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Why Did Anna Faris Leave Mom? Here’s The Reason


Many fans were startled when Anna Faris left Mom since there was no notice. She softened the blow by explaining that she was departing in search of greater possibilities. Even though there was no animosity, losing the series lead was said to have been a nightmare for her old cast and crew. The CBS series was canceled before she could return, making her early farewell all the more devastating. Faris hasn’t said much about her leave from the program since she left it.



Given that the Scary Movie star claimed she almost gave up acting after the program and what brought her back into it, it’s plausible that she quit Mom for extra reasons. As the lead cast of the now-showing in cinemas comedy, The Estate, the funny actress has honored her pledge to take on new projects. Though it almost didn’t happen, she almost didn’t land her first major film part in four years.

Following her seven-season run on the CBS sitcom Mom, Faris, who has been a part of Hollywood for 20 years, was prepared to leave the spotlight and success behind. The TV and film actress had lost all passion for her work due to the weekly sitcom grind. After leaving the popular series, she spoke candidly about evaluating her Hollywood achievements in her interviews. But again, the question arises, Why Did Anna Faris Leave Mom? Let’s look into it!


A Still From Mom

What Is Mom All About?

The show centers on Christy Plunkett (Anna Faris), a single mother who, after overcoming her drug and alcohol addiction, decides to start over in Napa, California’s Sonoma County Wine Country, where she works as a waitress and attends meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous.


Her mother, Bonnie (Allison Janney), is also a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, and Christy’s 16-year-old daughter, Violet (Sadie Calvano), had started to emulate Christy by sleeping with her boyfriend, Luke (Spencer Daniels), which had led to an unintended pregnancy that is similar to Christy’s, who gave birth to Violet when she was Violet’s age. Violet decides to give her child up for adoption to stop the pattern of becoming a young, unprepared mother.

Why Did Anna Faris Leave Mom

Anna Faris reportedly quit the program to concentrate on other possibilities, according to her statement. The actor stated in a statement: “Some of the most exciting and rewarding years of my career, including the past seven years on Mom, have been these. I’m so grateful to Chuck, the authors, and my incredible cast mates for making my time at work enjoyable. While my time as Christy is over, allowing me to pursue other possibilities, I’ll still be tuning in to the upcoming season to support my TV family.”


Even though her character’s situation was discussed in the Season 8 premiere, Faris was not anticipated to appear in the episode. She appeared in Mom Season 7, Episode 20, “Big Sad Eyes and a Wrinkled Hot Dog,” which aired in April 2020, which makes it clear that this was her last episode on the program.

Many have been shocked by her departure from the program. The performer’s agreement, which was meant to keep her on the series until the conclusion of Season 8, was just halfway complete. A source allegedly told People at the time she made her resignation announcement: “The network was left in a panic as a result of it being unexpected and sudden. In any case, this is not good.”


Anna Faris on “Mom”

How Mom addressed Anna’s Departure

When news of Faris’ mother’s resignation first surfaced, some publications stated that the show would address her departure when season 8 premiered. That is precisely what happened with the Mom season 8 opener, which aired on Thursday, November 5.

The main focus of Christy’s season 7 storyline is her continued legal education, combined with several love blunders and misadventures. Season 8 opens with Bonnie leaving Christy at the airport and heading home. Christy has accepted a full scholarship to attend Georgetown Law School, where she will study. “Every mother anticipates the day when they may enroll their daughter, who is 42 years old, in school. I completed it on my own”, as said by Bonnie in the episode.

Allison Janney and Jaime Pressly

Allison Janney and Jaime Pressly on “Mom”

Jaime Pressly, who portrays the character of Jill Kendall, a recovering alcoholic on the show, concurred, stating, “For [showrunner Gemma Baker], it’s crucial to show a woman who became sober and stayed clean rather than someone who broke down and had to start again. That, in my opinion, was significant.”

Moving ahead, Mom emphasized the character arcs of other characters while concentrating on Bonnie’s emotions of loneliness and empty-nest syndrome, which Janney stated will “greatly” affect Bonnie. Overall, however, Faris’ absence won’t cause Mom fans too much concern. Actress Kristen Johnston, who played Tammy, remarked, “Nothing seems to have changed. I miss Anna, but Mom is still the only option.”


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