dracula untold ending explained

The story of the movie is set in the 15th century when Vlad is the prince of  Wallachia and Transylvania. When he was a child, he was a royal ward of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. He was trained to be a soldier, and he became their most feared warrior. He slaughtered thousands by impaling them on spears. However, he became sick of his past and left this behind.

While ruling, Vlad, along with his soldiers, discovers a helmet in a stream and they feared that an Ottoman scouting party might be preparing the way for invasion. That stream leads them to Broken Tooth Mountain. In the cave, they are attacked by a strange creature in the dark. This creature killed Vlad’s retinue. However, he was able to return to the castle safely.

From a local monk, he learns that the strange creature is a monk. During Easter fest, an Ottoman contingent arrives at the castle and demands an additional tribute consisting of 1,000 boys who will be trained as Janissaries. Vlad refuses and offers himself, but Mehmed refuses. He asks for Vlad’s son instead. Vlad knows there will be a war, so he returns to the vampire to ask for help.

The vampire gives him his blood which will give Vlad the powers of a vampire temporarily without turning him into a vampire. Moreover, the vampire added that if he is able to resist the urge to drink the blood of a human for three days, he will turn into a human again when the Ottoman army attacks Vlad and kills them all. The Ottoman military kidnaps Vlad’s son, and Mirena tries to defend her when she falls from the edge of the monastery wall.

Mirena wants him to drink her blood so that he can save their son. He did the same and became the vampire with more powers. He freed the master vampire from the cave. At the Ottoman army camp, Mehmud is preparing for the invasion of Europe when Vlad and his vampire arrive. However, Mehmud knew that silver was the weakness of Vampires, so he lined silver coins on the floor of his tent. This makes Vlad’s strength and speeds that of a human and even impaired his vision. He is about to kill Vlad but Vlad turns into a flock of bats and evaded him. Vlad kills him and drinks his blood. He is able to save his son.

Dracula Untold: Meet The Cast

dracula untold ending explained

The cast of the show seems to be chosen perfectly as each actor played their respective roles flawlessly. It is hard to define the reality and their acting skills in the show. It is their acting skills that made this movie super successful. Let us introduce you all to our amazing cast of the show.

  • Luke Evans as Vlad III “the Impaler” Dracula: He is known as the son of the Dragon. Vlad is a prince and war hero. He becomes a monster known as a vampire so that he can protect and defend his family and kingdom.
  • Dominic Cooper as Sultan Mehmed II
  • Sarah Gadon as Mirena, Vlad’s wife
  • Art Parkinson as Îngeraș, who is the only son of Vlad and Mirena
  • Charles Dance is the Master Vampire, the one who gave his blood to Vlad to give him the powers of a vampire.
  • William Houston as Cazan who is Vlad’s advisor
  • Diarmaid Murtagh as Dumitru. He is one of Vlad’s men
  • Noah Huntley as Captain Petru. He is also one of Vlad’s men
  • Paul Kaye as Brother Lucian. He is a monk
  • Zach McGowan as Shkelgim, who is a mysterious Romani
  • Ferdinand Kingsley as Hamza Bey. He is one of Mehmed’s generals
  • Joseph Long as Turahanoğlu Ömer Bey. He is one of Mehmed’s generals
  • Thor Kristjansson as Bright Eyes, who is an assassin in the Ottoman Army

There are many supporting actors too who have given their cent percent for the show. The fans of the show can not even imagine any other actor playing these roles. They have proved themselves to be the perfect actors for these roles.

Dracula Untold: Ending Explained

dracula untold ending explained

Most of the viewers of the show were not able to understand the ending of the movie. If you are of these fans who did not understand the ending, don’t be disappointed, as we will make you all understand the ending of the movie. At the end of the movie, it is shown that Vlad is with a blonde woman who possesses the same qualities as his dead wife.

They interact and engage in a conversation and take a walk together. While walking, they go away from the scene together when they realize that they are being followed by someone. The man who was following them looked like a cursed man from the cave, and he said, “Let the game begin” while following them. Now, fans were left wondering about this man and why did he say this.

This might be the reason fans were not able to understand the ending. The last scene of the movie is set in the modern world and features Vlas, who still looks the same, which means he has become Dracula and lived for centuries on the planet. The blonde woman Vlad was seen talking to might be the reincarnated form of his dead wife.

This is also reflected in the fact that she also loved the poem that his dead wife loved once, which proves that she is nothing but a reincarnation of Mirena, his dead wife. In this world and this time, they finally united as they had wished earlier in the movie. The man who was following them seems to be the Master Vampire, which suggests that he is already aware of Vlad’s survival and existence.

This might be the reason he said, “Let’s the game begin.” However, the master vampire could have played the role that would be similar to Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jackal. However, we all are aware of how the monster movie cinematic universe turned out. We hope you understood the ending, and we are sure it would have blown your mind. If yes, you are not alone in this, as many of the fans were surprised when they finally understood the ending of the movie.

Dracula Untold: Where to Watch

In case you are wondering about the streaming platform of the show, we are always here to help you out. It is available for binge-watch on Netflix. The fans would be able to watch this masterpiece on Netflix. In case you have a subscription account to Netflix, you can watch it easily, and if you don’t, you will need a subscription amount.

You will have to pay monthly or annual charges for it depending upon the plan you are buying. If you are unable to watch it even with a subscription account, you might need VPN Access. As of now, it is time for us to conclude our coverage of the given article and say goodbye to all our lovely readers. However, we hope you would have understood the movie’s ending.

Let us know in the comment box what you think of the show. We will love to hear your comments, opinions, and thoughts about the show. We are waiting to hear from our lovely readers. It is time to go now. However, we hope to meet you all again as soon as possible with a new piece of the article very soon.

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